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SafeSCP-3846 Touring ShadowRate: -12

Item #: SCP-3846

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Artificial foliage of sufficient density to obscure SCP-3846 is to be installed along its path of propagation on the Main Trail, and Fern Creek Trail is to be permanently closed off. Two (2) personnel posing as employees of the U.S. National Park Service are to remain on site to maintain said measures and, if necessary, counteract containment breaches with Class-A amnestic.

Description: SCP-3846 is the anomalous shadow of (what is believed to be) a clothed, adolescent human male of medium build, estimated to be 1.7 meters tall1 with a weight of approximately 75 kilograms.
Every day at 09:22 local solar time, SCP-3846 will come into existence at the beginning of the Main Trail of Muir Woods National Monument, denoted by a wooden sign reading "MUIR WOODS NATIONAL MONUMENT - NATIONAL PARK SERVICE DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR." For the next 32 minutes (until 10:54 local solar time) SCP-3846 will move along the Main Trail (taking the same path each day), making regular stops as if to rest and admire the scenery. At 10:54 local solar time SCP-3846 will switch to the Fern Creek Trail. At this time strong winds, gusting to over 50 kilometers per hour, will become prevalent along the Fern Creek Trail. SCP-3846 will fade at some point along this stretch.
At regular intervals, SCP-3846 will reach into its pocket and remove a wrapped candy for consumption. The wrapper(s) will be dropped at some point along the Main Trail, however upon "contact" with the ground will become tangible, resembling █████████ brand candy wrappers. Chemical analysis has revealed trace amounts of appropriate non-anomalous candy residue, however the wrapper appears to be made of cellulose-based bioplastic, not used for this brand of candy.
SCP-3846 will persist through areas of shadow, however cannot be seen (providing a viable method of containment).
SCP-3846 was discovered on 2014/10/14, after a civilian touring Muir Woods used social media to share an image of a shadow of a person with no apparent source. A Foundation field agent was sent to investigate, and recieved reports of an anomalous weather event. The post was removed, amnestics and cover stories were issued, and Muir Woods was closed for further investigation.
It is unknown if SCP-3846 corresponds to the shadow of a person who at one point did tour Muir Woods, as partial facial mapping and gait recognition have proved inconclusive.

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