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nn5n: scp-3777 Junior Researcher Greb
SafeSCP-3777 Junior Researcher GrebRate: -13

Item #: SCP-3777

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3777 is to be stored in a standard humanoid containment cell. Scp-3777 is allowed access to areas with level 1 clearance when it is not being tested on. SCP-3777 is to be prevented from entering any area containing foodstuffs or drinks of any sort. SCP-3777 is to be fed only when requested, subject is allowed 2 lbs of steak and one glass of water upon requests. SCP-3777 is required to wear a standard bee suit to prevent stray bees from stinging nearby personnel.

Description: SCP-3777 is a swarm of bees that is approximately 1.8 meters in height. SCP-3777 are always compacted against each other in such a way that there is no way to see inside of SCP-3777 without mechanical means. Despite this, every bee inside of SCP-3777 seems to be able to sense the outside environment and move accordingly. SCP-3777 is metamorphic in nature, but has only ever been observed to do this when feeding. The only shape that SCP-3777 takes when not eating is that of a humanoid with no discernible features besides a small opening near the top of the swarm determined to be SCP-3777's version of a ‘mouth’. SCP-3777 is sentient and capable of vocalisations by making the bees near the top of the swarm vibrate their wings in perfect sync, creating sounds that increase and lower in pitch allowing it to form coherent words. SCP-3777 acts in a hive mind manner with the topmost of the swarm being the central control. SCP-3777 claims to be Junior researcher Greb, who was reported missing 2 weeks prior to the discovery of SCP-3777. SCP-3777 possesses the personality and memories of Junior researcher Greb, however, it does not remember the two weeks in which Greb was missing. SCP-3777 can see anything within a 90 degree cone in the front of the swarm. If any bees are removed from SCP-3777 or damaged in anyway, they will be replaced nearly instantaneously by new bees, this process causes a considerable amount of stress to it. The mass of SCP-3777 never increases or decreases by itself except when feeding.
SCP-3777's feeding process is activated when any food or drink is placed within 5 meters of it. This process lasts around 5 minutes but can take longer depending on the size of the food. A portion of the bees from the central mass of SCP-3777 will break off and proceed to cover the entirety of the food or drink. When the bees detach from the main mass, the subject will begin to make noises and movements similar to a human in excruciating pain. Once the bees completely cover every visible portion of the food or drink, the bees will return to the main mass with the food or drink having disappeared. What happens to the food is unknown, however SCP-3777 reports feeling “full” after this process is complete. The subject has said that this process is extremely painful and is equivalent to an arm or leg being ripped off slowly.
SCP-3777 is generally cooperative and rather positive despite its containment, but has been known to react violently during its feeding process.
SCP-3777 is strong enough to wear clothes without them collapsing the swarm, but is unable to do physically demanding activities such as moving a 20 lbs box.

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