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Item #: SCP-3749

Object class: Keter

Special containment procedures: Currently, there is no effective strategy to fully contain SCP-3749.

Foundation web crawlers are to monitor internet communities related to lucid dreaming or OOBE1 in particular for mentions of SCP-3749. Further actions regarding suppressing of public knowledge about SCP-3749 are to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

A designated group capable of deliberately entering an OOBE and "lucid dream" states should be present in every Foundation facility in which the presence of SCP-3749 instances are confirmed. This group is to include one senior researcher, two junior researchers and five individuals with Basic Combat Training. Additional individuals could be added to the group if deemed necessary by director of the respective facility. SCP-3749 are to be observed by the aforementioned personnel with the usage of OOBE, all collected information is to be documented in this file.

"DREAMLAND" procedure should be initiated if one of the following criteria are met:

  • More than 20% of the facility employees became hosts to SCP-3749 instances
  • Rapid growth of SCP-3749 population within the facility was detected
  • The procedure initiation was deemed necessary by the facility director

When "DREAMLAND" procedure is initiated, all five members of the group with Basic Combat Training should enter OOBE state nearly simultaneously2 and begin patrolling the facility in one coherent direction, searching for SCP-3749 instances. Encountered SCP-3749 instances are to be confronted and terminated. Members of the group should also visualize3 all facility employees documented to have specific symptoms to determine whether or not they are hosts to SCP-3749 instances.

Any cases of non-standard behaviour from SCP-3749 instances, as well as information about particular Foundation personnel affected by them should be reported to a Level 4 Researcher, assigned to the object. Affected individuals are to be medically inspected on a regular basis.

Foundation facilities not yet confirmed to be affected by SCP-3749 instances should be monitored monthly. If personnel begin to show symptoms associated with SCP-3749's influence, the respective facility should be inspected immediately.

Description: SCP-3749 are a parasitic species whose appearance is similar to Latrodectus mactans.4 Primarily, SCP-3749 differs from latrodectus mactans in the sense that the proboscis is serrated, not unlike that of Culicidae5 The entities, additionally, have an unidentifiable adhesive substance at their appendages the source of which has not yet been found. This substance theoretically is for attaching an SCP-3749 entity to the subject and render it difficult to separate them.

SCP-3749 can grow up to 1.5 meters, the smallest observed instances being at 10cm. It is speculated that the SCP-3749's growth is directly proportional to the amount of time it's been attached to the host. The instances are entirely invisible to the naked eye. It is also impossible to detect them via thermal imagers or any other devices known to Foundation. SCP-3749 instances can only be seen and interacted with by a person experiencing an OOBE state. Observation has indicated SCP-3749's hostility towards human beings.

Even though there are documented cases of SCP-3749 instances attacking civilians, they are currently believed to primarily target Foundation facilities. The reason for this behaviour or possible origin of SCP-3749 are unknown. Research is ongoing.

The following information regarding SCP-3749's habits has been collected by observation groups across multiple Foundation facilities and compiled into this description:

When an SCP-3749 instance is in need of nutrition, it will search for the closest subject, preferring individuals in a state of immobility6 After locating the appropriate individual, the SCP-3749 instance will climb on the subject and secure its position by secreting a bonding substance which inhibits the host from separating itself from the entity.7 SCP-3749 instances usually prefer human body parts with lesser amount of muscle tissue, the neck being the most favorable area. After attaching itself to the subject, an SCP-3749X instance will pierce the skin with a serrated proboscis, and begin to feed. This process occurs without subject's knowledge. SCP-3749 instances typically feed on one subject for more than a month, rapidly growing while doing so. It is also possible for one individual to simultaneously host multiple SCP-3749 instances.

It is known that SCP-3749 instances are capable of laying eggs, though little is known about their breeding process. Reportedly, egg clutches are usually located in sparsely populated areas and consist of more than twenty eggs each. Observation indicates that most of the eggs hatch in 5-7 days.

It is yet unknown what exactly are SCP-3749 instances consuming, subject's medical state doesn't change in any way after they become host to SCP-3749. That said, there will be significant changes in subject's psychological state with no apparent reason. That may include:

  • Constant lack of energy, unwillingness to perform unpleasant or complicated tasks
  • Nervous behaviour, anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Melancholia
  • Predominance of pessimism

In some cases, SCP-3749's long-term feeding causes subject to enter the state similar to clinical depression. It is confirmed that SCP-3749's influence caused approximately ██ suicides across multiple Foundation facilities.

It is also confirmed that while SCP-3749 instances are invisible and presumably invulnerable to any kind of damage in the objective reality, individuals in the state of OOBE are capable of harming and killing them via physical interaction. Instances are able to sense, see, and show aggression towards individuals able to see them and will show aggression towards them. SCP-3749 instances are able to move with the speed of one meter per second, but don't possess any anomalous means of defense and can be easily terminated if caught off guard.8 While young SCP-3749 instances can be killed by one single person, mature ones usually require combined effort. It is worth noting that even though multiple subjects in the state of OOBE can't possibly communicate with each other, damage inflicted upon SCP-3749 instance by one of them will be visible to the entire group. It is also possible to use various surrounding objects against them, although those actions will not have any consequences in the objective reality.

Addendum 3749.1 - Discovery log: It is currently believed that SCP-3749 instances first came into contact with the Foundation shortly after one of the operations by MTF Omega-18 ("Nagging flies"), in which Omega-18 successfully raided the building believed to be a shelter for a group of individuals associated with "Serpent's Hand" GoI. Six days later, the following message was sent by Dr. Martin Styles regarding anomalous activity in Site-197.9

FROM: Doctor Martin Styles <noitadnuof.pcs|selytsm#noitadnuof.pcs|selytsm>
TO: Doctor Bernard Bishop <noitadnuof.pcs|pohsibb#noitadnuof.pcs|pohsibb>
SUBJECT: The consequences

I told you before this operation was too easy. Just think about it for a moment, the MTF squad came into the building with a dozen of those Serpent cultists inside, readily overpowered them and captured more than a half of them with no casualties. From what I heard, they didn't even care enough to fight back or use the anomalous items they had. It was very strange, especially considering how violently they usually protect their stuff from us.

Well, now my fears are confirmed. The mental state of PoIs we captured in that raid has deteriorated radically since then, psychological tests we ran on them showed that at least three have symptoms usually associated with clinical depression. Nothing changed in their physical state though, medical examination did not help us to find out what is exactly wrong with them. In other words, they should not have those symptoms, but they do. There are no memetic agents either, we checked for them at the very first day. And those news are not the worst ones. Some of the employees working with the PoIs, as well as aforementioned MTF squad members, also started experiencing similar mental issues.

I authorized the usage of coercive interrogation techniques on some of the cultists, but we did not get any useful information from them. The cultists informed us that they traveled to some weird places recently, but could not tell anything particularly related to this sudden depression outburst. Given how coercive those techniques were, I can assume that they are not lying. They actually have no idea what is happening to them. Same goes for us.

All related PoIs and affected employees will be moved to quarantine. I hope to get an antimemetic response team as soon as possible. I guess there's really no such thing as a free lunch.

SCP-3749's existence was discovered shortly after, when Foundation Agent █████ unintentionally entered an OOBE state during their overnight stay at Site-197. Reportedly, after entering this state Agent █████ traveled through the Site, locating more than two dozen grown SCP-3749 instances along the way. Subject also claims that they encountered Doctor Styles during this event and saw an SCP-3749 instance feeding on him. It is worth noting that Dr. Styles reported similar symptoms to those listed above two weeks before the incident, and his mental condition has continued to deteriorate since then. To either confirm or debunk SCP-3749 instances' existence, a special team of subjects capable of entering an OOBE state was assembled and sent to Site-197 for an investigation. The existence of SCP-3749 instances was confirmed afterwards, development of Special Containment Procedures has begun.

Addendum 3749.2 - Interview log: The following is the interview conducted by Dr. Bishop in order to obtain more detailed information about SCP-3749 instances from Agent █████

<Start log>

Dr. Bishop: Greetings, █████. Do you know why this interview was conducted?

Agent █████: Yes… I guess I do. You want to know… About them, right? The insects.

Dr. Bishop: That is correct. I want you to try to recap that night when you first encountered SCP-3749 instances.

Agent █████: Alright. Just let me prepare for a second. This wasn't the most pleasant experience to remember, you know.

Dr. Bishop: I understand. But information provided by you here might help us understand SCP-3749 better. We have to talk about this.

Agent █████: Yes, yes. I know. Okay, I'll try… So, I woke up at roughly 4 a. m. Couldn't fell asleep for at least an hour. Had too many thoughts, tossed in my bed, it was a long struggle. But I managed to relax and close my eyes, I guess that's when it all began. At first, I felt like something is crawling up my leg. I think I tried to hit this spot with my hand, kinda like a reflex. It didn't help, I started to feel it on different parts of my body. I opened my eyes, tossed down my blanket. And I saw…

Subject breathes heavily

Agent █████: A lot of those insects. I mean, SCP-3749 instances. They were moving around incredibly fast, almost all of them disappeared from the view the next second I saw them. Those insects were really small compared to the ones I encountered later. I guess they were younglings.

Dr. Bishop: What was your initial reaction?

Agent █████: I panicked. I have arachnophobia, so this experience… It was very unpleasant, to say the least. I quickly got up from the bed and tried to kill them. I actually managed to kill one, inside of them is a very disgusting purple goo. Then I realized that my body was actually still laying on the bed, and I was separated from it. It was when I understood that it was an OOBE state. I’ve experienced it before, so I wasn't really surprised.

Dr. Bishop: What were your next actions?

Agent █████: I heard a gross popping sound from under of my desk. Then, I saw one of those… Instances moving out of there. I looked under the desk, and there I saw a big cluster of eggs. A lot of goddamned spider eggs, in my room. There were at least fifty, and judging by the looks of them, some had already hatched.

Subject drinks a glass of water

Agent █████: I thought it was all delusions caused by OOBE, but the weird thing was… They were oddly coherent. I mean, usually I can't comprehend the surrounding reality in this state, let alone fantasize about some giant spiders taking over my bedroom. So I decided to find other people, I don't really know why that idea seemed so smart back then, but still. I started wandering around the Site.

Dr. Bishop: This is how you encountered other SCP-3749 instances?

Agent █████: Yes… I started seeing bigger ones. They were… Really big, the biggest spiders I had ever seen in my life. I saw employees, too. It looked like nobody really cared about those giant monsters roaming around in the halls. It wasn't weird though, I thought that I'm dreaming and all of this isn't real. And then I saw Dr. Styles…

Subject starts shivering for a moment, then takes a deep breath and continues

Agent █████: Yes, he was just walking down the hall. But on his back… Giant, giant instance. It was half the size of Martin himself. Its legs wrapped around his torso, its proboscis in his neck. It was sucking something out of there. I tried to do something about it, and then… Then this thing… It noticed me. I don't know how exactly, but I could tell it knew I was there. And it wasn't pleased about it.

Dr. Bishop: Please calm down and try to continue. What happened after that?

Agent █████: Well, some bigger ones… Started to chase me. Very aggressively. One actually managed to crawl on my leg, but I hit it with some item I found nearby. I don't really remember what it was, but it worked. Then, I ran off. At least it felt like I did, I probably just moved to another location in one second.

Dr. Bishop: In the previous interview you mentioned visiting the cafeteria. What exactly happened there?

Agent █████: Yes, Well… I o-opened the door, and I saw a lot of employees, some were having a meal, some were chatting with each other. It was just like the times I visited cafeteria in real life. But… Eh… This time there were a lot of spiders too. The big ones, they were feeding on the employees, but no one seemed to notice that at all. And after that… Those creatures noticed me, again. This time, they were even faster. And I… Tried to fight, I screamed for help, but there was nothing I could do. They surrounded me. Their legs… Were everywhere. I… I remember waking up right after feeling sharp pain in the back of my neck.

Dr. Bishop: Thank you, █████, this information is very important. Do you have anything else you would like to report, or should I conclude the interview?

Agent █████: Well, I guess I should say that, after that dream… I started feeling strangely. It's very hard for me to fall asleep since this event occurred, but also I feel… Empty? On emotional level, I mean. It became difficult for me to stay motivated or feel positive emotions, sometimes it's like I lack the ability to feel them at all, and this constant tiredness really bothers me. Could it be related to those creatures in some way?

Dr. Bishop: As of right now, we don't have confirmation of it. I think the most reasonable explanation is that symptoms you described are consequences of your sleep disorder. There is no need to worry about that. Thank you again, █████. This interview is over.

<End log>

Following the interview, Agent █████ was treated with Class-C Amnesiacs and relocated to another Foundation facility. The "DREAMLAND" procedure was initiated shortly after.

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