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EuclidSCP-3754 Pocket Pet Collector Plus!Rate: 9

Item #: SCP-3754

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to routinely conduct traces on downloads of SCP-3754, prioritizing individuals who have processed micropayments through SCP-3754. On a successful trace, the owner of SCP-3754's host device is to be amnesticized, and the device reset to factory defaults. In the event of a relaunch of SCP-3754, the developers are to be traced and detained, while the store page is forcibly removed from all mobile app stores. A disinformation campaign is to be initiated claiming injuries related to SCP-3754 are the results of self-mutilation.

Description: SCP-3754 is a mobile video game titled "Pocket Pet Collector Plus!", created by amateur entrepreneurial group "Accelerate The Future". The gameplay of SCP-3754 is similar to games known as virtual pet simulators, which require the player to attend to the pet's needs in order to gain its affection. It was available for free download on Google Play and Amazon Kindle stores from 09/23/██ to 11/03/██, during which it amassed a dedicated online community before being removed from both stores. Despite this, SCP-3754 will remain functional unless the software is uninstalled from its host device.

SCP-3754's main screen displays a pair of cartoonish eyes and a mouth, both of which are animate. The top of the display shows three bars, representing SCP-3754's happiness, its affection for the player, and its hunger, respectively. Two icons in the bottom corners of the screen indicate the player's inventory and a store the player can visit to buy items to raise SCP-3754's meters, such as toys and food. Along the left side of the display is a meter gauging the amount of accumulated calories. When the caloric meter is entirely filled, SCP-3754's host device will manifest a one-way portal in place of its screen, through which an egg (designated SCP-3754-O) will be produced. The created portal will disappear immediately after an SCP-3754-O has fully manifested.

SCP-3754-O instances manifest in a variety of colors and each possesses a micro-USB port on its air cell. When a micro USB cable (typically a phone charger) is connected to SCP-3754-O and allowed to charge, the instance will hatch after a period of ten minutes to reveal an animal figurine. To date, all figurines produced from SCP-3754-O instances are unique and possess an identifying tag. Tests have concluded that all figurines are non-anomalous.

While SCP-3754 was marketed as free-to-play, some aspects offered players the option to purchase premium in-game items with legal tender to increase the rate at which meters charge.1. Even though this is effective in maintaining SCP-3754's affection and happiness, premium food items2 were found to slowly increase the rate of hunger.

If SCP-3754 is given an item purchased from the in-app store and then fed a free item, the entity will respond with hostility and a desire to be fed exclusively with items from the in-app store. If this desire is not attended to, SCP-3754 will typically wait until contact has been made with the screen and attempt to consume the physical matter. This is followed by simulated sound bytes of chewing and gulping, occasionally accompanied by a low-frequency vibration from the host device.

Field Notes: The online community surrounding SCP-3754 displayed varying amounts of dedication, with an average of 200 hours among the majority of players. Those that played longer were more likely to accept SCP-3754's hostility as a game feature. Incidentally, long-term players were found to also have larger collections of mini-figurines with more diversity in rarity. This led to players starting rumors that SCP-3754's consumption of human flesh increased the possibility of an SCP-3754-O instance yielding a rare mini-figurine.

Figurines produced by SCP-3754-O are traded and sold online as collectibles, with figurines having been produced without using the in-app shop being valued highly.

Below is a list of reviews chosen by staff assigned to SCP-3754 for their insight into its functions, anomalous properties, and influence on its community. All individuals have been tracked and amnesticized.


tiffy_tee00 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Oh my god this thing is adorable!! I fed it an ice cream and it got cold, so my phone started vibrating! So cool! I'm not a big fan of the microtransactions though, but since they aren't always pushing it I can keep playing without spending money! Can't wait to see what else the developers are going to do! :D

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Posted on 09/28/██


Lorraine C██████ ⭐☆☆☆☆

I let my five-year-old play every now and then and today it bit off part of his thumb!!! Uninstalling right now because this game is not safe!!!

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Posted on 10/09/██


Sammy F███ ⭐☆☆☆☆

what they don't tell you about getting a free game is that most of your money goes into the emergency room after it chews off your finger tips… uninstalling for fear of my life…

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Posted on 10/22/██


Stan D█████ ⭐⭐☆☆☆

Ok the thing bit me and i went to call for the hospital and missed the home button and it chewed off my ear (real shitty atf, plz fix), but it got full calories after that and dropped an egg. I checked out the egg and i got layla (the yellow frog one). Been playing this game for months and all my friends at school got layla way before i did, so i'm thinking maybe real food makes rare drops more likely? Still not happy about my ear tho so i'm done playing for a while.

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Posted on 10/28/██


daniel t. p█████ ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

I grabbed this game on release and I'm still liking this game a month in! I was surprised that it actually tried to bite me, but I got a stylus pen and that made it safer to keep playing. However, if you want those super rares, I have a few tips.

1. Nail trimmings and hair are a no-go! They do little for calories and only make your pet sad!
2. Dog/Cat food doesn't do much for happiness, but a tablespoon can give up to a 10% increase in calories! I don't personally suggest this since the average can of wet cat food is a bit more expensive than the premium food and does about the same, but real pet owners might be willing to give you some if you ask.
3. Smart phones fill up faster than Kindles! Smaller platform = smaller stomach!
4. If you have real pets, get a kennel! My virtual pet learned how to do the whistle I use for my dog and it didn't end up well, so keep your pets safe.

Update: A lot of you are asking if Stacy (my dog) is okay, and she is! She's just missing a paw now. :(

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Posted on 10/31/██


Ryan M██████ ⭐☆☆☆☆

I'm done playing until the developer fixes how drop rates work because this is unreasonable! I was convinced that letting the game eat me would give me super rares, but that just isn't the case.

I gave up both of my pinky fingers and I got "Peppermint, the Candy-Kangaroo". I went online to see how much shes worth and apparently no one else has her. People started offering a lot of money, and I really want a car before graduation, so I let the thing take a few more bites. I even got a few more rares!

But all good things come to an end. My latest drop was "Vinny, the White Tortoise" and I'm devastated about it. I don't think I need to explain how disappointed I was just looking at such a common minifig. Its hard for me to walk without it hurting, my thighs and biceps constantly feel on fire. I never felt so cheated in my life!

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Posted on 11/01/██

Following a traced SCP-3754 host device, MTF Sigma-91 ("Brovum") infiltrated an apartment located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with the intention of confiscating the device for testing purposes. The owner of the apartment, Stuart Holder (age 28), was prominent in forums centered on helping newer players expand their collections, as well as known for having a diverse collection himself.

Video logs of the infiltration show the apartment to have been clean and organized in the front room, with a bookshelf filled with figures and toys from multiple franchises, as well as figurines from SCP-3754-O instances. The kitchen was similar in cleanliness, save for a trash bin full of common refuse and clumps of thick blonde hair. After Sigma-91-Bravo collected a sample, the unit moved into the bedroom.

The majority of the bedroom floor was lined with plastic sheets. A female human torso was found leaning against a wall with a Kindle Fire resting on the base of the neck with SCP-3754 active on the device. As Sigma-91-Echo moved closer to inspect the corpse, Holder emerged from the nearby bathroom and attacked Echo with a plunger. Holder was terminated during the exchange. Aside from the bullet wounds inflicted by Sigma-91, there were no indications of harm, self or otherwise, anywhere on Holder's body.

The autopsy following the incident confirmed the torso to have belonged to Norma Clark, Holder's partner as inferred from social media. She had expired approximately four days prior to the incident due to nine stab wounds in the back and four stab wounds in the chest. The hair sample taken from the trash bin was matched with Clark's DNA. No other limbs were found in the apartment.

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