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EuclidSCP-3748 Bowl of FliesRate: 19

Item #: SCP-3748

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3748 is to be contained in a standard containment cell, containing basic humanoid amenities downsized to SCP-3748's scale. The walls of SCP-3748's containment chamber are to be made at least five meters thick, and no open spaces are allowed within five meters of SCP-3748's cell.

Staff who receive Level 2 authorization may speak with SCP-3748. However, potential interviewers are to be warned that SCP-3748 has an exceptionally vitriolic personalty.

Description: SCP-3748 is a ceramic bowl containing approximately 600 Musca domestica1 cadavers. These cadavers can be removed from SCP-3748, though it expresses discomfort when this happens. SCP-3748 will regenerate at a rate of one fly every three minutes if a portion is removed.

SCP-3748 has developed a sapient consciousness fluent in English and knows very basic Japanese. SCP-3748's primary method of communication is telepathy, where it speaks in a male Midwest American accent. This telepathy is not two-way; however, SCP-3748 has a sense of hearing despite not possessing hearing apparatuses.

SCP-3748's primary mode of translocation is teleportation. SCP-3748 is capable of instantaneously transporting itself up to approximately 4.78 meters at a time. SCP-3748 can do this four times in a minute before showing signs of exhaustion; however, SCP-3748 has implied on multiple occasions that it could teleport itself more if it exercised.

Discovery: SCP-3748 was created by PoI-2343 (Jacob Sherman) for his school's science fair. PoI-2343 supposedly put a piece of flypaper into a ceramic bowl, and left it outside until a great number of flies accrued in the bowl. PoI-2343 did not create SCP-3748 intentionally, and it is believed that neither PoI-2343 nor any members of his immediate family have reality-altering capabilities. The flypaper used to create SCP-3748 has not been recovered.

Interview Log 1:


Interviewed: PoI-2343
Interviewer: Researcher Sarah Clemson

<Begin Log>

Researcher Clemson: Hello, Jacob. How are you feeling today?

PoI-2343: I'm doing great!

Researcher Clemson: That's good to hear. Last month you had a science fair at your school, correct?

PoI-2343: Yup.

Researcher Clemson: What was your project for the science fair?

PoI-2343: Well, I put two bowls with flypaper in them in two different places, one out in the sun, and one inside near an open window for a couple hours. I was gonna see the difference in flies collected in the bowl if the bowl was inside versus outside.

Researcher Clemson: When did you discover the bowl's properties?

PoI-2343: A day before the fair. I was checking up on both of the bowls to see what I caught. The bowl outside collected way more flies than the other. Way more. Anyway, I was gonna bring the outside bowl back inside, when I heard someone say, "It smells in here." It came from the bowl of dead flies.

Researcher Clemson: What did it say to you?

PoI-2343: Well, it really scared me. I went over to pick it up, and it said "Hey, kid, over here, give me a hand?" and "If you could get rid of this flypaper that would be great." It was weird too, it spoke without a mouth, and I heard it talking in my head. It didn't have any ears either, but it could hear me.

PoI-2343: Anyway, I accidentally threw it off the table. Uh, then we talked for a bit after I calmed down. It said that it was a "nice and friendly" person, talked about how it got all the ladies, and how everyone thought he was the best.

Researcher Clemson: What did you do after that?

PoI-2343: Actually, we had a conversation about picking up girls. He told me he could be my wingman, show me the ropes on how to score one, how to be smooth and all that. I really didn't know what he was doing, but I was, and still am, an awkward high school student, so I listened. Once I got past him being, uh, odd, we actually became good friends as well, and we would have conversations with each other when nobody was looking. I didn't tell anyone about it, because I was literally asking for dating advice from a bowl of dead flies.

Researcher Clemson: I see. Anything else of note before we acquired it?

PoI-2343: It told me it was good at video games, so I gave it my computer so that "he could teach me." It teleported all over the keyboard and pressed a bunch of random buttons, and he used all of my items at once, and jumped off a cliff. He told me my keyboard sucked.

Researcher Clemson: Hmm, I see. This interview is over. Thank you for cooperating, Jacob.

PoI-2343: No problem. Where is Bernard, anyways?

Researcher Clemson: We're checking him at the moment. You'll be reunited shortly.

PoI-2343: Thanks, ma'am.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: PoI-2343 was administered Class-C amnestics and released back into public.

Interview Log 2:


Interviewed: SCP-3748
Interviewer: Researcher Sarah Clemson

<Begin Log>

SCP-3748: Hello, my good madam.

Researcher Clemson: Good afternoon, SCP-3748. If you don't mind, I'm going to be asking you several questions.

SCP-3748: Knock yourself out.

Researcher Clemson: Do you know who created, or made you?

SCP-3748: What are your hobbies?

Researcher Clemson: SCP-3748, please answer my question.

SCP-3748: Oh, I'm sorry. It's just a quirk of mine.

Researcher Clemson: Maybe after you answer my questions, okay? Now, who created you, SCP-3748?

SCP-3748: Some stupid kid. What do you do for a living?

Researcher Clemson: I'd appreciate it if you stopped asking me questions.

SCP-3748: Sorry, so sorry. I just wanted to get to know you better.

Researcher Clemson: The purpose of this interview is to gain information about you. Now-

SCP-3748: <Interrupting> Okay, wow. I was just asking you a question, and you shoot me down like that. No reason to bitch about it. Like, a simple answer would have sufficed.

Researcher Clemson: Please be civil, SCP-3748.

SCP-3748: It's always "SCP-3748", isn't it? Why not use my actual name, bitch? I'm trying to be respectful and all here, but then you just go and straight up fuck me over for no reason.

Researcher Clemson: SCP-3748, please remain civil. Now, tell-

SCP-3748: Oh, I see. Just because I'm a bowl of flies, you think you can kick me to the curb? Leave me on the backburner, huh? Just because I'm an 'anomaly'? Well, you should go fuck yourself, bitch. Jesus, what a whore.


Researcher Clemson: This interview is over.

Researcher Clemson stands up.

SCP-3748: No! That was my brother! I'm actually a-

<SCP-3748 appears to weep. Water appears to leak from the top of the bowl.>

SCP-3748: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm a piece of shit.

Researcher Clemson: Huh?

SCP-3748: I'm a piece of shit that doesn't deserve to be loved. I'm only pretending to be cool to mask the fact that I'm not. People hate me, but I can't stop the act because people will hate me even more! I don't know what to do.

<Researcher Clemson sits down>

Researcher Clemson: Can you answer my questions now?

SCP-3748: Sniff. Yes.

Researcher Clemson: Do you know who created you?

SCP-3748: Sigh. A kid. I think his name was Sherman. I lied to him that I was a hit with the ladies. Because of course I do, why else would a subhuman like me survive in this world? I'm not gonna hit it up with anyone, nobody is going to spend the time with me.

Researcher Clemson: Stay on subject, SCP-3748.

SCP-3748: Sorry.

Researcher Clemson: Anyway. Do you have any memory of before you were created?

SCP-3748: Uh… no. No. Probably was still a loser though.

Researcher Clemson: Okay. The child said your name was Bernard, is that correct?

SCP-3748: Yes.

Researcher Clemson: Okay. One last question. Do you know how you are able to talk and see?

SCP-3748: I don't know. I can see, breath, smell, and hear perfectly. I don't know.

<SCP-3748 appears to sob again, but less severely>

SCP-3748: Sorry that I don't know anything.

Researcher Clemson: It's fine. You've given us enough information. Any thing to say before I conclude this interview?

SCP-3748: Yeah. Um… do you want to hang out sometime? Maybe grab some coffee?

Researcher Clemson: SCP-3748, I'm marri-

SCP-3748: Wow! Because of course you are, you raging slutbag. I even apologized and submitted myself to you and this is what you say to me? You wouldn't know chivalry if it bit you on the—

Researcher Clemson: This interview is over.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: For approximately 2 hours after the interview, SCP-3748 continued to yell several profanities directed towards Researcher Clemson before eventually calming down.

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