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Figure 1: A photograph of SCP-3864 taken upon recovery. Taken 5 minutes prior to Figure 2.

Item #: SCP-3864

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3864 is to be hung on a wall in a standard containment chamber. Outside of scheduled tests, SCP-3864 is to be covered with a thick black cloth at all times. Should SCP-3864 grow too large to be completely covered by this cloth, D-Class personnel are to be dispatched immediately with an appropriately sized replacement.

SCP-3864's containment chamber is to be kept well-lit and monitored via an infrared camera to ensure that it remains completely covered at all times. A decibel meter is to be placed no less than 15 cm from SCP-3864’s surface. Any changes should be reported to the researcher in charge, which is currently Dr. Taylor Itkin at the time of this writing.

Entry into SCP-3864's containment chamber requires Level-3 clearance. All personnel are required to wear infrared goggles while in SCP-3864’s containment chamber.

Description: SCP-3864 is an oil painting of an individual. The subject, coloration, and size are all subject to change. The only constants in the appearance of SCP-3864 are that the individual in the portrait is always a human, and testing shows the paint to always be oil based. At no point has more than one subject been witnessed inside of SCP-3864.

SCP-3864 gives off a heat signature of 37° Celsius, similar to that of the average human body temperature. This heat signature is not centered on a certain portion of the painting (such as the individual inside), but rather is given off by the painting in its entirety. SCP-3864 is safe to view through infrared goggles or filters.


Figure 2: A photograph of SCP-3864 taken upon recovery, 5 minutes after Figure 1. Photographer later appeared inside SCP-3864. Further photography prohibited.

When a subject (henceforth referred to as SCP-3864-1) views SCP-3864 directly, within 15 minutes SCP-3864-1 will begin to gradually lose all pigmentation and most body heat. At this time, the likeness of SCP-3864-1 will begin to appear in SCP-3864. SCP-3864-1 will not be bothered by these processes. Within 30 minutes, SCP-3864-1 will become completely void of all pigmentation and have an average body temperature of 10° Celsius, as well as SCP-3864 showing a full likeness of SCP-3864-1. SCP-3864-1 will then die of severe dehydration and hypothermia. There is no recorded method of halting or slowing these processes.

Although the body of SCP-3864-1 will become inanimate and resemble a corpse, the consciousness of SCP-3864-1 is thought to be transferred into SCP-3864. This is evidenced by the likeness of SCP-3864-1 inside of SCP-3864 to be able to change poses and “move” – though no record shows the likeness of SCP-3864-1 to be moving while being observed – in ways that sometimes appear to be attempts at communication or escape from SCP-3864.

Likenesses of SCP-3864-1 inside of SCP-3864 also appear to be capable of verbal communication. It is unclear whether this is SCP-3864-1 communicating or simply an imitation by SCP-3864.
Attempts at communication are currently underway.

Addendum: SCP-3864 was recovered on 5/18 by MTF Eta-10 from [REDACTED], Virginia. The Foundation became aware of SCP-3864’s existence when Foundation staff planted in local police units were notified of multiple missing persons reports supposedly linked to viewing a painting. Upon securing SCP-3864, members of MTF Eta-10 were able to confirm with neighboring residents that SCP-3864-1 was in fact the man who owned the house SCP-3864 was recovered from. All those who confirmed this later appeared in SCP-3864, having viewed it directly. A Class-C amnestic was administered to all neighboring residents to cover the disappearances.

Interview A – 5/21/17

Subject A: D-3976

Subject B: SCP-3864-1 (formerly D-3977)

Interviewer: Dr. Taylor Itkin

Foreword: Subject B has only recently appeared in SCP-3864. Subject A and Subject B are former cellmates. Subject A has been instructed to attempt contact with Subject B. A high-gain microphone has been placed in front of SCP-3864. Interviewer is speaking to Subject A through an earpiece.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: Please approach SCP-3864.

Subject A: Terry?


Subject A: What? (To Interviewer) I can’t understand what he’s saying.

Interviewer: Then get closer. To it.

Subject A: Terry, are you there?


Subject A: I can’t understand him! The damn veil is muffling his voice.

Muffled conversation between researchers

Interviewer: You may remove the cloth from SCP-3864. Make sure your goggles are on.

Heavy thud as the veil hits the floor

Subject B: Jesus, finally! I can’t breathe behind that thing.

Subject A: Terry?

Subject B: Who else would it be, dipshit?

Subject A: Christ, I didn’t think I’d hear from you again!

Subject B: Is it the fact that I’m made of paint? It’s the fact that I’m made of paint, isn’t it?

Interviewer: Ask it if it knows what happened.

Subject A: Does, uh, does that mean you know what happened?

Subject B: If you mean becoming part of a painting, yeah, I know what happened.

Interviewer: Why isn’t this fact alarming to it? Ask it that.

Subject A: You seem rather calm about it, you know.

Subject B: Lenny, in all honesty, if I had to choose between possible Keter testing and being stuck inside a damn painting? I’m fine where I am. It’s not that bad in here. I do kind of miss burgers, though.

Subject A: Burgers?

Subject B: I would kill for a bacon cheeseburger right now.

Interviewer: Ask it if it needs to eat to survive.

Subject A: Um, why? Are you hungry?

Subject B: Not really. I just love fucking cheeseburgers, man. You know that.

Subject A: Yeah, especially after you almost got killed after you mouthed off to that guard who wanted yours.

Subject B: Noone messes with my fucking burger, Len. Noone.

Subject A: I wouldn’t get between you and your burger if someone were pointing a gun to my head and telling me to.

Subject B: See, you know how to keep yourself safe then.

Subject A and Subject B share a laugh

Subject B: Oh, man, do you remember that time Dug tried to bribe a guard to get out of Keter duty?

Subject A: Yeah! Oh, man, he was so close, too. Too bad the guy’s supervisor came along.

Subject B: Yeah, has that guy been back?

Subject A: Who, the guard? No, my guess is that he got fired or terminated or some shit.

Subject B: Bah, I feel no pity for him. Bastards are always shoving their guns in our faces, why should I give a fuck about him?

Subject A: My sentiments exactly.

Subject B: …If only Kelly hadn’t actually gotten away with bribing his way out…

Subject A: Hey, something great came out of that, didn’t it? We-

Interviewer: Alright, ask it if it’s comfortable where it is.

Subject A: …Listen, Terry… you’re not, like, you’re not in pain or anything, right? You’re okay?

Subject B: I mean, I’m comfortable enough. I’m just… lonely, I guess. No one’s here with me and most of the time that fucking cloth is covering my face.

Subject A: I’m sorry, man… I miss you, for what it’s worth.

Subject B: I miss you too!

Subject A: I’m sorry you’re stuck in there, Terry.

Subject B: It’s not your fault, Len. My goggles malfunctioned. No one could have called it.

Subject A: Still…

Subject B: Well, maybe…

Subject A: Maybe what?

Subject B: Maybe… you could come in with me?

Interviewer: Get out of the containment chamber. Now.

Subject A: Terry… I- I miss you, man, but I can’t.

Subject B: Why not? I’m so alone, Len…

Interviewer: Get him out of there. End the recording.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-3864 was covered with the cloth and Subject A allowed to return to his cell to rest. Further testing authorized by [REDACTED].

Interview B – 5/24/17

Subject A: D-3976

Subject B: SCP-3864-1 (formerly D-3977)

Interviewer: Dr. Taylor Itkin

Foreword: Subject A has been instructed to reestablish contact with Subject B. Interviewer is speaking to Subject A through an ear piece. SCP-3864 has already been uncovered.

<Begin Log>

Subject B: Lenny! You’re back!

Subject A: You can see me?

Subject B: I may be in a painting, but whoever painted me was kind enough to give me eyes.

Interviewer: Is SCP-3864-1 insinuating that another entity actually paints SCP-3864?

Subject A: Someone painted you?

Subject B: What?

Subject A: You said whoever painted you gave you eyes.

Subject B: It was a joke, idiot.

Subject A: Oh.

Interviewer: Ask it if time is passing. We want to know how time passes in the painting’s world.

Subject A: Uh, so, Terry, what have you been doing the last couple of days? Eating cheeseburgers?

Subject B: Oh, yeah, because I have access to- wait, the last couple of days? How fucking long have I been in here?

Subject A: About a week, man.

Subject B: A week? Jesus…

Subject A: How could you not know?

Subject B: I don’t know! I mean… the sun never goes down. At least not that I can see. I mean, there’s only 2 windows.

Subject A: Can’t you go outside?

Subject B: There’s no door. It’s like- I can see outside, I can see that there’s this whole world, but… this room is all I’m able to be in.

Interviewer: Has it not attempted escaping the room?

Subject A: Have you tried breaking the window or something? Getting out?

Subject B: Either I’m really weak or everything is sort of, like, bolted down or something. I can’t lift any of the furniture. And I tried ramming the walls and stuff with my body but… nothing. That’s not even the weirdest part, Len.

Interviewer: Get it to elaborate.

Subject A: What is, then?

Subject B: I know they’ve said I’m in a painting, but everything here looks real. Until I look out the window. Outside is…

Subject A: Outside is what?

Subject B: Well, it’s paint. It looks like it’s painted on a backdrop.

Several moments of silence

Subject B: Do you remember that night?

Subject A: Which night? There are a lot of them.

Subject B: The one a couple months ago. You were filling in for Kelly when he got out of Keter duty.

Subject A: Oh… that night.

Subject B: After that day of testing, I was just happy to be alive-

Subject A: Terry…

Subject B: And- and after you almost got hurt, I just-

Subject A: Terry-

Subject B: I felt things, Len. I’ve never felt like that before.

Subject A: …I did too.

Subject B: Lenny, I-

Subject A: Don’t say it, Terry.

Subject B: I want to say it, Len. I-

Subject A: Don’t say it, Terry. You know I do, too, but…

Subject B: But what?

Subject A: You’re in a damn painting, Terry. You’re a piece of art and I’m… here.

Subject B: I may be in a painting, but I still have feelings. I love you, Lenny.

Subject A: Terry…

<End Log>

Closing Statement: At this point, Subject A was showing clear signs of distress. Interview was ended by Dr. Taylor Itkin. Subject A was allowed to return to his cell and rest. Further testing authorized by [REDACTED].

Incident A – 5/29/17

A third interview between D-3976 and SCP-3864-1 (formerly known as D-3977) was attempted. Upon entering the containment chamber, SCP-3864-1 was able to convince D-3976 to “join” it inside of SCP-3864. D-3976 removed his infrared goggles, declaring his love for SCP-3864-1. Further contact between SCP-3864-1 and any person(s) to have been close to them is prohibited by order of [REDACTED].

Test Log 1 - 10/29/2017

Procedure: A group of 5 D-Class personnel1 were given direct visual exposure of SCP-3864 at the same time.

Outcome: D-3975 was the only subject to appear as SCP-3864-1. Communication with SCP-3864-1 was continuous for approximately 6 minutes before it was able to convince Dr. [REDACTED] to remove his goggles. Dr. [REDACTED] remains the current SCP-3864-1 instance at this time.

Conclusion: SCP-3864 is able to loosely control or influence SCP-3864-1 to “lure” prey. Further testing pending O5 approval.

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