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Item #: SCP-3819

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3819 is to be kept at Site-133 in a climate-controlled item storage locker. The temperature in the locker is to be kept around 23° Celsius. All tests with SCP-3819 are to be done on Track-55 at Site-133.

Description: SCP-3819 is a 2010-20██ “Empire Gold” New York license plate reading BA█-██77. SCP-3819 can be attached to any vehicle as long as it has wheels.1 When an attempt is made to attach SCP-3819 to a vehicle that does not have a spot for license plates, SCP-3819 will engrave itself the area where it is attempting to be attached and anomalously connect itself.

When a vehicle (hereafter referred to as the subject) with SCP-3819 is started up, SCP-3819-A will manifest and begin to chase after the subject. SCP-3819-A is a physically anomalous humanoid entity whose appearance matches a police officer. Instances of SCP-3819-A emerge spontaneously in locations nearby the subject. Analysis of instances of SCP-3819-A have shown that are missing their brains and hearts. DNA analysis of SCP-3819-A have not matched any known individual living or dead.

In pursuits of the subject, SCP-3819-A instances will drive police vehicles known as SCP-3819-B. Instances of SCP-3819-B appear to be able to perform at levels higher than standard police vehicles as some instances of SCP-3819-B have speeds that are able to break the sound barrier. SCP-3819-B is indestructible as all destruction tests have been unsuccessful.2

The appearance of SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B changes depending on the vehicle that SCP-3819 is attached to. For instance, if SCP-3819 attached to a Ford Mustang, (an American car) American police officers will chase down the subject in American police cruisers and interceptors. SCP-3819-A will use standard police procedures to chase down the subject matching with the origin of the instances' appearance. For example, American instances of SCP-3819-A have been observed to use techniques that standard American police officers use such as the use of Road Spikes, the “PIT maneuver”3 and calling for backup. There appears to be no limit to how many instances of SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B can manifest during the pursuit of the subject as during testing, 88 police cruisers have been seen chasing down the subject. If at any point SCP-3819 falls off the vehicle during a pursuit, all instances of SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B will demanifest.

When an instance of SCP-3819-A catches up to the driver of the subject, the instance will leave SCP-3819-B, pull the driver of the subject out and either arrest the driver or shoot the driver with a Glock 22 pistol. If the subject is arrested, the instance of SCP-3819-A will take the subject to the appropriate police station where they will go through standard arrest procedures. Non anomalous police officers will cooperate with the instance of SCP-3819-A in the arrest of the driver as if the instance of SCP-3819-A is a standard police officer. After the subject is arrested, SCP-3819-A will return to SCP-3819-B and drive behind a nearby building before demanifesting.

Discovery: SCP-3819 came to Foundation attention on 9/9/2017 when several instances of SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B appearing to be German police officers were seen attempting to arrest right-wing German politician Alice Weidel in Munich, Germany despite the fact that Weidel had committed nothing of suspicion. Weidel was seen driving around in a 2015 BMW M4 for 2 minutes before SCP-3819 fell off and the instances of SCP-3819-A demanifested.

Review of the security footage outside of the hotel Weidel was staying at revealed that known anarchist Herman Makhkin had attached SCP-3819 to the back of Weidel's BMW with █████ brand glue three minutes before Weidel left the hotel and entered her car. Makhkin was tracked and taken into foundation custody. Weidel and all witnesses were given Class-B amnestics.

Addendum 1: SCP-3819 testing log: Following the discovery and containment of SCP-3819. Dr. Gavin McIntyre suggested that testing should take place to determine its affects. Testing was approved by Site-133 Director and was to use Track-554 for testing.

Vehicle Purpose Results Additional Notes
2018 Ford Mustang GT500 Initial testing of SCP-3819. D-3819-1 attached SCP-3819 to the Ford Mustang and started it up. SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B imitating American police officers spawned and chased D-3819-1 for 15 minutes before D-3819-1 crashed into a wall on Track-55 which caused SCP-3819 to fall off and cause SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B to demanifest. D-3819-1 was then treated for a broken arm and a fractured rib cage. Strange. Those were not the German police officers that chased Weidel. Let's try using the same vehicle she was driving. -Dr. McIntyre
2015 BMW M4 To determine if the vehicle SCP-3819 is attached to changes the appearance of SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B D-3819-2 attaches SCP-3819 to the BMW M4 and starts it up before SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B imitating German police officers manifest and give chase to D-3819-2. D-3819-2 is chased for 22 minutes before instances of SCP-3819-A catch up to him and terminate him. SCP-3819 then removed from the BMW M4. So it looks like the appearances of instances of SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B are determined by the car it is attached to. Let's have one more test to determine if this is true -Dr. McIntyre
1998 Toyota Supra. Same as test 2. D-3819-3 attaches SCP-3819 to the Supra before starting it up and being chased by SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B. The appearances of SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B match those of Japanese police officers. D-3819-3 is chased for 7 minutes before crashing into a light post that was on Track-55. D-3819-3 terminated in crash due to shards of glass from the windshield cutting his throat. SCP-3819 was then removed and SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B demanifest. There goes my €50 Euros on a stupid car bet. -Agent Forelli
American Conestoga Wagon To determine what SCP-3819 can and cannot attach to. Two Foundation animal specialists bring 3 Oxen on to Track-55 for testing. D-3819-4 attaches the Oxen to the wagon while D-3819-5 attempts to attach SCP-3819 to the wagon. At first, D-3819-5 is unsuccessful before SCP-3819 begins to carve away at the wood of the wagon and attaches itself on it. D-3819-5 backs away before asking a nearby researcher what to do. Dr. McIntyre tells D-3819-5 to continue. Around this time, D-3819-4 has finished attaching the Oxen to the wagon. D-3819-5 and D-3819-4 enter the wagon and start moving before instances of SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B manifest. SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B resembles American police officers. D-3819-4 and D-3819-5 attempt to ride away from SCP-3819-A before the oxen are hit by an instance of SCP-3819-B. Another instance of SCP-3819-B crashes into the wagon causing SCP-3819 to fall off and all instances of SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B to demanifest. I think as long as something has wheels, SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B will manifest. Let's try something else. -Dr. McIntyre
Mikoyan MiG-35 Same as test 4 D-3819-4 attaches SCP-3819 to the MiG-35 and enters it. Russian instances of SCP-3819-A manifest and attempt to shoot the MiG-35. D-3819-4 attempts to take off but crashes into nearby trees near Site-133. D-3819-4 is terminated in the resulting crash N/A
2006 Chevy Silverado SS with the tires removed To see if SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B instances spawn when a vehicle has its tires removed D-3819-5 attached SCP-3819 to the Silverado and was instructed to enter it. No instances of SCP-3819-A or SCP-3819-B manifested. Did one of you pencil-necks take my truck? -Agent Lashely
2007 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor To determine the actions SCP-3819-A will take if SCP-3819 is attached to a police vehicle D-3819-5 attached SCP-3819 to the Crown Victoria and started it up. SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B instances manifested and began to give chase to D-3819-5. D-3819-5 was chased for 7 minutes before manually exiting his vehicle and attempting to exit Track-55 manually. An instance of SCP-3819-B followed close behind D-3819-5 and broke one of the railings on Track-55. Agent Forelli followed D-3819-5 and terminated him while Agent Rio proceeded to remove SCP-3819 from the vehicle. All instances of SCP-3819-A and SCP-3819-B proceeded to demanifest. N/A

Addendum 2: Herman Makhkin interview log: Around the time of initial testing of SCP-3819, Herman Makhkin was interviewed to determine the source of SCP-3819. The following is a transcript of the interview that took place.5

Interviewed: Herman Makhkin

Interviewer: Agent Stroheim

Foreword: Interview took place 5 days following the initial discovery of SCP-3819 when agents raided Makhkin's house after discovering that he was the source of the anomaly.

Begin Log

Stroheim: Good afternoon Mr. Makhkin, would you like a glass of water?

Makhkin: No, I am fine. Let's get this over with.

Stroheim: I see. So, when did you get your hands on that license plate you used on Weisel's car?

Makhkin: I went to a Marxist conference back in late October to discuss what communist and Anarchist will do during the presidency of that capitalist swine Donald Trump-

Stroheim: Sorry to interject, but Donald Trump was not president yet, how did you know he became president?

Makhkin: We knew he was gonna win, he was choice of the Bourgeois.

Stroheim: writing on clipboard I see, please continue.

Makhkin: Near the end of the conference we were discussing what we would do if the capitalists started to use one of their groups like the Global Occult Coalition to start establishing full control.

Stroheim: Excuse me, but how do you know about the Global Occult Coalition?

Makhkin: An ally of ours happens to have some friends on the inside.

Stroheim is seen writing on clipboard again
I see, I see, continue.

Makhkin: So the host of the conference pulled out a bag and started handing out items. At first, it was just guns and some copies of the Anarchist Cookbook, but he told me and some American to come to him. They said that they knew me and the American quite well and that they had a special plan for me. He gave me that license plate and the American a lunchbox along with a little handbook and told me to keep it safe and use it on any Neo-Fascist or Capitalist swine you plan to take out.

Stroheim: Stroheim writes on clipboard
“Ok. So what lead you to using the license plate on Weidel?"

Makhkin: Fascism is coming back. You may think we killed it off in the 40s, but it is. We've seen it in America and now it's coming back to Europe. Weidel is the embodiment of that. Weidel was going to bring it back. So when I realized that she was coming by where I lived, I knew this was my chance to give her what was coming to her.

Stroheim: And that was by putting that license plate on her car?

Makhkin: Exactly!

Stroheim: But why would you use that on her as compared to just shooting her?

Makhkin: If she just got shot, somebody would suspect an assassination. But if she was arrested by the police or if she got in to a car crash, nobody would expect it.

Stroheim: Agent Stroheim rubs his chin before writing down on his clipboard Alright, one last question, who or what is that "they" you were referring to earlier?

Makhkin: Why would I tell you?

Stroheim: Because I asked you to.

Makhkin: And I refuse. This Interview is over. Goodbye.

Makhkin stands up and quickly walks out of the room before being apprehended by two nearby agents and tranquilized.

End Log

Closing Statement: To prevent the possibility of Herman Makhkin causing an informational breach, Makhkin was transferred to Site-177 where further questioning is currently taking place.

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