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SafeSCP-3742 Relative Entropic A True Pocket WatchRate: -9

Item #: SCP-3742

Object Class: Safe Thaumiel


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3742 is to be kept in an inanimate object storage unit in Site-28. It may not be taken out of its containment unit except for testing purposes. Testing may include a Class-D 3/3742 researcher equipped with shoulder-mounted camera while using SCP-3742. Tests must be conducted in an open space to avoid harm to the subject over time. SCP-3742 must be removed after 72 hours if traveling backwards in time. Subjects must be given Class C amnestic or possibly terminated depending on what they experienced during the experiment at the discretion of on-site staff. Testing to determine if SCP-███ will cause a █K-Class event is currently being scheduled. Due to SCP-3742's low-threat, high-priority classification, Contingency 3742-1 is to be enacted during an attempted hostile takeover of SCP-3742. Securing SCP-3742 is considered Alpha priority.

Description: SCP-3742 is an Elgin brand pocket watch with creation dated in 1919. SCP-3742 has minimal signs of wear and aging for its relatively old age with use not affecting its functions except when its anomalous property manifests. Notably, it appears to be non-anomalous even on close inspection.

SCP-3742's anomalous property only manifests when a sapient being is directly touching SCP-3742 and either its minute hand or hour hand are forcibly rotated by the being. When this occurs, the being's relative entropic state compared to other beings is changed relative to how much the time on the watch has changed. Subjects can move forward and backward in time while using SCP-3742. While setting time forward, to observers, the subject will not move at all with the exception of the watch's hands in perfect sync with Eastern Standard Time(EST). If the subject is setting time backwards, the subject will not move at all due to it being technically impossible to watch something "reverse time". Subjects using SCP-3742 will not need normal sustenance and only appear to be active to their own perspective, though, to both perspectives in this case, the subject will be out of sync with time for the same amount of time. For example, outside observers and the subject will both perceive the subject as being "gone" for the same time. For reasons unknown, subjects instructed to set their time backwards will not be seen using SCP-3742 before the test was scheduled to happen. Since subjects can affect events in the past, changes in synced-entropy time(real time) will instantaneously happen when the subject re-sync themselves.

Discovery: SCP-3742 was discovered in the home of Mr. ████ ███████ after an apparent bank robbery of a TD Bank where security footage showed approximately $340,000 instantaneously disappear. Mr. ███████ was found wiring the money and arrested before Foundation field agents were informed of this. Subject was given to Foundation custody on █/█/200█. Subject was terminated. A minor disinformation campaign was put in place to show the event as a practical internet joke. SCP-3742 was registered originally as Safe.

Addendum 3742.1: Contingency 3742-X:[DATA REDACTED]

Addendum 3742.2: Test Logs: The following test logs were for the purpose of understanding SCP-3472's abilities and potential dangers.

Experiment and Date Foreword Result Closing Statement
Experiment 3742-A~█/█/200█ Subject: D-28465- This test's purpose is to discover SCP-3742's abilities, likely teleportation. D-28465 was asked to move the minute hand to their left. Subject complied and became completely inert upon doing so. 28 seconds later, subject re-animated and told command that time seemed to "lurch forward" and described a nearby clock and researchers as completing their future actions. It appears that SCP-3742 changes the time relative to the person in contact with it instead of what we assumed was teleportation after that bank robbery. -Dr. Rand
Experiment 3742-B~█/█/201█ Subject: D-58381- This experiment will discover if subjects can go back in time and retrieve objects from said state. Subject told to move minute hand backward 5 minutes and retrieve a nearby pencil 2 meters away before returning the minute hand to its original position. Subject was non-compliant and was reminded that not cooperating would result in termination. Subject complied and immediately became inert. Please note that the shoulder-mounted camera on D-58381 did not record their perspective of time unlike in Experiment 3742-A. Subject became active 12 seconds after becoming inert. Subject then attempted to run from testing area with a pencil in their hand before being contained. Subject severely reprimanded and terminated for autopsy. So yes, as long as an object is touching the subject, it will return with the subject upon re-syncing. And by the way, no more Class-D's can be used for testing. Fortunately though, D-58381 wasn't smart enough to run away beforehand. -Dr. Rand
Experiment 3742-C~█/█/201█ Subject: Dr. ████(4/3742 Clearance)- This experiment will discover if a subject can fully interact with an environment mechanically. Subject told to move minute hand backwards by 0.5 minute and use a pen to write something on a nearby piece of paper. Subject is not to move any hand on the watch after initially moving it. Upon moving minute hand, subject became inert normally. Approximately 30 seconds later, subject reanimated and the paper instantaneously became covered in a crude drawing of SCP-3742. Subject inspected for changes in vital body systems with nothing remarkable being found. Well now we understand that any person can interact with things in the environment, but we still don't know why we don't see the subject before the subject begins the test. This thing has positive and negative potential, so we might need to put some kind of contingency plan in place once a [group of interest] learns about this thing. -Dr.████
Experiment 3742-D~█/█/201█ Subject: Dr. Rand(5/3742)- This test will conclude primary testing schedules with seeing if SCP-3742's time warping ability is infinite. Subject told to use provided mechanical device to move the hour hand forward as much as possible and return when they can no longer sustain themselves. Subject became normally inert. After 2 hours, Dr. Rand[DATA REDACTED]. We don't know exactly what happened, but we assume that Rand must have dropped it while going forward. Dr. Rand has been pronounced MIA until further notice. SCP-3742 is still contained. -Dr. Tallis
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