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Item #: SCP-3788

Object Class: Euclid


Cover image of a recovered bootleg instance of SCP-3788

Special Containment Procedures: MTF-Lambda 12 ("Re-Runners") are to be staffed at and assume the guise of shoppers and employees at thrift stores and secondhand shops (e.g. Salvation Army, Goodwill) across the Mid-western United States. Members of MTF-Lambda 12 are to actively monitor these locales for suspected instances of SCP-3788. Found copies are to be secured and monitored for anomalous effects related to instances of SCP-3788. Any copies determined not to be instances of SCP-3788 are to be disposed of according to Foundation procedures.

Description: SCP-3788 is a phenomenon occurring in any business that resells used motion pictures, and has been spotted in thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, and video rental stores. SCP-3788 manifests itself as "bootleg" copies of the 1981 made-for-television film "The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island". The anomalous effects of SCP-3788 do not manifest until the film within is viewed.

Anomalous effects occur when an instance of SCP-3788 is placed into any form of VHS player, and viewed on a CRT monitor with a screen larger than ██cm x ██cm. (Revised, please refer to Incident 0912). After the opening credits of the film, at approximately 0█:11:56, the CRT monitor will begin to glow a pure white, bleaching out all images onscreen. Subjects viewing this light describe it with the similar statements of "painfully blinding, but alluring". The subjects will be compelled to move closer to the screen, becoming violent towards personnel who attempt to keep them separated. Upon contact with the screen, the affected persons will attempt to climb into the screen, which now serves as a portal to SCP-3788-1.

SCP-3788-1 is a pocket dimension, consisting of a single, unmapped island, with flora from multiple real-world rainforests and jungles. No wildlife has been observed. SCP-3788-1 is, however, inhabited by instances of SCP-3788-2. SCP-3788-2 are theorized to be victims of SCP-3788, also brought into the pocket-dimension.

Instances of SCP-3788-2 lack flesh, instead covered in muscle and scraps of clothing. SCP-3788 carry crude weapons, created from bone, wood, stone, and an unknown substance, referred to as ██████. Recordings have shown the numbers of SCP-3788-2 are estimated at about 50-75 individuals. Instances of SCP-3788-2 are shown to have organized themselves into several "tribes", who are actively hostile to other tribes. There are currently no tribes observed to be pacifistic to outsiders, or new entries into SCP-3788-1.

All information gathered about the pocket dimension was recovered through the initial "Exploration Log 001". More manned and unmanned missions are planned, pending higher authorization.


Document 3788-1: Exploration 001

D-91243 is a 22-year-old Polynesian male of average build and appearance and unremarkable psychological background. D-91243 is equipped with a 75-watt flood lamp with battery power capable of lasting 24 hours, a shoulder-mounted camcorder fitted with a transmission stream, a Foundation standard-issue survival kit containing flares, MRE’s, and a small hatchet. D-91243 has also been equipped with an audio headset for communication with Dr. ██████ at Control.

D-91243 is exposed to an instance of SCP-3788 playing on a Panasonic CRT monitor, rated for the specific purposes of transporting a D-Class personnel into SCP-3788-1. D-91243 has just entered into SCP-3788-1, and finds himself in the middle of a jungle. He appears panicked, rapidly moving this head and the camera around.

Camera footage shows D-91243 is high on a hill, surrounded by the canopy layer of trees. There are no man-made landmarks in sight.

D-91243: Where the fuck did I go?
Dr. ██████: D-91243, are you alright?

D-91243: Yeah, I’m alright, it’s fucking warm here.
Dr. ██████:We’re getting temperature readings at thirty-six degrees Celsius. Please continue further into the forest.

D-91243 begins hiking into the jungle. He takes a semi-clear path for approximately 23 minutes. He suddenly ducks down behind a felled stump. Seeming to be hiding.

Dr. ██████: D-91243, why are you stopping?
D-91243: (whispering) There are some fucking people up ahead. They’re holding spears and shit.

Analysis of the video feed shows several instances of SCP-3788-2, approx. 10 meters away from D-91243.

Dr. ██████: Please describe the figures.
D-91243: They got a fuckin’ spear, and there's another with some big hammer thing. They’re patrolling.
Dr. ██████: Can you estimate its distance from your current position?
D-91243: They like… 30 feet away?
Dr. ██████: Hold your position. We’re zooming in for a closer look.

Camera confirms four instances of SCP-3788-2. SCP-3788-2 are skinless, holding primitive weapons.

Dr. ██████: Can you confirm that they have no flesh?
D-91243: Yeah. They’re fucking skinless. Goddamn zombies.
Dr. ██████:Confirmed

The “patrol” passes. D-91243 waits three minutes before proceeding further down the trail. He removes the personal hatchet from his bag. He continues walking for four minutes before whispering into the mic.

D-91243: (whispering) Tell me when I can come back.
Dr. ██████: Affirmative.

D-91243 continues on until reaching a clearing. He stops here, removing the water bottle from his equipment

D-91243: I'm so fucking thirsty.
Dr. ██████: I’m sure, D-91243.

D-91243 drinks heartily, before replacing the bottle. He stands up, but doesn’t advance further.

D-91243: I don’t trust this.
Dr. ██████: Stay guarded.

The audio recorder picks up the sound of a branch snapping. D-91243 ducks down, scanning his head around the edges of the clearing. Several instances of SCP-3788-2 skirt the outside. The “leader” makes hand motions to the others, then points to D-91243, indicating its awareness of D-91243.

D-91243: (whispering) Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! No no, nononono…
Dr. ██████: Can you please describe what you see?
D-91243: There’s so goddamn many of them, like a dozen. Fuck man, they’ve all got a fucking weapon, fuck—
Dr. ██████: Are they coming closer?
D-91243: [pause] (heavily breathing) No, they’re just watching me. Fuck, they know I’m here.
Dr. ██████: Please remain calm.
D-91243: No man they’ve got a fucking army—

Several of the instances advance towards D-91243. D-91243 brandishes his survival hatchet at the crowd.

D-91243: (yelling) Get the fuck back! Don’t you fucking move-

D-91243 enters a panicked state and turns around multiple times to reveal himself to be surrounded by SCP-3788-2. Multiple instances charge at D-91243, who swings his hatchet blindly at them. During this conflict, D-91243’s camera is knocked off of its rig, falling onto the ground. The angle it lands shows an instance of SCP-3788-2 knocking D-91243 to the ground, before driving the pointed end of a pickaxe into his skull. The camera was knocked over by a stray foot after filming this act.

Several hours later, the feed changes from a low-power black screen after being picked up by a new instance of SCP-3788-2, later confirmed to be the previously deceased D-91243. D-91243 bashes the lens of the camera against a rock, resulting in the feed cutting. It was observed that D-91243 had been missing the flesh from the top half of his skull, presumably where the fatal wound had struck.

Further explorations into SCP-3788-1 are pending approval.

3/3/20██: Agents spotted an instance of SCP-3788 available within popular movie-rental service "Redbox". Agents determined that physical copies rented from the machine had no anomalous properties.

4/12/20██: After Foundation web-skimmers found the film "The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island" available on web-streaming site "Hulu", a prolonged investigation revealed it is only physical copies of SCP-3788 that can manifest anomalous effects in viewers Revised, see Incident 0912 for further details.

11/16/201█: Agents are alerted to a mass disappearance occurring at ██████'s Theater in ██████, Illinois. Twenty-three persons had been affected by SCP-3788 during a "So Bad, It's Good" screening of SCP-3788. Files recovered from the laptop attached to the projector showed a downloaded .mp4 video file of SCP-3788 from ████████, a popular torrent site. Web-skimmers have been upgraded to deal with the threat accordingly.

03/22/201█: Foundation Web-skimmers track the IP of the seeder responsible for the "Incident 0912" video file through VPN services under the Foundation umbrella. MTF-Lambda 12 moved in to investigate. The seeder was located in an apartment in ██████, Ontario, Canada. The apartment was vacant, but evidently in decay. Lambda 12 recovered multiple VHS and DVD copies of SCP-3788, as well as VHS to DVD converters. The DVD copies of SCP-3788 recovered are obvious bootlegs, with self-printed DVD jackets and sharpie titles. A letter pinned to a message board behind the PC has been transcribed below.

Doug1, I've sent an original. Don't ask how I found it, doesn't matter.
You still have the converter, right? I taught you how to put it out there for other people on the torrent sites.
I hope this works. We need to make other people see them. We need to get these people help.
They didn't give a shit. We showed everyone we could. Did they care that people were missing? Did they care that no one knows where the hell people are going? No.
Consider this a manifesto, maybe. People are going missing, and no one gives a shit.
We have to make them care.

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