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Item #: SCP-3809

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3809 is continuously patrolled along is perimeter by no fewer than fifteen (15) Foundation security operatives at a time, each equipped with standard law enforcement equipment to identify and apprehend potential trespassers. All trails and roads leading into SCP-3809 are obstructed by roadblocks and lined with hidden pressure sensors designed to provide security teams with advance notice of a security breach. Any and all personnel attempting to gain access to SCP-3809 for any reason are to be apprehended, questioned, and administered a Class-B amnestic or higher prior to release.

Personnel requesting assistance from within SCP-3809, regardless of their affiliation, should be ignored by all nearby staff. No recovery attempts should be made, nor will they be authorized by site security.

Description: SCP-3809 refers to a roughly 6km by 6km stretch of temperate forest in central West Virginia, previously known as ██████ National Park and, briefly, Central Mountain Campgrounds. Based on satellite imaging and limited exploratory efforts, SCP-3809 appears to be a standard temperate forest possessing a variety of indigenous life and exhibiting no obvious anomalous properties. Roughly sixteen man-made trails are present within SCP-3809, the majority of which appear to be scenic in nature and designed to fixate on natural landmarks; all such trails have since been closed per the aforementioned containment procedures. There are no other non-natural structures or items known to exist inside of SCP-3809.

SCP-3809, when explored by a human subject, possesses various anomalous properties of dubious relevance to each other. A conclusive description of these phenomena is impossible, as all personnel who enter SCP-3809 are invariably lost with no hope of recovery. Video/audio recordings captured from within SCP-3809 are often of a conflicting nature and appear to have been deliberately tampered with to alter or omit certain events. Due to the inherent risk such operations pose to Foundation personnel and the potential for an increase in SCP-3809's anomalous activity, all future expeditions were indefinitely suspended by O5 Command shortly after the anomaly's containment. There are currently no plans for any further research regarding SCP-3809 to be conducted.

Addendum I: Document 3809-01


The following is a transcript of Mobile Task Force 22-Omega's expedition into SCP-3809. Audio and video were recorded by helmet-mounted cameras.

<BEGIN LOG, SKIP TO 00:15:32>

Elements of Mobile Task Force 22-Omega - specifically, Agents Charles, Michelle, and Rodriguez - proceed inside of SCP-3908 using Trail 06 and arrive at a waterfall. No anomalous activity was observed in the footage skipped.

Charles: Control, you seeing this?

Control: Copy.

Charles is referring to a natural waterfall, roughly 80m from the surface of the forest. The team had been following the connected river for roughly eight minutes.

Charles: Think we can get around it?

Rodriguez: Yeah. Looks like - looks like there's a path that goes around the right face.

Charles: Alright.

Several minutes pass. The team arrives at the top of the waterfall.

Charles: Looks like we're - what, 200 feet off the ground?

Michelle: Think so. Not sure what we're even looking for. Thought we'd see something by now.

Rodriguez: Careful what you wish for, agent.

Michelle: …that a deer over there?

Michelle gestures to her side. An adult buck is visible in the bushes.

Charles: That's a pretty big buck, actually. If I had my hunting rifle with me -

Rodriguez: Shut up.

Rodriguez: What's it doing? Looks like it's getting closer to us.

As Rodriguez claims, the buck approaches the group.

Charles: That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. This place has been off-limits for ages. They shouldn't have had any contact with people.

Michelle: Quiet. Don't scare it off.

Charles: Jesus, be careful. Those antlers are fucking huge.

The deer reaches Michelle and appears confused, snapping its head to observe the group. When Michelle extends her palm to touch it, the deer charges, knocking Michelle to her feet.

Rodriguez: Fuck! Get -

Control: What's going on out there?

Charles: Get that thing off her, Rodriguez -

Michelle: It's biting me - it's biting - oh Jesus -

As captured by Charles' camera, the deer appears to bite Michelle's leg and begins dragging her away from the group into a nearby crop of trees. When Rodriguez and Charles attempt to stop the buck, they are charged by additional deer from the right side of the frame. Rodriguez is to believed to have been impaled on the antlers of a buck and later died of blood loss, while Charles managed to escape deeper into the woods. Contact with both Charles and Michelle is lost.

Twenty-two hours following this incident, the live feed from Charles' camera is reactivated. He is seated at the base of a tree, sobbing quietly.

Control: Charles, come in, do you read?

No response.

Control: Charles, this is Control. We see your feed. Are you there?

Charles: Control?

Control: Charles, we hear you. Where are you?

Charles: I-I don't know. I think I'm lost. I don't know where…where the others are. I can't find my way out of here, Control. Oh, fuck.

Control: Charles, you need to remain calm. You only have a few hours of daylight left. Can you make your way back to the waterfall?

Charles: There is no waterfall.

Control: Say again?

Charles: It's not there. I retraced my steps perfectly. I-I knew exactly where it was. I was in the right spot, but it just…just wasn't there. Like it had vanished. I don't know what the fuck is going on.

Control: Roger, standby.

Charles: Wait, I hear something - there's something coming.

Control: We don't hear anything on our end, over. What do you hear?

Charles looks right and appears to be startled by something off camera. He breaks into a sprint, heading deeper into the forest. Exhaustive review of the footage has failed to uncover any indication of what incited this response from Charles.

After several minutes, Charles stops and flips onto his back, revealing that a vine has grasped his ankle. He is then pulled across the floor of the forest for several meters before being dragged underground. The events that followed were not visible to Control due to the lack of any light. A subjective description provided by research personnel indicated that sounds of "rushing water", "screaming", "gagging", and "wet flesh" were heard. Charles' feed was lost shortly after this event. The whereabouts of of Michelle and Rodriguez remain unknown, though they are presumed deceased.

Addendum II: Document 3809-02


Shortly after the events described in Document 3809-01, a recovery team was dispatched to identify the whereabouts of MTF 22-Omega. Contact with the team was lost within two hours. An unmanned reconnaissance drone was subsequently sent into SCP-3809; it was successfully able to locate the corpses of the recovery team's members. Their statuses, as captured by the drone, are described below.

Commander ██████ █ █████: Found along the shores of a river with most of his armor and clothes removed. Extending from the nose, mouth, eye sockets, and lower abdomen were various organisms believed to be fungi. The state of this individual's corpse suggests he was deceased for weeks, potentially months despite the drone being dispatched mere days following the team's disappearance.

Agent ████ ██ ██████: Found impaled onto a tree branch through the stomach with the head raised by a vine. Footage captured by the drone suggests that the individual's eyes were moving and that the body was twitching sporadically. Whether this indicates that the agent was alive or was merely an extension of the anomaly is unknown.

Agent ██ ████████: Found with a broken jaw and severed tongue. Several teeth were observed to be missing. Stomach appeared to have been ruptured, with visible damage to the intestines.

Agent ████ █ ██: Found with his right arm severed and forcibly placed inside his mouth. Various lacerations were also observed, most notably around the genitals.

Agent ████ ██████ ████: Found with evidence of [REDACTED], leaving most tissue unrecoverable. Hair, teeth, fingernails, [REDACTED], and large clumps of hair were found inserted into the individual's [REDACTED].

Further analysis of recovered footage is ongoing.

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