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Close-up image of SCP-3874's tongue. It is noted that the saliva produced by the individual takes on a distinct faint orange hue.

Item #: SCP-3874

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3874 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. All furniture within the cell is to be constructed of corrosion-resistant materials. Meals (as specified by the on-site dietitian) are to be provided daily via delivery drone. Additional amenities, including leisure books and snack food, may be provided for good behavior as considered appropriate by the research team assigned to SCP-3874.

SCP-3874 is to receive daily academic instruction for four hours each weekday, from a rotating roster of six Level-2 research personnel assigned to the case as short-term tutors. Curriculum and individual work assignments are to follow Australian grade level standards, with supplementary elective activities (e.g., music, creative writing, figure drawing) offered at researcher discretion. College-level material may be offered when SCP-3874 exhibits willingness to proceed with higher level education.

A Foundation psychologist is to meet with SCP-3874 once a week at minimum, to gauge personal development and trauma recovery progress. Outside of these meetings, access to SCP-3874's containment cell requires Level-3 authorization and written permission from the lead researcher of the SCP-3874 project.

Protective clothing must be worn while within SCP-3874's containment area. A cabinet near the entrance to SCP-3874’s cell has been stocked with a set of corrosion-resistant suits and masks.

Description: SCP-3874 is a human male of Asian descent, with apparent age of 17 years. SCP-3874 demonstrates a number of atypical behaviors, including preferring to sleep at a desk rather than a bed, and spending most of its time stationed in a corner of its cell reading while curled into a fetal position.

SCP-3874 possesses a bodily composition similar to that of nonanomalous humans, with two primary anomalous traits: SCP-3874's body does not appear to age, and various bodily fluids produced by SCP-3874 contain low amounts of acidic substances. When SCP-3874 is frightened or injured by a visible stimulus, it will reflexively spray highly concentrated gastric acid1 from its mouth in the direction of said stimulus.

SCP-3874 has been noted to possess a high level of environmental sensitivity and will often exhibit symptoms of anxiety; these traits lead to a high likelihood of everyday occurrences triggering its involuntary anomalous property. However, SCP-3874 has frequently been observed attempting to redirect the acid it produces, to avoid harming people in the vicinity.

The farthest recorded distance of acid sprayed by SCP-3874 is 6 meters. The acid itself, while chemically identical to non-anomalous gastric acid, is strong enough to corrode most organic and inorganic matter. SCP-3874 itself reports suffering pain2 when its anomaly is triggered, stating that the stomach and throat pain makes it feel "miserable".

Regular communication and psychotherapy are believed to improve SCP-3874's cooperation with Foundation research staff, though SCP-3874 typically reacts with little enthusiasm to attempts to build conversational rapport. Currently, the primary requests made by SCP-3874 for containment amenities have all been related to finishing its education; SCP-3874 seems to respect its tutors the most compared to other staff it interacts with.

Addendum—Discovery: Upon initial Foundation acquisition, SCP-3874 identified itself as ██████ ███, an international (foreign exchange) student enrolled at ██████ High School of Melbourne, Australia. SCP-3874 previously had attended █ other high schools, never remaining at one site for more than three months. School behavioral records indicated that while a diligent and well-mannered student, SCP-3874 found difficulty making friends and was frequently a target of bullying.

SCP-3874's history of school transfers was noted to correspond exactly to frequent incident reports of unusual injury occurring in several different Melbourne high schools from ██/██/████ to ██/██/████. All cases involved student victims with bodily injuries exhibiting corrosion of various degrees. The most recent incident involved the death of a female student, with the local media falsely attributing the accident to have been the result of an emotional dispute between SCP-3874 and the victim.

During the location transfer from his host family's residence to a nearby Foundation site, SCP-3874 was noticeably taciturn and refused to respond verbally to communication. The single exception was thanking personnel when provided food to eat during the journey.

Addendum—Interview logs: Due to SCP-3874's emotional state affecting the manifestation of its anomaly, regular interviews were implemented in lieu of experimental testing. SCP-3874 is noted to prefer conversing in English, though that is not its native language.

Interview Log 3874-1:

Interviewed: SCP-3874

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: This is the first interview log involving SCP-3874, conducted in its containment chamber. The interview occurred shortly after the entity was transferred into Foundation care.

<Begin Log, 9:26 AM>

Dr.█████: Good morning, ██████.

[SCP-3874, seated at the chamber's desk, visibly startles. A spray of orange-colored liquid is expelled from its mouth towards Dr.█████. Dr.█████ immediately steps to the side to avoid the spray.]

SCP-3874: What do you want, lady? What do you want?! You frightened me! I'm really fed up! Now I'm completely a monster! I can't get along with anybody anymore! You understand?!

Dr.█████: Calm down, please. I just want to ask you some questions.

SCP-3874: Calm down? Oh, yeah. I used to be a calm one, but that didn't work for me! You know?! No matter I transferred to which school, I would still be bullied! And then the person who always hurt others in the school turned into me! I started to do so, even I was very reluctant! I just wanted to study!

Dr.█████: That sounds bad.

SCP-3874: It is! When I watched those students being burned by what I did… and screaming, I felt I was about to, to crash. I bet this sense of guilt will follow me through my life, especially the one to █████████.

Dr.█████: █████████?

SCP-3874: My first love in a new school. Girlfriend? And she is… the first person I killed.

Dr.█████: I see. So why did you kill her?

SCP-3874: Why should I tell you? Are you the police?

Dr.█████: No, but…

SCP-3874: God, it's all in a mess! You don't have the reason to know my story! GET OUT! Don't make me spray you again!

<End Log, 9:28 AM>
Note: SCP-3874 is more suspicious and irritable than I thought. Direct attempts to communicate may not achieve good results. I think we should first let it know who we are. Maybe provide a Foundation care manual in its reading material.


Interview Log 3874-█:

Interviewed: SCP-3874

Interviewer: Dr.█████

Foreword: After several weeks of interaction with Foundation personnel, SCP-3874 no longer exhibited violent reactions and requested to speak with Dr.█████ again. SCP-3874 was observed to have spent additional time reading and requesting provided material specifically focused on biology and the history of magic and curses.

<Begin Log, 10:25 AM>

Dr.█████: Good morning. How are you today?

SCP-3874: A little better than before, but still terrible.

Dr.█████: I see. You look a little better, at least.

SCP-3874: I must apologize for my rudeness before, Dr.█████. I feel you may be the one who is more helpful than the police. They won't even believe what happened to me. I really need your help.

Dr.█████: All right, don't worry. Can I ask you some questions first? I have to know you well before helping you. You can tell me the truth, even if it sounds unrealistic.

SCP-3874: Okay, it's reasonable. I'm ready.

Dr.█████: Good, then… were you born with your abnormality?

SCP-3874: No, it… it was a mistake caused by my friend and me.

Dr.█████: Can you be more specific?

SCP-3874: Well, this is a long story. Would you mind me to narrate it?

Dr.█████: Go ahead.

SCP-3874: I used to be a normal student as my friend. Emmm… except we were always bullied at school. We were both transferred once together. I told you about that before. You know? Some students of my age always have various reasons to trouble others. We tried different ways to integrate, but we were always excluded. It happened for about two years until my friend could not bear that. He decided to take revenge. I strongly disagree, but I still asked him what he wanted to do, and he said he was going to use…. he said it was called "black magic".

Dr.█████: What was the black magic?

SCP-3874: You can't really believe that, right? I thought he was just joking as well. Although he was really keen on everything about magic, I didn't think I need to be worried because everyone at school was told magic was just an imaginary thing…

Dr.█████: I understand. How did black magic cause your abnormality?

SCP-3874: Alright…I found my friend got many kinds of strange things from different sources. Collecting and he was bullied because of it. He was always trying to do chemistry like that, and he always kept lots of stuff in his room, you see? He told me that it would be successful after he ate that mixture. Of course, I wouldn't let him do such a stupid thing. When I stopped him from swallowing that disgusting thing, it had a strong reaction in the container on my friend's hand. I saw it turned into an orange liquid and it sprayed on my face…I can't remember what happened later. I only know when I was awake again, I was almost cover in the orange liquid. And my friend was missing.

Dr.█████: So that was when you had the new abnormality?

[SCP-3874 ignored Dr.█████ and kept on talking about its experience.]

SCP-3874: I was afraid when I found he was gone. When I found myself almost unhurt, but started vomiting… ewww, I really don't want to recall how I left my friend's house…

[SCP-3874 begins to cry. The tears produced are tinted a slight orange.]

Dr.█████: Okay, let's call it a day. I think that's enough. Please wipe your face. Your body fluids are also corrosive to yourself.

SCP-3874: I know that! Hey, Dr.█████, don't you want to know why I killed █████████? It's so "funny"! Ha! We loved each other. We studied together. We were going to go to college together. Then she kissed me. Then I vomited because I was so surprised, and then her head was melted! That's what it was! I'm really fed up with the daily death cycle of being frightened, vomiting and hurting others. I don't know what I have done wrong. Can you and your other doctors help me?

Dr.█████: How do you want us to help?

SCP-3874: I'm not going to make it hard for you. I have been looking for ways to stop this, but I'm not cut out for this alone. Maybe you can help me crack it. You seem to be good at dealing with things that can't be explained by science, right? Teach me. I will learn it all by myself, if I have teachers. I really want to return to normal life, so please!

Dr.█████: I'll report your request to my superiors, ██████.

<End Log, 10:31 AM>

As of ██/██/████, SCP-3874 is rapidly becoming more fluent in English, and has completed study material for several university-tier science courses. Discussion is underway regarding allowing SCP-3874 limited access to Foundation research3 pertaining to anomalous biology, in the hopes of it finding a means to neutralize its harmful effects.

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