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Item #: SCP-3852

Object Class: Euclid/Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3852 is to be kept in an concrete 10X10 ft room with basic commodities given to D Class personel, with the exception of the book "Dante's Inferno." This book holds no specific value to the Foundation, and has not been found to allow SCP-3852 any special abilities, therefore no restrictions have been placed on SCP-3852's reading material at this point in time. Two Class C personel shall be stationed at the door leading to SCP-3852 in hour long intervals.

Description: SCP-3852 is an heavily aged male, former D Class personel, and has apparent southern roots despite no existing birth records. SCP-3852 was discovered after being found handling SCP-409 unharmed during a containment breach in sector [REDACTED]. Tests have found that all non-human entities are unable to affect SCP-3852, however researchers and guard alike are able to. See Addendum X5.

Mind altering SCP cause mild headaches in SCP-3852. Reality warping SCP cause nasuea and symptoms of vertigo in SCP-3852. Physically violent SCP are unable to harm or kill SCP-3852, doing no damage nor are able to move the subject in question. See Addendum X4.

Addendum X1: SCP-3852 was exposed to SCP-1711, who promptly waved through the air and made a face of disgust after being sprayed. The subject remarked:

"Best get your money back boys, ain't no difference in my speaking, this label telling lies."

SCP-3852 promptly threw down SCP-1711 and asked for "fresh air."

Addendum X2: SCP-3852 was exposed to SCP-953, who intially taunted SCP-3852 and threatened to kill him and all involved for fun, but to the surprise of reasearchers on hand, did absolutely nothing when slapped by SCP-3852. Before requesting to leave, the subject took a bottle of plum wine from SCP-953's collection and warned:

"Threaten me again and I take one of them pretty tails for a scarf, mighty cold in this place. And don't cause no trouble for nobody when I leave, or I might get to hankering for a nice fur coat instead of a scarf."

No reported incident involving SCP-953 has occured as of this moment. Plum wine bottle was removed with minimal effort after SCP-3852 drank the majority of the liquid before he slept.

Addendum X3: SCP-3852 was introduced to SCP-049. SCP-3852 expressed a level of discomfort as the "Doctor" hastily approached and delivered the commonly fatal touch, no changes in SCP-3852 were recorded. In light of this finding, researchers hypothesise that SCP-049 isn't human, but something else entirely, it was previously believed SCP-049 was human at some point before becoming an SCP. SCP-049 tried several more times to infect SCP-3852 before getting sneezed on by the subject, SCP-3852 was shortly removed and carefully examined to ensure no spread of the "cure" could occur.

SCP-049 was later recorded attempting to reason to himself why his "cure" didn't work, coming to the conclusion he'd imagined the entire situation and that he "had more work to do."

Addendum X4: SCP-3852 was introduced to SCP-682. SCP-682 charged SCP-3852 in an attempt to kill the subject and slashed SCP-3852 across his chest, damaging his uniform but not his flesh. For a moment both SCP remained still, then SCP-682 turned and quickly moved into a corner where it sat still and intently watched SCP-3852, making no attempt to escape or attack when Task Force teams entered to extract SCP-3852.

Before willingly retreating back into the acid, reasearchers asked what suddenly changed SCP-682's mind, it replied:

"I quickly became aware I had made a horrible mistake, I was no longer the predator at that point. That thing, it scares me."

No comment could be retrieved from SCP-3852 on the occurrence.

Addendum X5: Dr. Hastling withdrew blood in an common physical analysis, bruising later occured in the spot where the needle was inserted.

SCP-3852 was involved in an incident with two other Class D personel before being discovered. Reports indicate a dislocated shoulder after a brawl, the bones were reset by Dr. Hastling.

Dr. Hastling's sidenotes: As the week continues further testing on SCP-3852 will be held to record, if any, reactions to other unpredictable SCP.

In lieu of the way SCP-3852 manipulates or otherwise handles the tests put before it, all personel are to consider SCP-3852 both Euclid due to his spontaneous nature and Thaumiel considering his effects on SCP-682 and SCP-953. A few reasearchers have quietly suggested exposure to SCP-231 in an attempt to see what would occur, but the O5 Council promptly shot it down due to the possible hazard. Response was laconic: "No."

Guards have began affectionately calling SCP-3852 "Old Man" despite the extreme disdain of my peers. Similar occurances have been found in SCP-343, though requests to see SCP-3852 end short at guards taking peeks and glances. They're like children around him, but if it keeps morale up, and better yet prevents a massacre with the more violent SCP, then I'm almost assured the higher ups will allow SCP-3852 to be used the same as SCP-343.

I've honestly taken to enjoying my check-ups on him, he's one of the lesser troublesome ones, but the way SCP-682 cowered away from him… Makes me cautious to say the least. The man has his own agenda, if it even is a man. I mean, he never acted strange around the other D personel after I reset his arm, maybe it's some mutation caused by prolonged exposure to the Facilities anomalies, maybe it's something else caused by who knows what, either way I will definitely keep my eyes on him.

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