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nn5n: scp-3769 A Time-Killer
SafeSCP-3769 A Time-KillerRate: -18

Item #: SCP-3769

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3769 is to be kept in a concrete cell, 12ft/12ft/12ft, mounted on a flat steel table 5ft tall in the center of the room. The access way to SCP-3769's chamber is to be guarded with a two door airlock system, and is to be equipped with four level three key card readers. SCP-3769 is to be stored in the heavy containment zone. Surveillance of SCP-3769 consists of a single security camera, monitored by security staff during and prior to testing. In the event that SCP-3769 is tested, D-class personnel are to be equipped with a standard issue headset. This headset contains an earpiece as well as a microphone and small camera. When cleaning SCP-3769's containment area, it is vital that janitorial staff do not look upon the clock, or else they will succumb to its anomalous properties. Blinders are to be distributed among all janitorial staff.

Description: SCP-3769 is a rectangular cuckoo clock spanning 1ft wide, 1ft long, and 2ft tall. The clock face has been described by personnel during testing as having thin black rectangular hands, a brown-white back, representing what seems to be years of age, with black roman numerals. However, test subjects have reported the clock face 'screaming' at them when they look at it. Occasionally, SCP-3769 has been observed emitting a green substance, resembling [REDACTED].

The anomalous properties of the SCP are shown when one glances upon the face of SCP-3769. The subject experiences shortness of breath and heightened aggression. Approximately five minutes of continuous eye contact with SCP-3769, the subject will begin to exhaust their energy. At ten minutes the subject appears to grow weary, subsequently reporting drying skin with their aggression fading. At fifteen minutes the subject's hair will turn grey, and their skin will dry out, causing it to wrinkle and crack. At twenty minutes the testing subject begins to rot at seemingly random places. At thirty minutes the subject suffers total organ failure and slowly begins to dissolve into [Redacted]. This substance appears to be identical to the substance SCP-3769 is reported to have emitted during observations. The reasons for why the test subjects do not simply look away are unknown, but it is believed to be linked to [Redacted], brought on by the SCP's [Redacted].

Further testing is permitted.

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