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nn5n: scp-3880 The Cigar Box
SafeSCP-3880 The Cigar BoxRate: -19

Item #: SCP-3880

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3880 is currently being locked up in a 9x9 Chamber, made out of glass Panels. Any Subject, making contact with SCP-3880 must have an almost non-political view. If Subject gets any anomalous effects from SCP-3880, he or she must be quarantined in Site-██ and have a political debate with any willing politican in the country, to test if SCP-3880-2 has taken control over the body.

Description: SCP-3880 is an 3x3 German WW2 cigar box, being contained in Site-19. It has a Reichsadler on it and infront, it has a signature of Hermann Göring and under it a text saying: „For his birthday.” It was found in 19██, under concrete debris in [Data Redacted]. The box can hover about 2cm over ground and so fly around its containement. After making contact with SCP-3880, it will start to speak with you. The voice of SCP-3880 is currently being described as the voice from Hermann Göring. It will then start to tell to the subject, why the German Reich was the greatest World power and how the "Aryan" race is superior then others.

The explanation from SCP-3880 will affect any Subject that has simple knowledge about a political group, but any Subject with absolute non-knowledge about current or older politics will be immune. If Subject is successfuly converted to SCP-3880-2, he or she will start to follow SCP-3880 and fulfill his given orders. SCP-3880-2 is now currently being separated from SCP-3880 in Site-██ till it gets fully explained by Sr. Researcher [Data Redacted].

No interview was currently done with either SCP-3880 or SCP-3880-2. The first ever interview could take place in Site-19 on the 7th November 20██. The interviewer is going to be Dr. Zucker.

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