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nn5n: scp-3854 Self-Objectification via Suicidal Ideation
EuclidSCP-3854 Self-Objectification via Suicidal IdeationRate: -3

Note: The following file depicts acts of self-abuse. Discretion is advised.

Item #: SCP-3854

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3854 is to be contained in an isolated humanoid containment complex, 10 km away from the nearest human settlement (in this case, Area-10). The perimeter of the complex is to be fenced off, but not actively patrolled. Each room is to have a combination of weight sensors, cameras, and spillage sensors, as to detect Dysfunction Events.

No real time communication with SCP-3854 is allowed over an audiovisual medium.

As per Anomalous Sapient Entity protocol, SCP-3854 is to undergo weekly psychiatric evaluation.

All supply drop-offs are to be conducted by unmanned aerial craft.

Following each Dysfunction Event (every 15 days under current procedures), a janitorial team is to be dispatched to clean the complex, and to perform any miscellaneous maintenance needed. All members of the team must must possess a Cognitive Resistance Value (CRV) of atleast 10.3, and Mk. I counter-cognitohazard training.

Samples of SCP-3854-1 require cryogenic preservation, and must be handled under Class III Cognitohazard Protocol.

Description: SCP-3854 is █████ ███████, a 16-year-old male of mixed descent. Its biological and psychological profiles are within normal parameters for its age and socioeconomic background. Of note, SCP-3854 displays mild hemophobia.

SCP-3854-1 is the viscera of SCP-3854. Persons who observe SCP-3854-1 will not react with shock or distress at its presence, regardless of the context or the amount present. Exposure induces intense feelings of pity and sympathy towards SCP-3854. Affected subjects are incapable of meaningfully acknowledging or discussing SCP-3854, instead making asinine statements about its life and death. This is often accompanied by exaggerated gestures of grief or mourning.

SCP-3854-1 is generated in Dysfunction Events. During Dysfunction Events, SCP-3854 undergoes a panic attack, before violently commiting suicide. Methods vary, but typically involve blunt-force trauma, clawing, and self-strangulation. SCP-3854 has demonstrated abnormal strength and durability during these events, allowing for a degree of self-mutilation that would otherwise be impossible to carry out. The amount of SCP-3854-1 produced by Dysfunction Events is disproportionate to the amount SCP-3854's body is capable of holding.

SCP-3854 will remanifest in the spot that it died on approximately 24 hours after each Dysfunction Event. Any previous injuries to its person will not be present. Testing has corroborated its claims that, in the intervening time, it can observe the area where it occurred.

Dysfunction Events are caused by human proximity and interaction. The base radius for a human to trigger an event is approximately 4 meters. This radius grows at an inconstant rate, resetting after each death. Aside from this, most forms of direct communication between SCP-3854 and another human will trigger an event.

SCP-3854 has stated that Dysfunction Events only cause, "a moderate amount of pain," and that they make "total sense in the heat of the moment."

SCP-3854 was discovered after its abilities first manifested during a Thanksgiving dinner.

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