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Clearest image of SCP-3841 during its flight

Item #: SCP-3841
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures:
There are currently no known methods for SCP-3841's containment. When sighting field personnel, SCP-3841 will either flee in high velocity or present an onslaught towards the personnel. If an onslaught is unavoidable, personnel are to abide to the following safety measures; Locate a roofed defilade with no light source. Display no amount of vocal activity and hold your position until SCP-3841 is confirmed to have fled.

Although it displays an act of violence against Foundation personnel, there are no incidents documented involving civilians. However, this does not mean its containment is not essential. SCP-3841 is generally sighted flying above Site ██. SCP-3841's presence within the facility was never recorded except during Incident 3841-A (Refer to Addendum 3841-A).

SCP-3841 is a cryptid nocturnal hypercarnivore avian creature of unknown genus. Cellular specimens acquired through several failed containment procedures suggests that it is related to Pelecanidae1 as well as Fregatidae2 in terms of genus and origin, but that has not been officially proclaimed. SCP-3841 is usually mistaken as a sizeable condor or a vulture when sighted since it shares similarities in terms of body shape including color of feathers. It is known to hold an excessive wingspan which have been recorded to be at least 15.5 meters in width. The shaping of its head is relative to a Pterodactyl's with patterns of white feathers atop it. In place of legs, there are only a pair of limbs that excludes fingers or talons, therefore, it is uncertain on how SCP-3841 alights. High amounts of grey liquid also known as SCP-3841-1 is also often seen partially immersing SCP-3841's bill. SCP-3841-1 is a highly corrosive chemical substance composed of mainly nitric acid and mercury.

SCP-3841 exhibits exceptionally rapid flying abilities despite its sizeable wingspan. Speeds of virtually 380 kilometers an hour and up to 500 kilometers an hour are documented during SCP-3841's flights, making physical containment nearly impossible. SCP-3841 also expresses hyper carnivorous eating habits, with a diet consisting of more than 70% meat. When ravenous or provoked, SCP-3841 will proceed to hunt down any living mammals within its line of sight. It will utilize SCP-3841-1 during hunting, spitting the substance on its victims in order to incapacitate them. Information on how it seizes its disabled victims are still yet to be recorded, but it is theorized that SCP-3841 uses its mandible to carry its victims.

Addendum 3841-A:
Incident Report 3841-A, March 4th, 20██: SCP-3841's presence is recorded within Site ██ near a research facility for the first time as seen through a video footage and as confirmed by Dr. ██████. Through the footage, SCP-3841 is seen to have confronted personnel D-████ who was at that time assigned to [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-3841 then hovered in front of D-████, displaying no symptoms of being provoked or ravenous. MTF Lambda-4 was then assigned to D-████'s position in order to contain SCP-3841. When in sight, SCP-3841 emitted a loud screech before fleeing through a ventilation shaft nearby shortly afterwards. High instances of SCP-3841-1 was uncovered at the location, but no fatalities were reported. Personnel D-████ is to be apprehended and interviewed at once.

Addendum 3841-B:
Post Incident Report 3841-A, March 5th, 20██: Prior to his interview, D-████ was found to have expired inside his cell. Autopsy reports show that instances of SCP-3841-1 was found behind D-████'s [REDACTED]. The corrosive fluid has forged a hole 3.7 centimeters in diameter that leads into inside his [REDACTED]. How the substance gained contact with D-████ is unknown. SCP-3841 was detected flying around Site ██ once again but it manifests no eagerness to intrude the facility.

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