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Live feed of SCP-3842

Item #: SCP-3842

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3842 must be kept within a safe with a 10x10x10 centimeter interior, with a 2 centimeter thick rubber padding on all sides. A blast-resistant camera has been placed within the safe to monitor SCP-3842 at all times. Any time SCP-3842 is removed from the safe, it must be handled with insulated rubber gloves.

Description: SCP-3842 is a standard 5 millimeter red LED that emits a variable voltage of static electricity from both its cathode and anode leg, even if it is not connected to anything else. The brightness of the LED directly correlates with the outputted voltage level. SCP-3842 can produce anywhere from 0 to 8192 volts.

SCP-3842 was initially discovered following a house fire in a suburban neighborhood of ███████████, Ohio. SCP-3842 was determined to have been on a desk in the house's garage, and was likely the source of the fire. Reports from local authorities have shown that while the home had 4 residents, only 3 were found, one of which having been killed by the fire. Foundation assistance was requested after several searches conducted to locate this fourth civilian, a 38 year old male by the name of Robert ███████, were largely unsuccessful. Each resident has been designated PoI-3842-1 through 4, with PoI-3842-4 referring to Robert.

Addendum 3842.1: Interview Log

Interviewed: PoI-3842-2

Interviewer: Dr. ███

Foreword: PoI-3842-2 is the wife of PoI-3842-4, Susan ███████. This interview was conducted approximately one week after the incident. PoI-3842-2 was unaware of Dr. ███'s affiliation with the Foundation, instead believing him to be a local government official.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███: Good afternoon, Mrs. ███████. I hope that all of this isn't too stressful for you; you've been through a lot recently.

PoI-3842-2: Thanks, and you too… Have you found anything at all on Robert? I'm worried sick about him, I don't want to lose him too…

Dr. ███: I'm afraid not, Mrs. ███████. The only evidence we could find was a small, electronic LED. Would you happen to know anything about something like that?

PoI-3842-2: Well, Robert did get Jonathan1 an electronics kit for his birthday, which… would've been today… The last thing he said to me was that he was going to make Jonathan's present special for him. He really loved that boy, he wanted to show him as much of the world as he could…

PoI-3842-2 looks towards the ground, with tears beginning to form in her eyes.

Dr. ███: Take your time if you need to, I understand that this is quite upsetting for you.

PoI-3842-2: It's… It's fine. I still have my baby girl Hope2 to keep me company, at least.

Dr. ███: Okay. For the sake of record-keeping, would you mind telling what exactly happened when your house burned down?

PoI-3842-2: Sure, um… I was just making dinner, I thought the smoke detector was just going off again because I'm terrible at it. Jonathan… he really was the investigative type, always looking too far into things… he didn't believe it was because of me. He went down to the garage and saw the flames, yelling for me to grab Hope and get out of there. He was determined to rescue his father… I never saw either of them again…

Dr. ███: I'm sorry, Mrs. ███████. That seems to be all the time we have for today. We'll be sure to keep you informed if we do find anything.

<End Log>

Addendum 3842.2: Recovered Document

The following was found on a folded sheet of paper in one of the pockets of PoI-3842-3.

-.. --- - / -... --- -.-- / .- -. -.. / -.. .- ... .... / -- .- -. / -.- . . .--. .. -. --. / . ...- . .-. -.-- --- -. . / ... .- ..-. . / ..-. .-. --- -- / - .... . / . ...- .. .-.. / -.. .-. .-.-.- / . .-.. . -.-. - .-. --- -.3

Pictured below is a drawing in crayon of what appears to be PoI-3842-3 and PoI-3842-4 in costumes similar to that of stereotypical superhero characters.

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