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Item #: SCP-3825

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3825 is to be contained in a 3x3 glass container. Testing the object requires permission of personnel Level 3 or higher. When testing, all doors inside the room should be locked at all times to prevent a possible breach. All personnel must not view the object for too long. Any personnel that reaches the fourth stage should be terminated at once.

Description: SCP-3825 appears to be a low-quality image resembling a picture drawn in the computer program "Microsoft Paint." Said image contains what appears to be an angry blue face with a dark shade of red eyes, as well as a purple smile.

Extended exposure is known to cause many mental problems to any human subject that views it, notably a heavy increase in violent acts. Other known symptoms include depression, anxiety, and insanity. However, these symptoms have been reported to go away after approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

After approximately 1 hour after the victim's main symptoms go away, they will start to very actively try to kill everybody that they can reach. This has caused damage to Site-██, in which the object is contained. It has also caused multiple SCPs to breach their cells.

After 2 hours, the victim will be unable to move and will start to rot. However, they will not actually die, but instead start to act even more violent, become strong enough to break down doors, and be able to spread the symptoms to whoever comes in contact with it, though they will seem to have a decrease in their speed.

Finally, after 3 hours, the victim will begin to rot again before dying if they had not infected anything else. Otherwise, they would survive and would once again become even more violent, and also start to torture their victims. Many documented cases show that some victims that have reached this stage have attempted to breach many Euclid and Keter class objects.

Addendum 1: During a test, a Class-D personnel looked at the object for approximately 5 hours before breaching SCP-682 and SCP-1048 on ██/██/████. Both SCPs have been recontained at the time of this writing.

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