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EuclidSCP-3823 Put On Your Red ShoesRate: 16

Item #: SCP-3823

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-3823 in their inert state.

Special Containment Procedures: The walking trail leading to SCP-3823's designated containment area is to be covertly closed off every Tuesday night, starting at 8 PM and ending once the SCP-3823 event has concluded. The cover for this closing must vary for each individual event and are not to be repeated for at least 3 months to ensure a lack of suspicion.

6 Foundation agents are to be posted in the area surrounding SCP-3823 at all times under the guise of local workers. Any attempts to remove SCP-3823 from its wire by non-authorized or civilian personnel are to be immediately stopped and the perpetrator(s) detained.

Every SCP-3823 event is to be overseen by the posted Foundation agents and should be kept as quiet as possible. The agents are encouraged to bring a varied selection of music to each event, however this is not necessary. A questionnaire session must be scheduled with SCP-3823 itself at least one week in advance and should not begin without warning during an otherwise normal SCP-3823 event.

Description: SCP-3823 are two pairs of shoes currently located in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada, tied by their laces to a power line running near a forest trail. In most circumstances, SCP-3823 is completely inert and are mundane. They can be removed from the wire and worn without any issue and bear no distinguishing marks. Standard brand logos are present on SCP-3823, one pair (SCP-3823-1) bearing the logo associated with "Nike" and the other (SCP-3823-2) bearing that of its subsidiary company "Converse". SCP-3823 cannot be removed from the area in order to stop SCP-3823 events, as new pairs of shoes bearing identical properties will emerge from within the nearby forest and initiate a SCP-3823 event instead.

The only time that SCP-3823 displays any anomalous property is at exactly 8:30 PM every Tuesday. Both pairs of SCP-3823 will spontaneously untie themselves from the cable and slowly descend to the ground, where they will then begin to shift and twist in place. After what is usually 10-15 seconds, both SCP-3823 instances will begin to move across the ground. The movements made by SCP-3823 have been noted to be similar to various styles of dance. This varies by each occurrence, but every event so far has primarily focused on dances that typically involve two participants. SCP-3823 will continue to "dance" for upwards of 4 hours, changing style periodically, before stopping in place. Both instances of SCP-3823 will then slowly rise back into the air, tie themselves around the wire again, and return to their inert state. This process in its entirety is considered the standard "SCP-3823 event". At this time, it is considered impossible to truly "halt" a SCP-3823 event, though it is possible to alter the course and prolong one (see addendum SCP-3823.1). Attempts to stop the motion of SCP-3823 have all been unsuccessful and should not be carried out as of 28/06/2017

Addendum - SCP-3823.1: On 13/6/2017, a notable deviation in an otherwise standard SCP-3823 event occurred due to the accidental actions of one of the designated overseeing agents. The agent's cell phone had been called by one of their friends, causing their ringtone (an excerpt from the opening of Bound 2 by American hip-hop artist Kanye West) to play loudly. SCP-3823 immediately stopped mid-"dance" and turned to the agent, staying still for a minute before hesitantly returning to their regular function without further deviation. This was the first noted instance of any audio disturbances being noticed by SCP-3823, as agents in the area had previously spoken on several occasions without any such issue.

It was theorized, and subsequently confirmed, that SCP-3823 is only capable of hearing audio recordings. This was proven when, during the next SCP-3823 event, one of the posted agents played several songs over a small battery-powered Bluetooth speaker. After several minutes of inactivity, SCP-3823 returned to dancing, now aligned with the rhythm of the music playing.

From thereon, it was theorized that SCP-3823 is controlled by a, or several, entities that are currently imperceptible and intangible. This theory was also confirmed when, during the subsequent SCP-3823 event, several varied audio recordings of one of the agents were played in order to question SCP-3823, as described below.

SCP-3823.2, Interview.

Interviewer: Agent Jackie

Interviewed: SCP-3823/SCP-3823's controlling entities.

Date: 27/06/2017

Agent Jackie: Hello. We have been peacefully watching you, or more specifically, your shoes dance for several months now. This is a considerably long story that I'm sure you are skeptical about, but we promise that we only speak the truth. We've noted that you can hear the audio that we play over speakers, but not any other noises from the area, most notably last week when you danced to our selection of music. We would like to ask you a few simple yes or no questions, if that's alright. Click your heels together once for yes, twice for no. Is that alright?

Both SCP-3823 instances remain motionless for a few minutes, before slowly touching their respective heels together once.

Agent Jackie: Fantastic. First off, we'd like to ask if you guys can see us. Can you?

SCP-3823 clicks no.

Agent Jackie: Alright. Can you see the speaker this is playing from?

SCP-3823 clicks no.

Agent Jackie: Do you know what a speaker is?

SCP-3823 clicks yes.

Agent Jackie: Alright. We can't see you at the moment, only your shoes. We are unsure why. Are you human?

SCP-3823 clicks yes.

Agent Jackie: Can you see other humans?

SCP-3823 clicks yes.

Agent Jackie: Are you in St. Johns, Canada?

SCP-3823 clicks yes.

Agent Jackie: Is today the 27th of June, 2017?

SCP-3823 clicks yes.

Agent Jackie: Would you mind if we played you music and asked more questions next week?

SCP-3823 hesitates, then clicks yes.

Agent Jackie: Would you like it if we played music for you right now?

SCP-3823 clicks yes.

From then, the agents began playing a variety of songs that they had stored on their personal devices. The SCP-3823 event concluded 3 hours later, and both instances of SCP-3823 were noted to have clicked their heels together several times before returning to their wire.

After this incident, the Special Containment Procedures of SCP-3823 were officially changed and SCP-3823 was questioned every other week. From this, we know several things regarding SCP-3823.

  • SCP-3823-1 is controlled by a male, and SCP-3823-2 is controlled by a female.
  • Both entities controlling SCP-3823 are regularly human and bear identical biological qualities to our world's humans.
  • SCP-3823's controller entities live in a society identical to our own, both culturally and politically.
  • SCP-3823's controller entities are unsure of why its anomalous properties exist.
  • SCP-3823's controller entities are notably accepting of bizarre circumstances and fully accept the fact that extradimensional entities can only see their shoes.
  • SCP-3823-1's controller entity enjoys hip-hop music and listens to artists identical to our world's. SCP-3823-2's controller entity enjoys independent (indie) rock music and also listens to artists identical to our world's.
  • SCP-3823's controller entities dance at the exact same time every Tuesday night as practice for their professional performances. SCP-3823's controller entities's existence seems to be the only difference between our world and theirs, as no analogue to SCP-3823's controller entities exists in our world.
  • SCP-3823's controller entities are famous in their dimension and have numerous shows booked across several cities in the province.
  • SCP-3823's controller entities dance in the same location primarily due to convenience and enjoyment of the scenery.
  • SCP-3823's controller entities keep their shoes tied around a power wire for a reason currently unknown due to the nature of these questionnaire sessions. They have, however, noted yes to the question "Is it a good reason?"
  • SCP-3823's controller entities would prefer if the Foundation did not disturb their shoes for experimentation as they had previously done numerous times. It is currently unknown why SCP-3823's controller entities's shoes are the only link between this world and theirs. This request has been honored, as SCP-3823 shoes are notably non-anomalous beyond their connection to another dimension of existence and the Foundation already has possession of 3 ex-SCP-3823 pairs of shoes to test on.
  • SCP-3823 cannot see these pairs of shoes, even if they are brought into the area during an active SCP-3823 event.
  • SCP-3823 appreciates the musical accompaniment to their dancing and would prefer if the Foundation continued providing it.
  • SCP-3823's controller entities cannot feel any forces acting upon their shoes.
  • Music played by SCP-3823's controller entities cannot be heard on this end of the "connection".
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