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EuclidSCP-3824 Pumpkin FiendsRate: -15

Item #: SCP-3824

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3824 is contained in a remote location in [REDACTED] Wyoming at site [REDACTED] by an eleven foot, reinforced steel fence topped with razor wire and patrolled by foundation security personnel. At least two level two research personnel, ten level three security personnel, and three level one maintenance personnel are required to be stationed at site [REDACTED] at all times. On site security personnel are to maintain regular patrols of the perimeter fence to prevent civilian and law enforcement ingress into SCP-3824 year round. Onsite maintenance personnel are required to maintain all CCTV equipment surrounding SCP-3824 and are under no circumstances to allow CCTV or audio recording of SCP-3824 to cease for longer than a forty eight hour period. Research personnel are required to archive and catalog all anomalous events recorded within SCP-3824 in both analog and digital form. During the month of October, all security personnel are required to perform additional patrols and carry additional, specialized ammunition for their standard issue firearms. Specialized ammunition will be comprised of silver loads that have been blessed by an Abrahamic cleric of bishop or equivalent higher rank. The process required to create specialized ammunition is detailed in addendum A. In the event of a manifestation of SCP-3824-1, all non-combat efficient foundation personnel are to evacuate the site until SCP-3824-1 becomes inactive. In the event of the termination of all combat effective personnel, reinforcements from the nearest mobile task force available are to be sent into SCP-3824 to suppress and destroy SCP-3824-1 and any instances of SCP-3824-2 as soon as is possible. In the event of reinforcements failing to suppress or destroy SCP-3824-1 and instances of SCP-3824-2 due to either insufficient force necessary to complete the task or the deaths of all mobile task force members, automated onsite napalm devices will be activated with.

Description: SCP-3824 appears to be a pumpkin patch covering approximately one square kilometer of remote wilderness in [REDACTED] Wyoming. SCP-3824’s vegetation appears to maintain a consistent biomass at all times and will enter a state of highly accelerated growth of any vegetation that is damaged within its perimeter in order to maintain said biomass. Beyond this accelerated growth phenomenon, all vegetation and species of naturally occurring wildlife within SCP-3824 have been shown to possess no other anomalous properties. During the month of October, random manifestations of SCP-3824-1 have been known to appear, emerging from the ground at random locations inside of SCP-3824. Manifestations are observed to occur in places where larger pumpkin specimens are found*. Manifestation events always begin with a large pumpkin and the surrounding vegetation within a two meter radius sinking into the earth followed by SCP-3824-1 emerging from the sinkhole within approximately three minutes. SCP-3824-1’s body appears to be comprised of a rotten, dessicated human corpse fused with vines and vegetation that grow naturally within SCP-3824. SCP-3824-1 stands approximately two and a half meters tall and its head appears to be a hollowed out pumpkin carved with eye holes and a mouth, resembling a jack-o-lantern. SCP-3824-1’s head contains constantly burning flames with no observable fuel source that constantly pour from its eyes and mouth. SCP-3824-1 appears to be sentient and is highly aggressive. SCP-3824-1 will become hostile and attack any living human that comes within sight. The flames contained within SCP-3824-1’s head appears to intensify when it encounters living humans and thermal imaging has shown that the temperature increases by at least thirty percent when this occurs, though SCP-3824-1’s body is completely unaffected by the heat at any time. SCP-3824-1 is able to project flames out of its eye and mouth openings in long gouts that have been recorded to exceed five meters and burn at over eight hundred degrees celsius. SCP-3824-1 also appears to be able to extend prehensile vines from its limbs to a length of three meters. When in a passive state, SCP-3824-1 will wander aimlessly within the area of SCP-3824 or stand immobile while appearing to look up at the sky. When hostile, SCP-3824-1 will attack using its limbs to bludgeon and tear, displaying immense strength. SCP-3824-1 will also use prehensile vines to strike and entangle as well as projecting its flames to scorch and immolate all living humans it comes in contact with. Manifestations of SCP-3824-1 appear to be somewhat random but only occur during the month of October. Manifestations of SCP-3824-1 appear to happen more often and predictably during the calendar week of October 31st and have been shown to occur daily from October 28th through October 31st. Most manifestations occur after sunset, roughly between the hours of 9pm and 2am, but other manifestations have been documented to occur during daylight hours and at least four separate recorded accounts have been documented and archived of SCP-3824-1 manifesting at least twice in one calendar day. During the period between October 28th and October 31st and any other day of the month where more than one manifestation has been recorded, SCP-3824-1 is noted as being exceptionally faster, stronger, more aggressive and more resilient to physical damage. SCP-3824-1 has shown the ability to rapidly repair its body from most physical damage within seconds. The only currently known procedure to effectively slow or incapacitate SCP-3824-1 is the use of specialized ammunition detailed above and in addendum A. All personnel are instructed to avoid SCP-3824-1 at all costs as SCP-3824-1 does not enter into a hostile state unless it comes within eyesight of living humans. How SCP-3824 “sees” is currently unknown. In the event of SCP-3824-1 entering a hostile state, security personnel are instructed to utilize their specialized ammunition on SCP-3824-1 with overlapping, suppressive fire until SCP-3824-1 is obliterated entirely or ceases movement altogether. Much like the largely unpredictable nature of SCP-3824-1’s manifestations, the efficacy of containment procedures is not always consistent. Recorded events of SCP-3824-1 entering a hostile state have shown it to continue to regenerate and attack until its physical form has been entirely destroyed while other records have shown it to become entirely inactive after sustaining damage for only a few minutes from continuous suppressive fire from security personnel utilizing specialized ammunition. There is currently no understanding of the random and unpredictable nature of SCP-3824-1’s manifestations or the inconsistent efficacy of its containment procedures. In the event of SCP-3824-1 successfully terminating all living humans within sight, SCP-3824-1 will proceed to bury the bodies of all deceased humans near a pumpkin specimen. This behavior by SCP-3824-1 will always result in instances of SCP-3824-2 manifesting in the same manner as SCP-3824-1. Instances of SCP-3824-2 appear to be the rapidly dessicated bodies of the humans buried by SCP-3824-1 and are of nearly identical composition to that of SCP-3824-1 and behave much the same as SCP-3824-1 with the following exceptions:

Instances of SCP-3824-2 do not exceed the height of the human body used for their creation beyond a few centimeters at most; individual instances of SCP-3824-2’s heads show subtle differences in “facial” features between one another as well as those of SCP-3824-1; Instances of SCP-3824-2 appear to possess less intelligence than SCP-3824-1 and also appear to be controlled by SCP-3824-1, though the foundation as of yet has acquired no knowledge of how this control is exerted; Instances of SCP-3824-2 possess the same anomalous abilities as SCP-3824-1 to project flame and extend prehensile vines when encountering living humans, though their abilities are less effective than those of SCP-3824-1. SCP-3824-2 instances project flames at notably lower temperatures, and their flames and prehensile vines extend far less than those of SCP-3824-1; instances of SCP-3824-2 possess no regenerative properties and are effectively destroyed by normal weapons fire or sufficient damage inflicted by blunt force or bladed weapons, though close quarter engagement is highly discouraged due to their ranged capabilities.

//Notes: Massive physical trauma from large objects, heavier caliber weapons fire, or large explosive ordinance and any other means of severely damaging or removing large quantities of mass from SCP-3824-1’s body have been shown to drastically slow its regenerative ability or obliterate it completely**. Due to the impractical nature of using these drastic measures within the confines of site [REDACTED] and the possibility of drawing attention from local civilian populations, it is not recommended that any such measures be used except in the most serious circumstances that may lead to an imminent containment breach.

*Pumpkin specimens found within SCP-3824 are genetically identical to typical pumpkin species found within the region and display no anomalous properties beyond their accelerated growth when SCP-3824 enters a regenerative state to maintain its vegetative biomass. If removed from the area containing SCP-3824, pumpkin specimens will not retain any anomalous, regenerative properties and remain identical to typical pumpkin species and are completely safe for human consumption*

complete destruction of SCP-3824-1’s physical form will not prevent future manifestations of SCP-3824-1 from occuring//

Addendum A: Specialized ammunition is to be comprised of silver loads of the standard issue caliber for onsite security and blessed by an Abrahamic cleric of bishop or equivalent higher rank in the following, exacting method;

Site [REDACTED] is to at all times maintain a room that contains no religious iconography and is supplied with ample amounts of water, incense, and oil so as to provide a neutral space for the attending cleric to perform the process regardless of their denomination. The attending cleric must light some incense, consecrate the room and bless the materials required for the process. The attending cleric must dip each round one at a time in holy water and speak a prayer of blessing before anointing the round in holy oil and speaking another prayer of blessing. Once the specialized ammunition has been blessed, it may be stored and stockpiled for any length of time without any noticeable decrease of efficacy against SCP-3824-1.

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