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SafeSCP-3760 The Venus Bear TrapRate: -14

SCP-3760 in containment, immediately after feeding.

Item #: SCP-3760

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3760 is to be kept in a standard containment locker at Site-17. Due to the nature of SCP-3760, no other form of special containment is needed. Further testing is allowed with at least Level 2 Access and permission from at least 1 Level 3 Researcher. SCP-3760 is to be handled by a mechanical arm in order to prevent it from catching anything organic accidentally. Should material be put into SCP-3760, it is to be done by a D-Class personnel to prevent accidental triggering by researchers.

As of Incident 3760-A, SCP-3760 is to be kept in a Standard Containment Cell at Site-17. SCP-3760 is to be fed a standard meal 3 times per day by a D-Class personnel member. Should SCP-3760 unexpectedly progress to a Luring Stage, it is to be fed immediately, and the Site Director is to be notified of the change. Should SCP-3760-1 begin to generate, The current D-Class personnel member assigned to SCP-3760 is to immediately induce SCP-3760's feeding process by any means necessary. Should SCP-3760-1 generate fully and attempt to feed SCP-3760, personnel are not to intervene.

Description: SCP-3760 is visually nearly identical to a standard bear trap produced by ██████; however, it possesses no identifiable manufacturer's markings. SCP-3760's anomalous properties are observed whenever any form of organic matter is caught by it.

Whenever SCP-3760 catches something, is starts a feeding phase, in which it seems to absorb the chemical energy of whatever it has caught. The process is described as a "withering" of the organic material. After it has finished feeding, whatever SCP-3760 caught disintegrates into dust, and SCP-3760 opens again on it's own. Whenever SCP-3760 is acted upon with the intent of dismantling or otherwise harming it, the aggressor is [DATA EXPUNGED], followed by SCP-3760 feeding on whatever remains fall into it.

As of Incident 3760-A, SCP-3760 is now known to have 3 luring phases which lead up to the generation of SCP-3760-1. SCP-3760 is not allowed to reach any of these luring phases for testing without permission from at least 2 Level 4 Researchers. Under no circumstances is SCP-3760-1 to be allowed to generate (See Incident Log 3760-B for details).

Stage Number Description Notable examples
Stage 1 Stage 1 occurs about 12-16 hours after SCP-3760's last feeding. It involves SCP-3760 producing a smell that researchers have all described as pleasant, although descriptions of the smell vary (See Notable Examples). Researchers describe an urge to seek the source of the smell, but are not mentally forced to do so. Smells described include a freshly baked pie, perfume, [EXPLATIVE REDACTED]
Stage 2 Stage 2 occurs about 6-10 hours following Stage 1. During it, SCP-3760 begins to emit a cry, which researchers state sounds like a person in need, although once again the voice varies among those who hear it (See Notable Examples). Examples of voices include a Researcher's mother, a child, and The President of ███████.
Stage 3 Stage 3 occurs about 2 days following Stage 2. During it, SCP-3760 begins to blend in with its environment. Although it can still be noticed by a trained observer, it is very well camouflaged, and can adjust should its environment change as well (See Notable Examples). It is worth of note that the effects of Stage 1 and 2 are still occurring in this time period. SCP-3760 has proven able to blend into a forest, a sidewalk, and a completely white room with a flat floor and no special features.

If SCP-3760 is fed during any of its luring stages, it will return back to its normal state, and will begin Stage 1 again if it has not been fed in about 12-16 hours. However, if it is not fed, 7 days following the beginning of Stage 3 SCP-3760-1 will generate.

SCP-3760-1 is a large, humanoid creature. It is hunchbacked, and appears to lack eyes, hair, and a mouth. Additionally, it has extremely small ears. However, it has very thick grey skin, large arms, and a very large nose. Upon the generation of SCP-3760-1, which takes about one minute, SCP-3760 will cease its luring stages, and SCP-3760-1 will pick it up. It will then seek out a nearby form of organic matter by smell, and upon reaching it will kill it by [DATA EXPUNGED], which is the exact same method that SCP-3760 seems to use to protect itself from violence. SCP-3760-1 will then force the victim into SCP-3760, which will begin to feed. Upon SCP-3760 finishing its feeding, SCP-3760-1 will disappear by unknown means. SCP-3760 then resumes its normal cycle of luring stages.

SCP-3760 was discovered in the woods near a farm in ██████. A local farmer began to report his livestock missing, until he disappeared as well. Upon police investigation, SCP-3760 was discovered when an officer accidentally stepped in it and was fed upon. At this point, the Foundation was alerted and took it into custody after administering Class-A Amnestics to those involved. Investigation revealed that previous incidents of random disappearances have occurred in the area since ████, although no source of the anomaly had been found until now. There doesn't appear to be any sort of marking on SCP-3760 to indicate who, or what, might have created it.


Testing Log 3760-01
Head Researcher: Dr. F████
Test Item(s): One Eggplant
Test Subject: D-3682
Test Procedure: D-3682 is instructed to approach SCP-3760 and toss the eggplant into it.
Test Results: SCP-3760 catches the eggplant and proceeds to feed upon it normally. It appears that SCP-3760 is able to feed upon all forms of organic matter rather than just meat.

Testing Log 3760-02
Head Researcher: Dr. F████
Test Item(s): One metal pole
Test Subject: D-3682
Test Procedure: D-3682 is instructed to approach SCP-3760 and attempt to trigger it using the metal pole.
Test Results: SCP-3760 shows no reaction to metal pole. Testing concluded after three attempts to prevent metal pole from possibly being seen as an assault upon SCP-3760. It is concluded that SCP-3760 will only feed on organic material, and will not feed on inorganic matter.

Testing Log 3760-03
Head Researcher: Dr. F████
Test Item(s): One eggplant, One Metal Skewer
Test Subject: D-3682
Test Procedure: D-3682 is to skewer the eggplant onto the metal pole, and hold eggplant right above SCP-3760's trigger without touching it
Test Results: As soon as the eggplant comes within range of the teeth, SCP-3760 activates and catches the eggplant, beginning its feeding process. It appears as if SCP-3760 does not activate itself by natural means, but is instead activated whenever it can catch something organic.

Testing Log 3760-04
Head Researcher: Guest Researcher Dr. ████
Test Item(s): One chainsaw.
Test Subject: D-3682
Test Procedure: D-3682 is instructed to step in SCP-3760 and attempt to free themselves using the chainsaw.
Test Results: D-3682 successfully triggers SCP-3760, which then begins to feed on him. D-3682 proceeds to scream in anguish, then attempts to free his leg by using the chainsaw on it. Subject is successful in freeing himself, but dies shortly after due to blood lost. SCP-3760 continues to feed on the subject's leg until it finishes, and the leg disintegrates. D-3682's detached remains do not disintegrate. Guest Researcher Dr. ████ is currently under investigation for needlessly endangering D-Class personnel.
Note from Dr. F████: Come on people: D-Class don't grow on trees. This could easily have been done with another eggplant. As of now, I am suspending testing on SCP-3760 until further notice. It is to be classified as "Safe", and kept in a standard containment locker, and so long as no one is stupid enough to touch it, there should be no further incidents.

On ██/██/████, SCP-3760 begins to secrete a smell (Now known as Stage 1 of its luring phases). Personnel immediately remove SCP-3760 from its locker via mechanical arm, and bring it to a standard containment cell until the situation regarding its strange behavior can be identified. MTF Unit Delta-16 ("Chaotic Squids") is stationed nearby in case the situation somehow escalates.

Approximately 9 hours after the smell was first reported, SCP-3760 begins Stage 2 of its luring phases. Delta-16 proceeds to move SCP-3760 to a different, soundproof containment cell via mechanical arm until the cause and effects of these new anomalies can be identified. Staff are warned to be on alert should these effects continue.

Approximately 2 days following the beginning of Stage 3, SCP-3760 "Disappears" and staff are evacuated due to a potential containment breach. It is identified to have camouflaged approximately 2 days later. It remains isolated in a containment cell, and awaits possible reclassification as Euclid. Testing remains suspended.

Approximately 1 week following the beginning of Stage 3, staff begin to notice the beginnings of SCP-3760-1's manifestation as a faintly translucent entity coming into being next to SCP-3760. Staff are immediately evacuated from the area, and Delta-16 is sent into the cell to contain it (See Interview Log 3760-01 for details). After SCP-3760-1 feeds SCP-3760, it disappears, and SCP-3760 resumes normal behavior. Based on the description given by the surviving members of Delta-16, SCP-3760 is to be reclassified as Euclid and given broader containment procedures

Interviewed: MTF Commander ████ of Delta-16

Interviewer: Dr. F████

Foreword: This interview was conducted following Incident 3760-A, with the purpose to possibly assess the true natures of SCP-3760 and SCP-3760-1, as well as to consider possible reclassification of the object and necessary new containment procedures.

<Begin Log>

Dr. F████: Please relay the events of Incident 3760-A starting with when you first heard about the beginnings of SCP-3760-1's manifestation.

MTFC ████: Well, when we first heard about that thing spawning inside of the containment cell we quickly did a gear check, grabbed D-3683, and rushed in to asses the danger it might pose.

Dr. F████: I see, can you please describe it?

MTFC ████: It looked like some kind of troll or something, with thick, grey skin… except it had no mouth, or eyes for that matter. It had massive arms, and looked to be supporting its giant body on them alone.

Dr. F████: So it couldn't support itself on only its legs?

MTFC ████: No, it could. We learned that quickly enough.

Dr. F████: Can you please describe what happened following its full manifestation?

MTFC ████: When it began to move around, we ordered D-3683 to move toward it while we quickly moved around it and shouted at it, just in case it was able to understand us. It ignored us though: If it had ears it couldn't use them well. It just walked over to SCP-3760 and picked it up, then…

Dr. F████: Wait a moment, was SCP-3760 any different upon the manifestation of SCP-3760-1?

MTFC ████: Huh? Yeah, for some reason it seemed to stop crying out and smelling nice, and turned fully visible again. We didn't worry about that though, because that was then the troll lunged for █████ and…

MTFC ████:

Dr. F████: What happened?

MTFC ████: It [DATA EXPUNGED] him, that's what!

Dr. F████: I see…

MTFC ████:

Dr. F████: What happened after that?

MTFC ████: The thing tried to stuff his corpse into that stupid bear trap!

Dr. F████: Tried?

MTFC ████: Yeah, we opened fire on it at that point. It stopped worrying about the bear trap and started worrying about us. It was a slaughter.

Dr. F████: Did firing upon it appear to do any damage?

MTFC ████: A little, but not much. It mostly seemed to agitate it more. It just started running from one of us to another, swinging it's arms around, our armor didn't do [EXPLETIVE REDACTED].

Dr. F████: How did you survive?

MTFC ████: At that point, I realized we were only causing it to fight back, so I ordered my remaining men to cease firing. One of them didn't listen in time, he was the last one it got.

Dr. F████: What did it do after that?

MTFC ████: It started picking up the corpses and [DATA EXPUNGED] them… even though they were already dead! Then, it started stuffing them into SCP-3760 and it started to feed, and… Now there aren't even corpses left to bury.

Dr. F████: What happened after SCP-3760 stopped feeding?

MTFC ████: The troll just… vanished… It just disappeared. It took about a minute, but it was like it was never even there.

Dr. F████: That was when you announced the all clear?

MTFC ████: No, we waited a little while. But it didn't seem like that thing was coming back, at least at the moment. We moved D-3683, who somehow survived that whole thing, back to his cell. Then we announced the all clear.

Dr. F████: Why do you believe D-3683 wasn't attacked?

MTFC ████: This may sound strange, but… I think it was trying to make a statement. It attacked █████ first, who was actually screaming at it the loudest now that I think about it. Even through D-3683 was closer, the troll chose to attack the greater threat instead, or at least what might seem to be to something with weak hearing and only smell to lead it. It also chose to [DATA EXPUNGED] the corpses, even though they were already dead… I can't think of any other reason it would do that than it wanted to make a point.

Dr. F████: There have been several theories as to the relationship between SCP-3760 and SCP-3760-1. Based on your observation, what do you think they have to do with one another?

MTFC ████: Well, that beast seemed most interested in throwing █████ into the bear trap until we opened fire on it. My best guess is that for some reason the troll wants the bear trap to be able to feed. Maybe they're family or something, I don't really know.

Dr. F████: One more question: Do you have any idea how SCP-3760-1 might be contained should it generate again?

MTFC ████: I have one tip regarding its containment: Don't. Just get out of its way and hope it doesn't decide to choose you to stuff down SCP-3760.

Dr. F████: Thank you. Is there anything else you wish to say for the record?


Dr. F████: Understood. Thank you for your time.

<End Log>

Closing Statement by Dr. F████: SCP-3760 is to be reclassified as Euclid until further notice. Any and all testing is to be for the purpose of identifying the relationship between SCP-3760 and SCP-3760-1, and how SCP-3760-1 acts.

Testing Log 3760-05
Head Researcher: Dr. F████
Test Item(s): One Potato
Test Subject: D-3683
Test Procedure: SCP-3760 is to not be fed in order to cause the manifestation of SCP-3760-1. However, before it finishes manifesting, D-3683 is instructed to throw a potato into SCP-3760. SCP-3760 will hopefully then cease manifestation. Should SCP-3760-1 continue to manifest, the D-Class is instructed to draw attention to himself.
Test Results: Upon manifestation of SCP-3760-1, D-3683 throws the potato into SCP-3760. SCP-3760-1 seems to pause manifesting, and then slowly ceases manifesting, eventually disappearing. Upon complete demanifestation of SCP-3760-1, SCP-3760 begins to emit a low, growling sound, which ceases after about 10 minutes. Although initially suspected to be a variation of Luring Stage 2, it is confirmed to be a different phenomenon, as Luring Stage 1 had not occurred, and everyone heard the same sound. Investigation as to the cause of this is ongoing, and more caution is being advised as to intentionally causing a manifestation of SCP-3760-1.

Opening Statement by Dr. F████: I hope this is a lesson to all of you why we pay attention to previous incidents. We don't always need to know everything about the most dangerous aspects of something so long as we know how to stop it from occurring. Considering this, who in their right mind let Guest Researcher Dr. ████ back?

Interview Log 3760-02

Interviewed: SCP-3760-1

Interviewer: Guest Researcher Dr. ████

Foreword: This log is being made in order to ascertain the true nature of SCP-3760-1 and its relation to SCP-3760. SCP-3760 has been made to starve in order to cause the generation of SCP-3760-1. The interviewer will be behind a reinforced glass window, and SCP-3760-1 is to be kept in an enjoining containment cell. A video log will record the interview to note any strange behavioral aspects of SCP-3760-1.

<Begin Log>

Guest Researcher Dr. ████:: Greetings SCP-3760-1, I would like to ask a few questions…

SCP-3760-1 is seen to be sniffing around

Guest Researcher Dr. ████:: …first of all, what is your purpose here? Why do you manifest whenever SCP-3760 is not fed for an extended period of time?

SCP-3760-1 picks up SCP-3760

Guest Researcher Dr. ████:: Ah, do you want to show me something?

SCP-3760-1 proceeds to lunge at Guest Researcher Dr. ████, breaking through the reinforced window with little effort, and proceeds to [DATA EXPUNGED] Guest Researcher Dr. ████, followed by stuffing him into SCP-3760, which begins feeding. After SCP-3760 finishes feeding, SCP-3760-1 disappears.

<End Log>

Closing Statement by Dr. F████: SCP-3760-1 followed almost the exact same behavioral pattern as described by MTF Commander ████. As of such, it is confirmed that its reason for generating is to feed SCP-3760 when it is unable to catch anything on its own. The purpose of this behavior is as of yet unknown. However, due to its ability to easily breach containment, I am temporarily forbidding testing of SCP-3760-1. Testing on SCP-3760 is still allowed, providing that the proper permission is granted.

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