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Item #: SCP-3812

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3812 is to be kept inside a sealed cell which is to be approximately 12x12x12x12 m in diameter, SCP-3812 MUST be cared for with extreme caution SCP-3812 is to have a 12 m pole strapped into the ceiling of the containment chamber where SCP-3812 is to be locked against and bounded. SCP-3812 is to only be allowed entry, by direct orders of Level-5 Security, anyone who isn't given permission is to be terminated on sight. No entry is to be permitted into SCP-3812's cell unless Researcher is accompanied by two MTF, testing is only allowed by senior researchers and anyone lower will be terminated, Class-D personnel who enter SCP-3812's containment chamber is to approach SCP-3812 and attempt to hurt it, afterwards SCP-3812 is to be unbound and will have 6 MTF ready to shoot, during multiple Keter breaches SCP-3812 is to be used only if they're are just about to enter Code Black, SCP-3812 is able to be controlled if you threaten ████████████████, unfortunately to do so you need 6 MTF aiming guns at it for it to care. If Code Black SCP-3812 is to be taken captive and away from the area and must be kept with the foundation no matter what the circumstances.
Description: SCP-3812 is a SCP Thaumiel class who has taken the shape of a female body about the age of 15, testing is yet to confirm if SCP-3812 was originally human or was born as an SCP, SCP-3812 has black hair, completely blank eyes, it holds a weight of about 43 kilograms and has a height of 1 meter and 34 centimeters,
SCP-3812 is extremely intelligent and has a IQ passing all of the senior researchers working at the facility, its IQ is 158, SCP-3812 is very well adapted to all environments and is in killable, SCP-3812 is able to set traps and is also able to communicate, SCP-3812 was originally stated as a Class-D for [Data Expunged], SCP-3812 was able to take more then every other Class-D, It was going to be stated as a SCP but unfortunately SCP-3812 was set free before we could state it as an SCP,
SCP-3812 shows extreme powers and has been able to stop multiple Class-D from dying during testing, all SCP's tested on SCP-3812 gave her no trouble and it was able to save 7 Class-D's from the [Data Expunged] and was also given extreme amounts of violence from [Date Expunged] after stopping amazing amounts of power shock waving the facility for 'Fun' SCP-3812 was shocked with extreme amounts of power and had extreme amounts of electric shoot from her arms, some SCP's are able to be stopped during simple conversations with SCP-3812 and disease type SCP's did no damage to it, SCP-3812 is still being tested on in different ways and they're still looking for SCP's SCP-3812 can take care of, sadly SCP-096, SCP-966 and SCP-681 are not able to be stopped by SCP-3812, researchers are still working out whether SCP-3812 is one of a kind or there are more,

Addendum: SCP-3812 occasionally shows extreme amounts of violence and murderous intents, SCP-3812 also has desires to kill some MTFS, most of the time any human to enter SCP-3812's containment chamber begin to get attracted to it which makes them easy prey for SCP-3812,
SCP-3812 gets stronger over more damage done to its body, the last recorded damage needing to be done took, 361 bullets and a bottle of nerve gas for SCP-3812 to be knocked out, SCP-3812 seems to have no interest in escaping and just wishes to roam around, SCP-3812 shows interest in a boy named ████████████████, sadly the name is listed in the deceased, we are yet to determine if the boy was like SCP-3812.

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