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Item #: SCP-3752

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: At this time, SCP-3752 is non-containable. Due to the anomalous abilities of SCP-3752, it is unlikely that containment will ever occur.

SCP-3752 was previously contained in a standard Humanoid housing containment unit, in site ██. This information was given to the Foundation, by SCP-3752, as no record of such containment exists. All attempts made to contain SCP-3752 have failed, after SCP-3752 broke initial containment. SCP-3752 requested its containment cell be left vacant, as a return site, for SCP-3752 to make contact with Foundation personnel in future.

Description: SCP-3752 is an anomalous Human male, appearing approximately 28 years old, standing a height of 176cm and weighing 82kg. SCP-3752 was born ██████ █████████, at ████ hours on ██/██/19██ in ███████, Australia, to biological Parents ████ █████████, and █████ █████████.

SCP-3752 has noted that it is biologically ███ years old, having (DATA EXPUNGED). It is not known, however, the exact chronological age of SCP-3752, due to its anomalous existence.

SCP-3752 has the ability to affect time in multiple ways. SCP-3752 remarks that time may be “reversed around him”, whilst he remains stationary. Another method allows the reversal of time flow, returning SCP-3752 to the location it was in at the time-destination.

SCP-3752 is capable of ‘stepping’ through time. This allows SCP-3752 to simply arrive at a time and place specified by itself, at any point, provided it is aware of the location’s existence in time.
See Log 3752-01

This anomalous ability makes it nearly impossible to record and document the use of SCP-3752’s abilities. The most elaborate test involved SCP-3752 recording lottery numbers for the proceeding 12 Lottery draws, down to the order in which numbers would appear, what color the balls would be, and to jest, SCP-3752 also noted the sublines moving across the screen for each lottery draw, based on the channel being observed.
See attached Media.

SCP-3752 has suggested another anomalous occurrence of its abilities. In any situation where SCP-3752 would be destroyed, killed or otherwise permanently incapacitated, or a state where SCP-3752’s subconscious deems a high threat occurrence, SCP-3752 will unwillingly “step” back a sufficient length of time to avoid such an outcome, with knowledge of the events causing its elimination. It is unclear whether SCP-3752 is therefore capable of death due to aging, as it is likely that the subject would simply rewind a sufficient length of time to continue its existence.


SCP-3752 has been interviewed multiple times, seeming open to questioning, and withholding little to no information from Foundation staff. SCP-3752 has remarked being present at the creation of the Foundation, insinuating that he had seen the importance of the Foundation, and took charge to influence its creation in ████. Since no photographic evidence is accessible to clarify, is it unclear whether this is fabrication or truth.

When questioned about the origins of the anomalous abilities SCP-3752 possesses, it answers without pressure. SCP-3752 states that, it made contact with itself at age ██ and bestowed unto itself, the knowledge to grant it the anomalous abilities it now possess. When asked how it achieved the ability to take the original step back, he answered simply, “I just told you.” After deliberation, SCP-3752 states that the events invoke a Paradox of time, wherein he received the abilities from his older self, whom had likewise received the abilities from another, older self.

It should be noted that SCP-3752 has admitted to collaborating with itself, with the largest total of it in one place being seven (7) at one time. SCP-3752 remarks this was “Necessary” to assist in (REDACTED). Since this event has not yet occurred, this information must be viewed with skepticism.
It is clear from these notes, and all evidence regarding SCP-3752’s childhood, as ██████ █████████, that its anomalous abilities were most likely transferred to itself, paradoxically. All abilities have lead Dr ██████████and Dr. █████████ to investigate further into humanity’s understanding of space-time and how a Paradox could occur without spacial collapse.


SCP-3752 has revealed alarming knowledge and understanding of other SCPs. The vast lengths to his knowledge suggest access to information that would require O5 Clearance. SCP-3752 claims he recently, in his frame of reference, prevented an XK-Class End-of-the-World Scenario, involving SCP-████ and another involving SCP-████ and SCP-████.

His description of how such an event occurred has resulted in the moving of SCP-████ from site ██ to site ██. Note, this decision was cleared by O5-█ and O5-█ before occurring.

SCP-3752 also remarked on SPC-682, commenting on his repeated escape attempts, and the Foundations remarkable ability to keep it in containment. SCP-3752 remarks an understanding of SCP-682’s biology, and abilities, but has not yet discovered (REDACTED). That (REDACTED) still shocks Dr. ██████, who oversees SCP-3752’s interactions with personnel.


SCP-3752 seems to harbor concern, rather than any malicious intentions toward the Foundation or humanity.


SCP-3752 continues to deny D-class testing, stating “It didn’t work before. And D-██-████ is not going to die trying it again.”
It may be noted that SCP-3752 still holds empathy after ███ years of life, and having witness what may be millennia of timeline. Request made by Dr. ███ to have SCP-3752 undergo psychological testing, and suggests Thaumiel classification with the request of assistance made in regard to SCP-████ and SCP-████ in future breaches.

Level 5 clearance required

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