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Item #: SCP-3813

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3813 must be contained with a time particle container, placed 30 feet exactly from the timecircle. If possible, it will be restricted from the public and only avalable to be used from level 4 cardholders. ██████ will be subjected to enter when the timefield is at a low radiation level.

Description: SCP-3813 is a time-feild which is known to send personnel back one hour in time. Depending on the floor the subject is sent to. When ██████ is subjected to enter, they will be required to wear a radiation suit that can withstand 1,000 mSv of radiation.
Radiation suit is made of carbon-fiber material and a new ██████ material. They are required to wear it for the required time corresponding to how many floors subjects have been sent up.


Image of SCP-3813-10's interior.


Photo of SCP-3813-10.

Test A - 3-21-17

Subject: ███████
Procedure: Multiple ███████ entered SCP-3813-10 at 18:43. ███████ were sent to floor 6 from floor one.
Results: Around six hours later, they were spotted walking around 265 ████ St, Destin, FL.
Analysis: █████████████████████

Test B - 5-21-17

Subject: ███████
Procedure: Multiple ███████ entered SCP-3813-26 from the first floor. They were sent to the third floor.
Results: Seen walking around ██████████████ 3 hours from the time they were sent up.
Analysis: They will be told to avoid the building and the area for a certain time.

SCP-3813-10: Located at 779-785 Sundial Ct, Okaloosa Island, FL 32548 (6 Floors.)
SCP-3813-26: (Location Classified) 11 Floors located in █████.

Interviewed: ███

Interviewer: Dr. Dom Feli

Foreword: Level 4 of SCP-3813-10

<Begin Log, 2-11-16, 17:40>

Interviewer: What happened once you
███: It was cold out. It looked around >12'o clock.
Interviewer: You were aware of what
███: Knowing how time works, I >moved out towards the beach and waited >until 15:26 the exact time you sent us up.
Interviewer: Okay, good. Do you have >any more information on what happened >between 11:26 and 15:26?
███: Well, it felt colder then it did the >morning before you sent us up. Also, █████ >stated that he felt like he was sick. He did in >fact puke.
Interviewer: Okay, thank you for the information. We will get back to you in a bit for another interview. Have a great day.
<End Log, 2-11-16, 17:45>

Closing Statement: ███ was suffering from Parathyroid adenoma for two weeks after he was sent up to the third floor of SCP-3813-10.

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