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SafeSCP-3752 Cold From WithinRate: 9

Item #: SCP-3752

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3752 and the 200 m radius of land surrounding it, denoted as Area-3752, have been quarantined. The personnel assigned to SCP-3752 reside and work from Site-1969, situated 205 m North of SCP-3752. No vital personnel (Researchers, Specialists etc.) are to progress further than 5 m into Area-3752.

Civilians inside Area-3752 are to be detained, questioned and released. Cover-up stories are to be provided, defining Area-3752 as harboring an unstable mine prone to collapsing. Fatalities are to be covered up similarly.

Furthermore, personnel assigned to the SCP-3752 project are to take note of these thresholds. However, Class-D personnel are not to be informed of them to at least partially ensure their cooperation during testing. The estimates have been created after Test 3752-T#10.

Distance / Range Classification / Effect
0-5 m Safe
5-10 m Dangerous (only Class-D personnel are allowed beyond this point)
11 m Latest possible time of onset of hypothermia
12-20 m Unconsciousness highly likely
21-23 m Expiration imminent, occurred in 75% of cases
24 m Should be considered the barrier of expiration, as 100% of subjects have died to this date
185 m Insufficiently shielded drones stop working
Near basement At this time, all drones stop working1

Description: SCP-3752 denotes a building situated in Sochi (Russia), which resembles a heavily damaged prison facility. Remains of 28 persons are visible inside Area-3752, 9 of which are Foundation personnel. SCP-3752 is considered the anomaly's core, with Area-3752 exhibiting unusual properties as well.

When a living organism enters Area-3752 the ambient temperature of 18 °C drops by 3 °C. Why the ambient temperature inside Area-3752 constantly stays at 18 °C and how it is maintained is currently unknown. Research into this matter is ongoing. Proceeding towards SCP-3752 causes the body temperature of the organism to decrease by increments of 0.185 °C. The effect is reversed when gaining distance from the center.

Addendum 3752-A#1: Following the results of Test 3752-T#4, it has been determined that Area-3752 can affect non-organic materials without causing damage by rapidly changing their temperature. Further tests are being conducted.

Procedures: Class-D personnel D-9742 (32 years, male) sent into Area-3752. Subject ordered to constantly report readings from heartbeat monitor, GPS and temperature sensors attached to thorax and scalp.

Notes: All reports from D-9742 were concised to redact irrelevant information.

00:00:00: Test begun.

00:00:43: 6 m inside Area-3752. Core temperature at 35.89 °C. Heartbeat slowed (68 BPM).

00:00:57: D-9742 observed shivering. Subject attempts to retract from Area-3752. Subject ordered to continue. Subject complied.

00:01:28: 14 m inside Area-3752. Core temperature at 34.41 °C. Heartbeat slowed (58 BPM).

00:01:33: Subject was observed to be shivering profusely, but remained on course.

00:02:04: 20 m inside Area-3752. Core temperature at 33.3 °C. Heartbeat slowed significantly (47 BPM).

00:02:46 (last report): 22 m inside Area-3752. Core temperature at 32.93 °C. Heartbeat slowed significantly (33 BPM).

Result: 6 seconds after the last report, D-9742 collapsed and presumably expired. No recovery attempted.

Procedures: Class D personnel D-10283 (29 years, male) was sent into Area-3752. Subject equipped with heavy-duty wet suit and insulated protective clothing lined with [DATA EXPUNGED] to keep their body temperatures at an acceptable level.

Result: 9 seconds after last report was made and D-10283 crossed the 24 m threshold, the subject collapsed and reception of readings at Site-1969 ceased.

Notes: D-11278, a 30 year old male in above-average condition, was sent to retrieve D-10283's body and equipment. The former was not brought back, the latter was.

Notes by Project Head Jensen: We still don't have a way to protect ourselves from the cold or whatever causes this drop of temperature. If what we gave that Class-D wasn't enough, we might not be able to go beyond 24 meters. At all.

Notes by Technician, inspecting equipment given to D-10283: This is interesting. None of the devices have been damaged by the cold. They basically got shock-frozen, but it appears this "cold" is different. That's also apparent because after we came back with it and measured the temperature of the parts inside and the casing, we found all of them at a little over 12 °C.
Following the inspection, the Description was updated.

Procedures: Remote-controlled drone, designation RF-882-28-2, controlled from Site-1969, with camera sent into Area-3752. Video feed received by Site-1969 command.

00:00:00: Test begun. Drone turned on and introduced into Area-3752. Sensors immediately registered drop of temperature, both of surroundings and of drone.

00:00:07: 11 m in Area-3752. Temperature of drone and surroundings unchanged. This indicates that SCP-3752 does not somehow modify Area-3752 itself, only the organisms inside.

00:01:04: 70 m in Area-3752. Sudden temperature drop of surroundings registered, now at -19 °C. Drone temperature beginning to drop.

00:01:52: 114 m in Area-3752. Temperature of drone now also -19 °C. Temperature adjustments seem to happen quickly inside Area-3752.

00:03:18: Closing in on SCP-3752, distance estimated to have been 30 m. Camera feed slowly fading into green, interference visible as well. Once distance was estimated to be 15 m, camera feed cut out, presumably due to electromagnetic interference.

Notes: No attempt at recovery made. Fate of drone unknown. Possibly destroyed due to falling from the air or simply unpowered due to EM interference.

Notes by Project Head Jensen: Is this disappointing? Yes. Will this stop us from going on? No. The progress we've made with that drone is phenomenal. We might just be able to see into SCP-3752 if that is actually EMI. With the appropriate shielding, we can get anything through there. Come on, people, let's take Five and then prepare another drone. Use an RF-1027-77-7 this time. It has better resistance against EMI. Let's hope it's enough.

Procedures: Remote-controlled drone, designation RF-1027-77-7, controlled from Site-1969, with camera sent into Area-3752. Video feed received by Site-1969 command.

Results largely similar to Test 3752-T#5. Redacted until significant differences were observed.

00:03:03: Closing in on SCP-3752, distance estimated to have been 30 m. Camera feed slowly fading into green, interference visible as well.

00:03:21: Penetrated EM field. 5 m until contact with SCP-3752.

00:03:27: Drone now inside SCP-3752, assumed to be on 4th floor.

00:07:58: Navigation through the compound successful. Attempts at entering basement failed.

00:08:01: Back-to-base command issued.

00:11:22: Arrived at base. Footage from drone retrieved.

Notes by Project Head Jensen: We have to continue testing. There has to be a way to enter the basement, maybe by weaponizing a 243-99. Grenades with miniature impact fuzes might just be able to blast the door open. If that doesn't work… Well, we already know that the floors aren't that thick, so a big enough blast… you know. Anyway, that's gonna be a sort-of last resort procedure. We're gonna program some kind of bomb to detonate after 5 minutes and let another 1027-77… "do the job". We won't get that one back, so don't waste a 243-99 on it.

Notes by Technician, inspecting drone: Again, interesting. No damage sustained. That EM field is not as strong as we thought initially, otherwise this drone would be toast, as well.

Procedures: A drone, designation RF-243-99-4, was modified to launch MK3A2 concussion grenades and sent to SCP-3752, in hopes of blasting the door connecting the basement to a stairwell.

Results: Door could withstand the explosion. No damage visible. Drone arrived at base, video footage retrieved successfully.

Notes by Project Head Jensen: So we'll have to sacrifice one of the 1027-77. We'll prepare one, put a bomb on it and get in there forcefully.

Procedures: A drone, designation RF-1027-77-18, was equipped with a Composition C-4 load and a remote receiver linked to the detonator and sent to SCP-3752, in hopes of blasting through the ground floor.

Results: As expected, the drone was lost. Results of the explosion unknown and to be determined in Test 3752-T#9.

Procedures: A drone, designation RF-243-99-11, was sent to SCP-3752 to determine the effectiveness of the explosion in Test 3752-T#8 and continue exploring.

Results: Once SCP-3752 was entered, interference on camera feed massively increased. Upon closing in on the ground floor, the camera feed cut out, however, the drone was still controllable. It was carefully moved back up to the fourth floor and removed from the building. Arrival at base approximately 4 minutes later.

Notes by Project Head Jensen: Someone is somehow hiding something down there. ██████, get another drone ready- an HD73-4. That is one of our best… Yes, do it already, I'll do the paperwork.

Procedures: A drone, designation RF-HD73-4-2, was sent to SCP-3752, in hopes of being able to determine the effectiveness of the explosion in Test 3752-T#8.

Results identical until SCP-3752 was entered.

00:03:30: SCP-3752 entered. Interference increased, camera feed did not cut out.

00:03:47: Ground floor entered. Interference again increased, camera feed still visible. Drone could still be controlled.

00:03:54: Explosion aftermath now visible. [MOVED]

00:16:31: Arrival at base. Video footage retrieved successfully.

Notes: Results logged below. Level 5 authorization required.

In the basement of SCP-3752, a series of generators and, as it seems, the source of the EMI. It has been described as a "rift", 3 m wide, 6 m high and floating 1 m above the ground.

The rim has a dark red tint and is 0.4 m wide. The inside is black with no other colorations observed.

During the observation, approximately 1,400 unknown, black entities have left, 450 have entered the rift, respectively. After leaving it, they seemingly phased through the walls. Observers from Site-1969 could not see them emerging from the ground. Entities entering the rift first left the walls, then directly entered it.

Between the entities leaving and entering the rift, no size differences have been observed. It is unknown what these entities do outside what the Foundation assumes to be their universe.

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