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Item #: SCP-3767

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3767 is to be kept in a standard humanoid cell kept secure by a Level-3 Level-2 access door.

Description: SCP-3767 most commonly appears as a Caucasian female humanoid. Its anomalous properties are expressed by possessing regenerative and shape-shifting abilities. SCP-3767 was discovered by Agent █████ on a standard info sweep near Site-██. Locals talked of a miracle woman who had been reported to carried hundreds of gallons of water across the ██████ desert in order to help the locals, all of their reports confirmed SCP-3767 making the trip in less than █ hours. After reporting back to Site-██ Agent █████ was able to track down SCP-3767, upon its discovery SCP-3767 made no attempt to escape and willingly accepted containment.

Upon arriving at Site-██ SCP-3767 was placed into a standard humanoid containment cell and the following interview was conducted.

Interviewed: SCP-3767
Interviewer: Dr. ████

Begin Log ██/██/██
Dr. ████: Hello, my name is Dr. ████. I'd like to ask you a few questions.
SCP-3767: Of course doctor.
Dr. ████: Why did you help those people?
SCP-3767: Why didn't you?
Dr. ████: Please, answer the question.
SCP-3767: I helped them because despite all of mankind's capacity to help you choose to do nothing.
Dr. ████: Were you born or created? And if so, where?
SCP-3767: I was both born and created doctor, in a process beyond your understanding and far before your time, and where I come from? Is Earth.
Dr. ████: How old are you?
SCP-3767: I do not know. I'm sorry if I cannot answer these questions to your liking.
Dr. ████: It's- It's fine. What ere of Earth's history would you say you were born in?
SCP-3767: Easily pre-Jurassic, so beyond that I do not know.
Dr. ████: …You'll forgive me if I find that hard to believe, or that I have any reason to believe you're telling me the truth.
SCP-3767: You have done me no harm. I see no reason to lie.
Dr. ████: …Do you have a name?
<SCP-3767 refuses to speak further. Interview Terminated, End Log>

During a containment breach Site-██ initially caused by SCP-079, SCP-3767 escaped their containment cell, released by SCP-079. Instead of seeking Site-██'s exit it sought out SCP-079 and assisted in MTF Epsilon-11 in SCP-079's re-containment. After this SCP-3767 complied with the MTF and re-entered containment of their own volition.

It is noted that in this same breach at █:██ research team ██ was found by SCP-3767, previously two of its members had been injured by an instance of SCP-008 and were already progressing into the flu-like symptoms. SCP-3767 was reported to [REDACTED] and press it to the initial wound of the researchers. After an estimated hour after SCP-3767 had left, both instances of SCP-008 in the research team had subsided. Upon a physical examination of SCP-3767 after containment was complete they showed no physical signs of injury.

It was also reported that at █:██ SCP-3767 was spotted by a response team moving and bending in a non-humanoid way while seeking out SCP-079. Descriptions of their appearance vary from tentacle like appendages allowing them to climb to a higher catwalk, to large claws which was reported to rip away at security door.

Both instances have been taken into account and reviewed, Dr. ████ after containment procedures were complete was authorized for another interview with SCP-3767.

Interviewed: SCP-3767
Interviewer: Dr. ████

Begin Log ██/██/██
Dr. ████: Hello again.
SCP-3767: Oh hello again doctor, how are ██████ and ███ faring?
Dr. ████: Who are- [Dr. ████ proceeds to confirm the names of the two researchers who SCP-3767 cured.] How did you know there names?
SCP-3767: I asked them, it helps to get your patients name no?
Dr. ████: Oh, I see. That wasn't in the report. Um, they are doing quite well actually. No signs of SCP-008 are present in them, in fact your uh, tissue, has bolstered their natural immune system to a surprising 120% efficiency.
SCP-3767: Oh thank goodness, I was worried I was too late.
Dr. ████: Yes, um- [Dr. ████ clears his throat] I would like to ask you some more questions.
SCP-3767: Oh please, go right ahead.
Dr. ████: How did you know that your tissue would clear researchers ██████ and ███ of SCP-008?
SCP-3767: …That is something I cannot answer, as I myself do not know the answer.
Dr. ████: What do you mean?
SCP-3767: I feel I owe you an apology doctor, I told you before how I was made was beyond your understanding… the truth is it is beyond mine as well. I do not know how I came to be.
Dr. ████: And yet you claim to be from the Jurassic period?
SCP-3767: Oh that I will not deny, I remember my time fondly among the Dinosauria. I haven't always been in this form.
Dr. ████: So you can change your appearance and form?
SCP-3767: Yes. [SCP-3767 proceeds to change their appearance to male Asian humanoid.] I can be many faces. [SCP-3767 proceeds to change into a brown bear.] And many different kinds.
Dr. ████: [Initially startled by SCP-3767's sudden change in appearance, Dr. ████ regains his composure.] Ah… could you… revert back?… please?
SCP-3767: [SCP-3767 changes back into a Caucasian female humanoid] Forgive me, it is easy to forget that some can be startled by my abilities.
Dr. ████: I-It's fine. [Dr. ████ clears his throat] You didn't answer me before, but do you have a name?
SCP-3767: No.
Dr. ████: Alright. Next question; why did you help MTF Epsilon-11 contain SCP-079?
SCP-3767: At first he offered me a deal to escape, in truth I do not desire escape, but once I learned of what that computer was capable of; I couldn't allow him to break free.
Dr. ████: I… I see. I think this interview is over, no further questions.
SCP-3767: I see. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask me.
<Interview Terminated, End Log>

On ██/██/██ after ██ months in containment SCP-3767 a containment breach occurred at Site-██ caused by SCP-682 in which SCP-3767 once more escaped containment. SCP-3767 came into contact with SCP-682, the latter proceeding to assault SCP-3767 violently. During this time MTF Epsilon-11 was able to contain SCP-682 using [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-3767 was able to escape before containment procedure of SCP-682 was complete. SCP-3767 was found █ hours and ██ minutes later in their containment cell in a humanoid fetal position with multiple wounds on their body regenerating ranging from large gashes across their back to a severed arm. After ██ minutes of observation SCP-3767 had fully regenerated but had refused any communication with any Foundation staff. The following interview ensued.

Interviewed: SCP-3767
Interviewer: Dr. ████

Begin Log ██/██/██
Dr. ████: Hello.
[SCP-3767 does not respond.]
Dr. ████: Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
[SCP-3767 does not respond.]
Dr. ████: [Dr. ████ clears his throat] Have you ever encountered anything like S- [Dr. ████ does not finish his question as SCP-3767 lifts up its head to look at him. From SCP-3767's ocular orifices was seeping out a clear liquid.]
SCP-3767: Help me. [SCP-3767 proceeds to fall over from their fetal crouch]
<Interview Terminated, End Log>

SCP-3767 after the previous interview had slipped into a coma-like state SCP-3767 was moved to the Site's medical facility, upon further examination it was discovered that the liquid that seeped from SCP-3767's ocular orifices was pure liquid carbon. After an X-ray of SCP-3767 it was discovered that the subject does not appear to have a skeletal system, instead they are completely made liquid carbon with no similarities to human biology. After █ days and █ hours SCP-3767 awoke from their state. SCP-3767 was reported to lash out violently, resulting in ██ casualties including Dr. ████, reports of their body stretching to large lengths to attack personnel attempting to escape to which they [DATA EXPUNGED] their corpses, after which SCP-3767 reverted back to their initial form, after which they began crying the same carbon substance. All instances of SCP-3767-1 were found and terminated █ hour after SCP-3767 was put into special containment.

Item #: SCP-3767

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment procedures: SCP-3767 was moved to a cell 5m x 5m x 5m chamber similar to SCP-682's. Access to this chamber is denied to all members of the Foundation unless under authorization of the O5 Council or in case of emergencies the authorization of the highest ranking Foundation staff present.

Description: SCP-3767 most commonly appears as a Caucasian female humanoid made entirely of liquid carbon with parts of its skin inconsistently melting and reforming at seemingly random intervals. Its anomalous properties are expressed by possessing regenerative and shape-shifting abilities, as well as [DATA EXPUNGED] the corpses of any humanoid it comes into contact with, resulting in an instance of SCP-3767-1.

SCP-3767 █ hours after placement to this cell SCP-3767 ceased 'crying'. An interview of SCP-3767 was requested and authorized by O5-██.

Interviewed: SCP-3767
Interviewer: Agent █████

Begin Log ██/██/██
Agent █████: Why did you kill the medical staff?
[SCP-3767 does not respond.]
Agent █████: Can you understand me?
[SCP-3767 begins to visibly 'melt'.]
[A response team is sent into SCP-3767's cell to asses its current state. At which SCP-3767 was reported to instantly reform in their humanoid state, launching themselves at the response team and proceeds to [DATA EXPUNGED].
<Interview Terminated, End Log>

It is unknown at this time if this sudden change in SCP-3767 is due to its interaction with SCP-682 or some other outside force. Regardless, SCP-3767 is now extremely hostile towards any Foundation staff who attempt to enter its cell. SCP-3767 has since above incident begun a routine pattern of pacing through their cell.

There has been only instance of SCP-3767 speaking to Foundation staff since the previous incident, the conversation was recorded by Agent █████.

Begin Log ██/██/██
SCP-3767: Where… am… I?
Agent █████: [At first surprised by SCP-3767's words, he regains his composure and answers it] You are in a secure K-Class containment cell.
SCP-3767: Contain… ment…
Agent █████: Do you remember what happened on ██/██/██?
SCP-3767: Why… am I… here?
Agent █████: Because you attacked, killed, and [DATA EXPUNGED] 13 Foundation staff. Now answer the previous question.
SCP-3767: I… I killed them?
Agent █████: Yes… do you remember what happened on ██/██/██? And why did you [DATA EXPUNGED].
SCP-3767: I was- (incomprehensible)
Agent █████: Could you repeat that?
SCP-3767: I was- (incomprehensible)
Agent █████: Speak clear- [Agent █████ is interrupted by SCP-3767 suddenly expanding and crashing into the southern wall of SCP-3767's cell.]
SCP-3767: I was… frightened.
<Interview Terminated, End Log>

After the above recorded incident SCP-3767 proceeded to continue expanding into the southern wall, resulting in a breach of its cell. MTF Epsilon-11 was called onto Site and SCP-3767 was contained after █ hours, resulting in ██ casualties, ██ D-class and █ Foundation personnel, a total of █ instances of SCP-3767-1 were found and terminated. One D-class personnel unaccounted for, it is unknown at this time if subject was affected by SCP-3767-1. Since mentioned containment breach; SCP-3767 a reported █ times attempted a containment breach, their motives and reasoning are at this time unknown thought their methods and reactions to Foundation staff imply a fear based motive on its part.

Instances of SCP-3767-1 are recorded only after SCP-3767 [DATA EXPUNGED, INSERT AUTHENTICATION]

proceeds to melt parts of its body into the orifices and wounds of its victims, after a recorded ██ minutes their corpses begin to bend in a non-humanoid manor. █ minutes after adjusting to this the corpses begin to crawl on all fours, they begin to seek out personnel. Only one instance of an SCP-3767-1 coming into contact with a human has been recorded. In this instance an escaped D-class personnel was confronted by an SCP-3767-1, after which the latter proceeded to pin the subject to the ground and what was recorded as vomiting into the subject's face. Subject died of of a respiratory impairment from submersion in the liquid identified as liquid Carbon.

As of ██/██/██ there have been a recorded █ cases of SCP-3767-1 all of which have since been terminated. It is unclear at this time the reason for the sudden urge of SCP-3767 to create instances of SCP-3767-1, further research pending.

During a containment breach caused by SCP-079, SCP-3767'c cell was unlocked by SCP-079, its reason for doing so at this time is unknown. Video surveillance recorded SCP-3767 actively seeking out Foundation personnel, resulting in ██ instances of SCP-3767-1, it was also recorded that the D-class personnel that had previously be unaccounted for had re-emerged and had been affected by an instance of SCP-3767-1. A total of ██ instances of SCP-3767-1 were reported to be terminated by MTF Epsilon-11. SCP-3767 after a total of ██ hours after breach had reportedly slowed down at a steady rate until stopping completely. It is of note that it had completely ceased moving in front of its previous cell, currently occupied by SCP-███. SCP-3767 was contained and returned to cell without incidence, like old times.

Further interviewing of SCP-3767 was revoked by order of the O5 Council, until █████████ of 20██, wherein the following interview ensued.

Interviewed: SCP-3767
Interviewer: Agent █████

Agent █████: Can you understand me?
SCP-3767: [Remains silent for 30 seconds before answering] Yes.
Agent █████: Do you know what you are?
SCP-3767: I… do not.
Agent █████: Do you remember why you were contained here?
SCP-3767: No… I… want… out.
Agent █████: Do you know what you've done?
SCP-3767: What… done?
Agent █████: Do you remember Dr. ████?
[SCP-3767 begins to shudder violently, parts of its body beginning to melt]
Agent █████: Do you remember what you did to him!?
SCP-3767: Stop…
Agent █████: Do you remember his screams?!
SCP-3767: Stop… talk-
Agent █████: Here we have it on recording! I'll play it for you! [Agent █████ against orders begins playing the recorded audio feed from SCP-3767's first attack]
SCP-3767: Plea… se… stop… [SCP-3767 begins forming large tentacle-like appendages, lashing out at the space around it]
Agent █████: Listen to him 3767!
SCP-3767: Why… are… you… [SCP-3767 begins growing larger in size, beginning to assault the secure door with immense force, MTF Epsilon-11 has been called on Site ]
Agent █████: Listen you filth! You did that to him! Because you were scared?!
SCP-3767: [SCP-3767's entire form begins violently convulsing] STOP
Agent █████: Is this how you want to be remembered?! After all those millions of years you've lived!? This is how?!
SCP-3767: [SCP-3767 breaks through the containment door, moving with speed only briefly recorded to Agent █████'s location.] PLEASE… STOP
[SCP-3767 at this point has encounted Agent █████, SCP-3767 begins to [DATA EXPUNGED, SEE SCP-3767-1 FILE FOR DETAILS]
SCP-3767: I… I (incomprehensible)
< Recording equipment damaged, End Log>

Item #: SCP-3767

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3767 is to be contained in the Site-██ recording room for containment cell 3767. The room is to be kept locked by a level-4 access door and is not to be entered by any member of the Foundation besides the weekly research team required to inspect SCP-3767.

Description: SCP-3767 most commonly appeared a Caucasian female humanoid prior to current state. Currently SCP-3767 fills up the entirety of Site-██ recording room for containment cell 3767 with a solid carbon substance. In the center of the room is a humanoid shape appearing to hug Agent █████, whom has since been freed from SCP-3767, leaving the humanoid shape alone in the center of the room. All of SCP-3767's previous anomalous properties have since ceased. It is worthy to note that Agent █████ has since the SCP-3767 K3-Interview incident displayed newly reported abilities with striking similarity to SCP-3767. Whether this current state Agent █████ is in is similar to SCP-3767's offspring [See SCP-3767 Interview Log for more information] is yet to be determined.

Recent investigation on Agent █████'s direct opposition of orders has since been finalized. Agent █████ was the illegitimate son of Dr. ████, Agent █████ confirmed this and was subjected to a genetic correlation test and it was confirmed that Dr. ████ is was the father of Agent █████. Agent █████ is to be suspended indefinitely until a disciplinary action can be taken. Agent █████ will until then be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell until proper containment procedures can be taken. Agent █████ at this time is to be detailed officially as SCP-3767-2.

"The situation regarding SCP-3767 has brought to light several issues that need to be discussed regarding personnel and relations to SCPs. It is clear to the foundation that 3767 showed much affection toward human life, and in turn it is noted that staff at Site-██ returned this affection. Those who have need only know this; your thoughts and personal feelings towards any one SCP are irrelevant. How would you describe a human? Race. Gender. Appearance. Attitude. Nationality. Relationships. And so on and so forth. How would one describe an SCP? Item #. Object Class. Special Containment Procedures. Description. That is all. An SCP is not and will never be a person. They do not deserve our love, but they do not deserve our hate. But they do deserve to be Secured, Contained, and Protected. Both from the world, each other, and themselves. It is our duty as members of the foundation to uphold this. Regardless of our feelings. Never forget that. End Log."
~ O5-██

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