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SafeSCP-3821 Infinity MirrorRate: -12

SCP-3821 prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-3821

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3821 is kept at Research Site-45 and maintained in a 3x3 meter steel cube. SCP-3821is to be watched by no less than one security guard. SCP-3821 is to be stored off the ground at all times unless authorized by a senior researcher due to random beings protruding from it.

Description: SCP-3821 is 2x1 meters and resembles a medieval mirror. When viewed directly, SCP-3821 appears to continue infinitely using the same perception as the viewer sees. SCP-3821 is non-solid, and when any living organism comes within 0.4 meters of SCP-3821, it will begin to warp in the direction of the being.

If SCP-3821is touched, it will begin expanding out around any limb it can get ahold of. When SCP-3821 has clutched enough of the arm or leg, the creature will be pulled to the mirror and through it if the subject complies.

When an inanimate object approaches SCP-3821, nothing seems to happen unless forced into SCP-3821.

When anything enters SCP-3821, they are transported into an unexplained region. A recent test has shown where the mirror takes its victims. Each victim who is taken is referred to as "SCP-3821-2."

SCP-3821 Retrieval

SCP-3821was found in a medieval castle ████ ████████ located in India after being found by
████ and ██████ who reportedly went missing after sneaking away from a tour. ████ was found
curled up in a ball when security swept the area. After ████ was detained and questioned, ████
insisted that the mirror "ate" ███████. After several of the same occurrences, the foundation was
called to investigate by Mobile Task Force unit Zeta-9. ████ ████████ Was closed about █ days
before Zeta-9 arrived.

Incident log

A woman approximately 1 meter tall emerged from the mirror. She stated her name was █████,
and that she was maintenance for ████ ████████, and was "dusting" the mirror and fell in. After such events, the foundation suspended the mirror in the ceiling where it is monitored at all times. If
any circumstances of these sorts occur again, the subject is to be terminated to stop the knowledge
of the foundation's existence.

Test A - 6/4/18, 6:42AM

Subject: D-412

Procedure: D-412 had a hidden camera connected and a tracking device implemented into his > neck. D-412 was told to touch the mirror. The subject complied and screamed when he began to

get engulfed
D-412 was soon "swallowed" by SCP-3821, and all means of tracking the subject were destroyed.
The experiment failed. Several weeks later and the tracking mechanism chimed, alerting that the
subject had come back into range, immediate action was taken.
Results: D-412 entered the mirror and was taken outside of the lengthy radius of the tracking > device
Analysis: SCP-3821 takes victims to an unknown place that is nowhere near the solar system.

Interview Log

Interviewed: D-412

Interviewer: Agent.█████

<Begin Log, 7/2/18, 9:32PM>

Agent.█████: So, what happened when you were in SCP-3821?

D-412: Well…I saw the same room I was in.

Agent.█████: What room? Explain in detail, please.

D-412: That containment room or whatever the hell you people call it. That same room bland > room over and over, I went insane, or at least close to it.
Agent.█████: And the mirror was present?
D-412: Well of course it was, I ran back and forth through the bloody thing what do you
Agent.█████: We don't want that behavior, this is an interview, act professionally at the least.
D-412: Fine, what do you want out of me?
Agent.█████: I need answers. Now, was there anything out there? Anything at all? How did?
you survive?
D-412: I saw people, sometimes I saw them sometimes I didn't. I saw a few scientists, one of > those little nerds was me. I saw a single another person just as panicked as me, running in and out of the of the mirror.
Agent.█████: Details.
D-412: They were some kind of guy, looked pretty nasty if I'm honest… Covered with acne,
had buck teeth. That kind of person, probably kept me from going insane since we had a chat.
Agent.█████: We aren't looking for personal preferences either. But it seems we've got
enough information out of you.
<End Log, 7/12/18, 9:36PM>

Closing Statement: After receiving this information, scientists have concluded that the mirror will move the organism into a parallel universe where only a slight thing changed.

Addendum 1: There have only been six recorded cases of SCP-3821-2, and about ███ people have entered SCP-3821. This is found by rounding the estimate of missing cases in the ████ ████████. With that being stated, the rate to get back to reality is approximately █ in ████ trillion chance.

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