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A self-portrait of SCP-3871.

Item #: SCP-3871

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3871 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. At this time, SCP-3871 appears to be compliant with all requests or commands made by staff. SCP-3871 may request that items and furnishings be brought into its cell assuming good behavior continues. All requests must be approved by at least one member of site command. As of currently, SCP-3871 has requested the following:

• An easy chair (Approved)

• A lamp (Approved)

• A copy of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life" (Approved)

• A phonograph and five records of its own selection (Approved)

• A microscope (Approved)

• A set of ten Petri dishes, which are to be refilled at its request (Approved)

• A scalpel (Denied)

• A canvas and paints (Approved)

• A television (Approved with access limitations)

Description: SCP-3871 appears to be an adult male bonobo (Pan paniscus). SCP-3871 is approximately 1.1 meters in height, and weighs approximately 44.4 kilograms. There are no documented physical abnormalities regarding the subject.

SCP-3871 is sapient, and capable of speaking fluent English. It seems to refer to itself as "John Hector II," but will also answer to "Beard," "Ceaser," "Monkey," and it's assigned item number. SCP-3871 speaks in a terminology similar to that used in late 19th Century England.

SCP-3871 claims to have a fascination with evolution, biology, and anatomy, showing great interest in the works of Charles Darwin and Louis Pasteur. SCP-3871 has been observed studying these topics if given the opportunity, and enjoys conversing with others about them.

Recovery: SCP-3871 was discovered by a recovery team in the ██████████ Jungle at the site of a plane crash. SCP-3871 had apparently set up a makeshift laboratory inside the craft using various items from inside the plane, and studying the notes of John Hector, an ██████ College student who had died in the crash. After Foundation agents confronted the subject, it fled into the jungle. SCP-3871 was found two weeks later in a self made lookout platform.

Addendum-3871-B: Transcription of an interview with SCP-3871

Interviewed: SCP-3871
Interviewer: Biological Researcher Sven Treabör
Foreword: After initial containment, SCP-3871 was interviewed in order to get a better understanding of its origin.

<Begin Log, ██-██-████, ██:██>

Dr. Treabör: Hello SCP-3871.

SCP-3871: Oh, hello Doctor! How is life treating you on this day?

Dr. Treabör: Good. Yourself?

SCP-3871: I am well. Although I am becoming increasingly concerned of the current situation. I'm not very familiar with this part of the world. Especially with all the men in jumpsuits popping in and what not.

Dr. Treabör: You don't have to worry. You're safe in our hands. Now, I must ask you a couple of questions if that's okay with you.

SCP-3871: Certainly.

Dr. Treabör: Okay. How did you gain your intelligence, exactly?

SCP-3871: Ah, yes. I really can't say for sure, but I'm quite inclined it has something to do with that plane you lot found me in. You see, I really wasn't sure what it was when I first laid eyes on it. To a chimp, it's a rather queer sight to see. I remember there was a pool of water that had accumulated beneath one of the engines. I, being the unintelligent ape that I was, thought it a good idea to bathe in that pool. Now, this is just a hypothesis, but I would be more than willing to believe that there was some kind of radiation in that water that mutated my brain, giving it the capacity of the average man.

Dr. Treabör: What happened next?

SCP-3871: Well, I suppose after that it was just a great turn of events. I taught myself English using a dictionary and a few of the readings I found aboard the craft. Not a great deal to it.

Dr. Treabör: How did you become so interested in Charles Darwin?

SCP-3871: Sir Darwin! Yes. I found a notebook about him on that bearded fellow, John Hector. I read through the notes in sheer amazement. The idea that you evolved from me, and yet I, as a lower species, can still understand your concepts if put under the proper circumstances. It is very queer, isn't it?

Dr. Treabör: I suppose it is.

SCP-3871: Anyway, I chose to adopt Mr. Henry's name so that I could give the fellow something to be remembered for. The only man to have a sapient chimp named after him. Quite a title, is it not?

Dr. Treabör: Indeed. One last question.

SCP-3871: Ask away.

Dr. Treabör: Why did you run from our agents when they arrived?

SCP-3871: Natural instincts Mr. Treabör! You see, I'd never properly seen any of you humans before. Not alive to say the least. It should be expected that any creature flee when faced with such an… Abnormality in their surroundings. I mean they flew from the sky in those… What are they called? Ah, yes! Helicopters.

Dr. Treabör: I guess that is a valid point.

SCP-3871: Well, Treabör, it's been pleasant talking with you, ol' chap.

Dr. Treabör: Yes, indeed.

SCP-3871: Oh! One more thing! May I have an easy chair? This little stool is most uncomfortable.

Dr. Treabör: Oh. I'll… Uh… Put a word in.

<End log, ██-██-████, ██:██>

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