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Item #: SCP-3861

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each SCP-3861-1 instance has been catalogued, and remote tracking devices have been attatched to each. Dr. Miles has been placed under Foundation protection.

Description: SCP-3861 is a phenomenon occuring in Site-61. All 184 security cameras installed within the facility are direct components of SCP-3861, and as such have been designated SCP-3861-1 instances.

SCP-3861-1 instances have been known to spontaneously disappear from their original positions, and re-appear in front of Dr. Miles Savage's on-site residence in the Personnel Housing Wing. Each camera is always found facing the entrance to his room, and on rare occasion, have been seen turning towards Dr. Miles if he is within the SCP-3861-1 instance's vicinity.

The SCP-3861 phenomenon initially began on 5/19/2018, when the on-site security team lost control of all SCP-3861-1 instances. Security cameras installed after SCP-3861's activation have not been claimed by the anomaly, remaining non-anomalous and within the security team's control.

All attempts to remove SCP-3861-1 instances from Site-61 have been unsuccessful, as all removed instances have simply re-appeared within Site-61.

Addendum 3861.1: Incident 3861-1

On 6/20/2018, Dr. Miles requested to move to Site-62 due to rising concern over SCP-3861. This request was accepted, and all SCP-3861-1 instances remained inactive for 2 weeks after his departure.

But, on 7/16/2018, every known SCP-3861-1 instance spontaneously relocated to Site-62, appearing in front of Dr. Miles' office. After 30 minutes, a piece of paper manifested on his desk. It read:

its ok miles
i have not forgotten
and you should not try to forget either
those times are over
but i am still here for u

youre beautiful
never forget that

During Dr. Miles' questioning regarding the incident, he refused to comment on the note. Further investigation is ongoing.

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