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Item #: SCP-3816

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3816 manifestations are to be monitored and neutralized by MTF Gamma-6 "Deep Feeders". Upon the event of MTF Gamma-6 failing to contain SCP-3816 a suitable decoy/subject should be provided immediately (see addendum A-76).

Description: SCP-3816 is a phenomenon occurring around shipwrecks wrecked between 1945 to present day in the Atlantic Ocean. Upon entering the general area of the wreck bubbles can be seen surfacing from inside the wreck. Divers investigating will find SCP-3816 which manifests as a set of 1950s era diving gear. SCP-3816 will begin to move away from those who witness it, around 40% of cases report SCP-3816 motioning to follow with its right hand. After approximately 2 minutes of following the subject falls into a previously unseen hole in the ocean floor, water pressure sees an increase of 340% crushing the victim. SCP-3816 will de-manifest upon this event and will not occur for another 2-4 weeks.

SCP-3816 appears unable to distinguish humans from decoys and dummies, using this knowledge MTF Gamma-6 has begun using decoys to neutralize SCP-3816 instances. Through a course of 5 months, decoy operations have seen a 94% success rate with the remaining 4% resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Efforts to improve decoys have seen a rise in success rate but still fall short of 100% success. Requests for D class testing to learn of SCP-3816's detection abilities is awaiting approval.

If SCP-3816's victim does not follow or fails to follow for long enough SCP-3816 will begin releasing large amounts of bubbles and move towards its target. Upon contact SCP-3816 will attempt to cut off any air supply to its target, such methods include; crushing of air tanks and breathing apparatus, smashing of face protection and [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-3816 will immediately attempt to find another target to guide prior to the killing of the last subject, if unable to SCP-3816 will attempt to attack anyone nearby with brute force. Methods used by SCP-3816 can be found in fatality log A1.

.SCP-3816 crushes the air tanks of two (2) civilian divers
.Recovery crew found with broken facial protection (4)
.Diving enthusiasts found with breathing tube ripped out (2)
.SCP-3816 tears Agent Laurels helmet off drowning him (1)
.Member of MTF Gamma-6 held under water by SCP-3816 until air supply ran out (1)
Total Fatalities: 10

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