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Item #: SCP-3849

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation monetary assets will be put toward the use of lobbying for pro-animal rights and anti-hunting legislation, as well as swaying the public opinion against hunting for sport. Foundation assets embedded in hospitals and police departments will report any instances of spontaneous combustion for possible Philadelphia Events which Foundation Agents will follow up on to attempt to confirm the occurrence.

Dimensional Containment Area 23 is to be guarded by Applied Task Force 'Iota-9' ("Dimension Dogs"). The 50 meter corridor that leads to the entrance of SCP-3849 is to have an airlock separating it from the rest of the facility. In addition, the corridor is to be outfitted with motion-detectors connected to a series of deterrents staggered along the hallway, including:

  • one LRAD 2000x Sound Cannon.
  • two M2 Browning Machine Guns.
  • air-conditioning system capable of venting Sarin gas into the corridor.
  • a large mirror at the end of the hallway.

Following a confirmed Philadelphia Event, experiments involving SCP-3849 are to be immediately suspended and ATF 'Iota-9' is to be put on high alert until a confirmed Chicago Event. If a Chicago Event does not occur within 2 months of a Philadelphia Event, a D-Class personnel will be utilized to attempt to manually initiate a Chicago Event. In the instance of an ongoing Chicago Event, all deterrents are to be utilized on the active SCP-3849-B instance. The current set of deterrents has proved effective in 100% of Chicago Events since its implementation.

Description: SCP-3849 is the designation for an anomalous extradimensional space, the entrance to which is located in Dimensional Containment Area 23, behind a steel door marked in a dialect of Latin that Foundation linguists have translated to "The Beast Pits of the Maiden". All GPS systems entering the anomaly invariably fail, and any attempts to access the area SCP-3849 should inhabit by any route besides the steel door have found only non anomalous soil.

SCP-3849 appears as a circular room with a floor consisting of what appears to be simple dirt and walls and a ceiling constructed of a smooth white marble. All attempts to acquire a sample of these materials have resulted in failure, due to the samples spontaneously combusting when passing through the dimensional threshold. The room is estimated to be roughly 20 23 meters across, and contains a series of 5 6 concentric circles of graves, several of which have small white marble tombstones, with a circular 2 meter wide empty area at the center.

SCP-3849-A is a phenomenon that appears to occur exclusively to male individuals with a notable interest in hunting for sport. At some point, the individual will spontaneously combust and vanish, leaving behind all clothes and objects previously on their person, as well as a stone-tipped arrow driven into the ground near their previous location (hereby referred to as a Philadelphia Event)1. Every confirmed Philadelphia event has been confirmed to be directly linked to the appearance of a new tombstone over a previously unmarked grave within SCP-3849.

SCP-3849-B is the collective designation for any entity originating from inside SCP-3849. SCP-3849-B instances vary somewhat, but all share a few characteristics, including:

  • quadropedal posture.
  • extreme hostility toward human and animals.
  • abnormally thick skin.
  • a natural tendency to avoid their own reflection.
  • muscled legs, used to jump forward at high velocity.
  • disproportionately long arms with four clawed paws.
  • screeching vocalizations
  • a face identical to the most recent victim of SCP-3849-A.
  • internal anatomy noticeably resembling a non-anomalous human's, but with several differences, such as:
    • a reinforced spine.
    • two hearts, pumping at different speeds.
    • no reproductive system whatsoever.
    • an additional row of teeth and an enlarged mouth to house them.

Within 60 days of a Philadelphia Event, a Chicago event has a 98% chance to occur. A Chicago Event has to date never occurred within 30 days of a Philadelphia Event. A Chicago event consists of a SCP-3849-B instance clawing their way out of the dirt circle in the center of SCP-3849, and attempting to breach the steel door. Their intention, destination, and intelligence are unknown.

If a Chicago Event does not occur within 60 days following a Philadelphia Event, it will eventually occur anywhere from 20 to 50 days following the initial 60, with an average 10% increase in the size of the SCP-3849-B instance for every week late. A Chicago Event can also be triggered by placing a living human subject on the dirt circle to draw out the SCP-3849-B instance immediately following a Philadelphia Event.

Incident I372: On September 17th, ████, a Foundation agent embedded within the Colorado State Patrol reported a Philadelphia Event after finding a vehicle in flames with an elk carcass tied to it, and a stone-tipped arrow nearby. Dimensional Containment Area 23 and ATF 'Iota-9' were put on high alert and began preparing for an imminent Chicago Event. By December 3rd, ████, a Chicago Event had not occurred, and the decision was made by the Regional Director to manually initiate a Chicago Event to prevent the SCP-3849-B instance from growing too large to contain. A D-Class personnel was sent into SCP-3849 to manually initiate a Chicago Event. An audio transcript is attached.

Incident Log Transcript

Date: December 4th, ████

Exploration Subject: D-09235

Equipment: One audio link to Command, one camera streaming to Command.

Subject: SCP-3849


Command: Enter through the door, please.

D-09235: Alright, I'm going in. I hope you know what you're doing.

D-09235 opens the door and walks in.

Command: What do you see?

D-09235: Just what you said would be here. White walls, dirt, gravestones. Can I leave now? This place gives me the creeps.

Command: Move toward the center of the room.

D-09235: Fine.

D-09235 moves toward the dirt circle. He takes two steps before stopping.

D-09235: What the hell?

Command: What is it?

D-09235: I just heard a dog bark. What the fuck? Where did that come from?!

Neither the audio link nor camera register any noise.

Command: Keep moving. Tell us if you hear anything else.

D-09235: O-okay.

D-09235 walks the short distance to the center, and stops.

Command: Now re-

D-09235: There's someone here.

No one is visible to the camera.

Command: We don't see anything. Are you sure? What does they look like?

D-09235: I don't know, I can just feel th-

A stream of interference cuts out D-09235's camera and audio link. An unknown, disembodied female voice begins speaking directly to Command through the audio link.

Unknown Entity: You have been ruining my pets for too long. Do you know how long I was using this particular pit before you came along? It used to be so good for us without you all-knowing idiots waltzing around like you own the place.

Command: Identify yourself immediately or we will take aggressive action. This is your only warning.

Unknown Entity: You think you can harm me? Humans think that just because they've managed to explain away some of our powers, our skills means they can capture us, make us their prisoners. That kind of confidence is reserved for those with far longer lifespans than you, worm.

All communications with D-09235 cut out. No response is received from the entity. Contact with D-09235 is not re-achieved.


Seven seconds following this exchange, the largest SCP-3849-B instance to date2 exited SCP-3849 and initiated a Chicago Event. Only a simultaneous combination of all deterrents and sustained small-arms fire from ATF Iota 9 'Dimension Dogs' was able to terminate the SCP-3849-B instance. No further communications were received from the unknown entity, and personnel found no evidence of any unauthorized personnel in SCP-3849.

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