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EuclidSCP-3875 Heartly ChangesRate: 18

Item #: SCP-3875


Image A: SCP-3875 traversing coronary vessel. Image B: Only known positioning that triggers safe SCP-3875 activation.

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances should SCP-3875 be connected to any power source or device other than the specified below. No other special containment procedures aside from standard security are required.

SCP-3875 is to be transferred to a standard locked safe-deposit box at Site 19's Item Storage Facility.

SCP-3875 may only be removed from its safe-deposit box for experimentation by Level 2 Security Clearance Personnel or higher, prompted they have a specialized medical degree in interventional cardiology with at least 3 (three) years of internship working with cardiac arrhythmia and stent catheterism.

Prior to the connection of SCP-3875 to an ECG machine, SCP-3875 must be inserted initially into the femoral artery with subsequent proper coronary placement1. Improper placement may result in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Personnel must create a 5-meter radius safety area from the subject prior to activation.

After the experimentation, SCP-3875 must first be disconnected from the ECG machine in order to void safety area. Thoroughly cleaning with silicon-based detergent and sterilization with ionizing radiation is required before its storage.

Containment Addendum 3875-01: Following Experiment 3875-24/2017 and an Ethics Committee request, SCP-3875-1 instances are to be offered termination if prompted. Subjects remains are to be cremated and the ashes properly disposed of.

Description: SCP-3875 resembles a poorly constructed2 guide catheter commonly used in the low-risk cardiologic intervention. Despite its structure and composition, SCP-3875 can be easily operated by anyone properly trained in angioplasty procedures. The inflatable stent near the tip of SCP-3875 expands upon input at the handle and is believed to be the source of the "communication" attained during experimentation. While not connected to an ECG machine, SCP-3875 is otherwise unremarkable, as no anomaly is observable.

SCP-3875 was first discovered in the countryside of ██████, Argentina, during a raid on a clinic believed to be under the control of one of the Foundation's GOI.

The clinic was found deserted and disconnected to the power grid, with a few damaged medical equipment scattered throughout the facility. Suspected signs of attempts in █████ resuscitation3 by a modular ECG-defibrillator machine to which SCP-3875 was connected were soon found.
Upon restoration of power to the location, MTF-███, Dr. Ericssen and ███ civilians in a radius of ██km were [DATA EXPUNGED].

Foreword: Once it was verified that the range of SCP-3875 █████ effect in its first retrieval attempt was due to its attachment to a defibrillator by proxy, the following experiments revealed a shorter radius of effects when SCP-3875 was only connected to an ECG after the probing of cardiac vessels. SCP-3875 in its inactive form was then eventually guided by Dr. Vaz and his team into the interventricular artery diagonal branch of D-7004's heart, who was conscious at the moment. The following is the transcription of the first interaction with an SCP-3875-1 instance:

<Begin Log>

Dr. Vaz: […]try adding the radio-opaque contrast now… Wait.

[Dr. Vaz seems to hesitate for a moment]

Dr. Florence: W-what is it?

[Security Officer Matsumoto starts to raise his radio to signal the enactment of the facility evacuation protocol. Dr. Florence steps back twice. D-7004 shows signs of distress.]

Dr. Vaz: The stent. It inflated by itself. It's not giving movement. The catheter isn't even plugged in yet… Stop moving seventy-oh-four or I'll end up puncturing your heart.

D-7004: Something is not right Doc! I feel something really fucked up in the end of my throat!

[Dr. Vaz looks a the anesthesiologist on duty, Dr. Galvain, whom briefly hesitates.]

Dr. Galvain: You weren't supposed to feel anything there. The epidural positioning and dosage are textbook.

[Dr. Vaz sighs]

Dr. Vaz: Vivian, you should evacuate with the rest. I'll stay and activate SCP-3875.

Dr. Florence: That's just plain stupid! Just let the drone do it! You'll [DATA EXPUNGED].

[D-7004 starts screaming, forcing his restraints.]

Dr. Vaz: See?! The only thing holding it in place is me! Calm the fuck down seventy-oh-four!


[Dr. Vaz nods to Security Officer Matsumoto, who then proceeds to enact the facility evacuation protocols on the radio. The record shows that all personnel leaves except Dr. Vaz with both hands guiding SCP-3875 inside a distressed D-7004. Four minutes pass.]

Dr. Vaz: …so. I've read your file. The cold-blooded murder of a child, huh. I can think all sort of puns for this moment. Cold-blooded, get it?

[D-3875 shrieks profusely. This continues until Security Officer Matsumoto radios in.]

S.O. Matsumoto: All personnel stationed beyond established effect radius, Dr. Vaz. You may proceed. Good luck.

[Dr. Vaz looks at his watch. The record shows time ████. Dr. Vaz proceeds to activate SCP-3875.]

[D-7004 suddenly stops movement, at which he statically stares at the ceiling. A mechanical vocalization can be heard coming from D-7004's mouth, henceforth designated SCP-3875-01.]

SCP-3875-01: HELLO.

[A startled Dr. Vaz carefully releases SCP-3875's catheter.]

Dr.Vaz: H-hi.


Dr.Vaz: What do you mean by fixing it?


[Dr. Vaz then proceeds to look at the security camera above the operating table with confusion.]

Dr.Vaz: I'm a doctor. I usually fix things. Elaborate further so I can help. Who are you?

[At this point Dr. Vaz turns and notices that the ECG is showing an abnormal sinus rhythm and frequency.]

SCP-3875-01: REMOVE ███████.

[SCP-3875-01 proceeds to repeat said requirement for eleven minutes. Despite probing further elaboration from SCP-3875-01 to no avail, Dr. Vaz retreats to beyond established effect radius with the rest of the team. A drone shortly after disconnects SCP-3875 from the ECG machine without triggering [DATA EXPUNGED] after which SCP-3875-01 remained responseless despite all efforts. Other bodily functions resumed as usual. Sources from the vocalization were not found.]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: [While reviewing recorded footage from Experiment 3875-24, Dr. Florence noticed that the abnormal readings at the ECG screen could be translated to MORSE. Check Document 3875-DX for further information.]

[The following audio is a conversion from the visual data shown on the ECG machine screen during Experiment 3875-24 SCP-3875 activation.
No infohazard was detected. Please close the file after use.]

" Despite 3875's composition having striking resemblance to twenty forty's physiology we still don't understand the entire meaning of that robot's first message, nor the veracity of its claims of previous interactions with other alien life forms.
If both are somehow related at all, SCP-3875's retrieval reports are more than enough reason not to reveal our new acquisition to that thing. Request denied. " - Dr. Tilda D. Moose

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