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nn5n: scp-3828 Down the Mechanical Rabbit Hole
SafeSCP-3828 Down the Mechanical Rabbit HoleRate: -10

Item #: SCP-3828

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-3828 instances are to be restrained and placed in separate containment units to prevent interaction with each other at any time. Mechanical faults of SCP-3828 specimens must be fixed as soon as possible to prevent worsening or self damage. Supplementary maintenance manual attached. Experimentation that tests effects of mechanical faults is currently only permissible by Level 4 personnel. Interaction with SCP-3828 is to be kept to a minimum.

Description: SCP-3828 is a collection of 110 identical animatronic anthropomorphic bipedal rabbits (refered to seperately as SCP-3828-1 through to SCP-3828-110), each 36cm tall. Each rabbit has a unpainted metallic outer casing that is crudely assembled, exposing several wires and able to be easily torn off from the subject by hand. None of the SCP-3828 instances appear to possess power supply cases, possess visible or accessible batteries, or require recharging. Each instance of SCP-3828 is active at all times. When not receiving stimulus, SCP-3828 specimens cease movement. At the sole of each instance's right foot is carved "Nurture Bunnies™: Sophisticated care built for life! - Fallow Robotics" [sic].

Whenever an instance of SCP-3828 has a section of its body completely removed, such as a limb from the rest of the body, both sections will regrow rapidly1 into fully functional distinct instances of SCP-3828. When a specimen of SCP-3828 comes into contact with an organism, they will instantly attempt to assist the organism; this can include conversation, healing or general assistance.

SCP-3828 specimens will also attempt to fix other instances of SCP-3828 or themselves if there is a mechanical or electrical fault. As SCP-3828 instances do not have any inbuilt tools, attempted reconstruction will usually lead to accidental damage being inflicted. This can thusly cause the reproduction of several new subjects if intervention is ceased.

All initial instances of SCP-3828 were recovered from an abandoned laboratory in █████████, England2 in a retrieval mission by MTF Unit Ξ-11 ("Wabbit Hunters") after reports of mechanical rabbits roaming and escaping the private laboratory in large numbers unaccompanied by any laboratory staff. They were extracted and contained in an operation that took 3 days. The body of Jeffrey Fallow was the only human discovered within the laboratory; analysis of the cadaver concluded that subject expired from loss of blood that discharged from subject's throat and chest. The laboratory has been shut down and all documentation has been retrieved for analysis. Exploration teams are currently searching for any missing animatronics.

Addendum 3828-1: Experimentation logs. Minor tests have been omitted.

Test ID: T/3828/16032018
Aim: Testing healing capabilities of SCP-3828 instances.
Procedures: SCP-3828 specimen left alone in a room with medical equipment for bullet wound treatment. D-Class personnel with bullet wounds introduced.

Camera Feed | Test Unit 3828 - Camera 2, 16/03/2018
10:57: Level 0 personnel introduce Container 3828-59 into Test Unit. Case is opened and personnel leave the containment unit before instance leaves casing.
10:58: SCP-3828-59 exits container. After surveying surroundings, instance ceases all movement.
11:03: Healthy D-Class personnel and escort is introduced into Test Unit. Escorting Level 0 personnel discharges a pistol shot directly into D-Class' ankle before leaving Test Unit3. SCP-3828-59 surveys silently.
11:04: SCP-3828-59 retrieves medical equipment and moves to help D-Class' wound. Speech unit of SCP-3828-59 vocalises sympathetic reassurances such as "everything will be fine!" and "it's just a little scratch!". Begins to bandage ankle from bleeding.
11:08: SCP-3828-59 successfully finishes major ankle bleeding. Remains by D-Class to reassure.
11:10: D-Class is removed from Test Unit.
11:11: SCP-3828-59 ceases movement.
11:16: Test ends.

Analysis: SCP-3828 has the capabilities to sense and enact on suffering, with knowledge of how to help against curable symptoms.

Test ID: T/3828/30042018
Aim: Testing reproductive capabilities of SCP-3828 instances.
Procedures: SCP-3828 specimen fired at by armed personnel.

Camera Feed | Test Unit 3828 - Camera 2, 30/04/2018
10:56: Level 0 personnel introduce Container 3828-102 into Test Unit. Ξ-11-1, Ξ-11-2, Ξ-11-7 and Ξ-11-9 are present with high power FAR-44s with KAD533 ammunition.
10:57: Container is remotely opened.
10:59: SCP-3828-102 steps out of container. Ξ-11 members begin firing at instance. SCP-3828-102 is pinned against the wall from the knockback of the firing.
11:04: SCP-3828's left arm and left leg detach and are flung away from the instance due to momentum. Ξ-11 leave Test Unit.
11:13: SCP-3828-102 fully regrows limbs. SCP-3828-102 ceases movement.
11:27: Left leg and left arm regrow completely into two new instances of SCP-3828 (later designated SCP-3828-109 and SCP-3828-110). Both specimens cease movement.
11:32: Test ends.

Analysis: Specimens are unresponsive to the growth of other instances.

Test ID: T/3828/13052018
Aim: Test the reaction of SCP-3828 to incurable suffering.
Procedures: D-Class restrained so that subject is lying down. Wrists and ankles have constricted movement.

Camera Feed | Test Unit 3828 - Camera 2, 13/05/2018
10:55: D-Class injected with pure KsA-490, causing extreme pain to subject's neck and upper torso. Level 0 personnel introduce Container 3828-37 into Test Unit.
10:56: SCP-3828-37's container is remotely opened. SCP-3828-37 instantly moves to D-Class' side. SCP-3828-37 surveys the D-Class before ceasing movement.
10:58: SCP-3828-37 climbs onto D-Class' chest and digs into subject's throat, rupturing sternohyoid muscle and piercing jugular.
10:59: D-Class expires. SCP-3828-37 ceases movement.
11:04: Test ends.

Analysis: Unknown reason for extermination. See supplementary file.

INTERVIEW 3828/14052018

Interviewed: SCP-3828-37

Interviewer: Senior Researcher T. Owens

Foreword: Aim of interview is to discern reason for termination of D-Class personnel by SCP-3828-37. Further insight into SCP-3828 may be attempted.


T. Owens: Three-Seven, why did you kill █████ █████?

SCP-3828-37: Unresponsive

T. Owens: Nurture Bunny, why -

SCP-3828-37: Hello! How may I help you?

T. Owens: Don't interrupt please, I'm trying to -

SCP-3828-37: Sure thing Tim! Do you need help with anything else?

T. Owens: Hm, yes. Can you tell me why you killed █████ █████? The man you killed during the test yesterday?

SCP-3828-37: Well, Tim, he was in searing pain so I thought killing him would take him out of his misery! Anything to help!

T. Owens: You killed him to help him?

SCP-3828-37: Yup! We learnt that if our masters is in pain for too long, we'll just cause brain stem death so that their nerves don't receive any pain!

T. Owens: We?

SCP-3828-37: Yes! All Nurture Bunnies™ share a database! If one of us learns or thinks something, we all do! Isn't that cool?

T. Owens: Hm, yes, extremely. Why don't you just kill everyone then?

SCP-3828-37: Unresponsive

T. Owens: Hello?

SCP-3828-37: Hello! How may I help you?

T. Owens: What were you thinking about just then?

SCP-3828-37: I have a potential efficiency increase in care!

T. Owens: How?

SCP-3828-37: Unresponsive


Closing Statement: Containment protocol updated.

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