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Item #: SCP-3789

Object Class: Safe


SCP-3789 in its inert state, exhibiting no anomalous properties.

Special Containment Procedures: Following a site-wide containment regulations revision, SCP-3789 is to be kept in a locked repository container within Site-64’s C-Wing storage warehouse. SCP-3789 is not to be removed from its container and/or brought within the vicinity of a billiards table by any Site-64 personnel unless given authorization by Site-64 Assistant Director of Research Dr. Avery Sanchez.

Description: SCP-3789 is a white spherical object resembling and exhibiting the properties of an American-style cue ball of standard weight and dimensions. If SCP-3789 is not in the vicinity of a standardized billiards table, it maintains an inert state and is indistinguishable from any other cue ball.

SCP 3789’s anomalous properties manifest upon being placed on a pool table of standard dimensions and struck with a cue stick. Upon impact with the cue stick, regardless of the initial trajectory and force used to strike the ball, SCP-3789 will gravitate towards the pocket nearest itself upon the end of its motion and sink into the hole. SCP-3789’s movement can be interrupted through standard means such as obstructing the hole it aims for or simply interfering with its motion before it completes its movement. When SCP-3789 has been pocketed, it will sink part ways into the hole, lodge itself between the walls of the pocket and billiards table, and begin to spin around it central axis. After approximately 3 seconds in this state, all objects (if any are present) within the 6 pockets of the billiards table will dematerialize and reappear in a triangular formation towards the left or right ends of the table.

If the objects within each pocket are a set of regulatory pool balls, SCP-3789 will “arrange” them in standard order, with the 1 ball at the triangles’ apex, the 8 ball at the center of the three-ball row, and the rest of the balls randomly distributed to complete the shape. Non-pool related objects that are dematerialized by SCP-3789 are arranged with no particular coherence, though objects that are black or yellow in color will have a tendency to occupy a spot in the middle or apex of the triangle respectively. After arrangement, SCP-3789 will cease spinning and sink into the hole it resided in during its active state.

E-mail correspondence between Site-64 Asst. Dir. of Research Dr. Avery Sanchez and Site-64 C-Wing Staff Researcher Dr. Laurent English regarding SCP-3789 and Site-64's revision of containment regulations.

Dr. English,

This sort of thing is the last I should honestly be dealing with at the moment, but it’s something that needs to be sorted out before the upcoming revisions regardless. For the last time, research, maintenance, and administrative personnel should not not be using SCP-3789 for recreational purposes with the billiards table in the C-Wing lounge. I don’t care how easy it makes arranging the balls into the correct formation following a game relative to doing it from scratch, or how fascinating of a parlor trick it is when it’s used to dematerialize random objects. I just don’t need random Safe class items floating around at a time like this, and I’m sure you’d agree with me there. Please inform the C-Wing staff that SCP-3789’s storage location will be relocated from its “informal spot” to its official repository container following the revisions taking place on 4/13/20██ and that they should refrain from using it as a tool/toy until then. Thanks.

Sincerely, Dr. Sanchez

Dr. Sanchez,

Much to their dismay, I've informed the C-Wing lounge frequenters of the situation regarding SCP-3789. Many of them are legitimately mad about the current state of affairs regarding harmless Safe class objects such as this one, despite my clear explanations as to the necessity of this upcoming revision. I hear rumors that some lower maintenance staff are planning a sort of "coup" to reclaim their rights to the cue ball. Immature and regulation-breaking as it might be, it seems only like an innocent stint of fun. I'm not condoning nor advocating for this event, but who knows? Perhaps it'll add a little spin to things…

Yours, Dr. English

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