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Entrance to cavern containing SCP-3896-03, flesh profusion retracted

Item #: SCP-3896

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Naval Task Force Omega-19 “Dire Straits” will maintain a permanent naval blockade encircling Bokoneijin Island, on standby to assist SCP-3896-02 if possible, and to engage and terminate all instances of SCP-3896-01.

NTF Sigma-58 "Bottomfeeders" will maintain standard Operation Marduk disinformation protocols.

Under no circumstances are Foundation personnel to enter the cavern containing SCP-3896-03.

Description: SCP-3896 is the joint designation for a number of anomalous phenomena on, within, and surrounding Bokoneijin Island, a lesser island in the northwestern quadrant of the Bikini Atoll.

Approximately four times per month, two entities will emerge from the waters 700 meters from the island's southeastern coastline. These have been sequentially designated SCP-3896-01 and SCP-3896-02.

SCP-3896-01 entities are highly variable in morphology, but share a similar overall composition. All are estimated to have a mass of several thousand kilograms, with heights ranging from 7 to 24 meters from the surface of the water. SCP-3896-01 instances appear to be biological, with a wide array of bodily structures. These have included muscular tentacles, multiple limbs resembling human arms (albeit longer and with a greater number of joints), orifices capable of projecting large volumes of corrosive liquid, and spines composed of an unknown metallic substance, among others. These entities do not always possess heads, but those that do commonly exhibit powerful jaws equipped with multiple rows of jagged teeth. SCP-3896-01 entities display a mottled coloration visually similar to that of decomposing human flesh. These entities are extremely aggressive and have proven highly resistant to conventional weaponry.

SCP-3896-02 entities are humanoid in appearance, generally standing between 5 and 7 meters in height. Their body dimensions are somewhat exaggerated, with broad torsos, wide hips, and large arms. Superficially, they bear resemblance to a human wearing heavy plate armor, although this armor varies in composition, ranging from corroded copper, heavily rusted iron, to stone coated in coral exoskeletons and barnacles, and in one notable instance, driftwood interspersed with strands of seaweed. Occasionally SCP-3896-02 instances' armor will bear ornamentation, such as a cape, engraving, or inlaid jewels or precious metals. These entities invariably bear a weapon, typically a two-handed sword, mace, or axe. The weapons wielded are extremely large and heavy, generally being as long as the entity is tall. SCP-3896-02 also display the anomalous ability to manipulate their surrounding physical environment, in the form of apparent hydrokinesis combined with selectively lessening or amplifying the effects of Earth's gravitational field. SCP-3896-02 stands upon the surface of the ocean as though it were a solid substance, presumably as a result of their aforementioned anomalous capabilities.

Upon manifestation, SCP-3896-01 and SCP-3896-02 instances will engage in combat. SCP-3896-01 will attempt to liquefy, dismantle, or otherwise physically destroy SCP-3896-02. SCP-3896-02 appear to struggle utilizing their weapons due to their great weight, but will compensate by hydrokinetically weaponizing the surrounding ocean and selectively amplifying Earth's gravitational field upon SCP-3896-01, causing SCP-3896-01 to become sluggish and maximizing the probability of landing a crippling blow.

SCP-3896-01 are, as yet, undefeated in these engagements. SCP-3896-02 are consistently destroyed upon each manifestation wherein Foundation naval assets are unable to provide direct fire support. Upon destruction, SCP-3896-02 undergo total structural failure, collapsing into a number of base components, which then transmute into an equivalent volume of seawater. On the occasions where SCP-3896-02 survives an engagement due to Foundation intervention, it will face the attending SCPNF forces and raise its weapon skyward, whereupon its mass will transmute into an equivalent volume of seawater, dissipating into the surrounding ocean.

SCP-3896-01, if not engaged immediately, will destroy SCP-3896-02 and begin to travel toward the nearest populated area. SCPNF forces have thus far been able to neutralize each SCP-3896-01 instance attempting to breach the blockade, at an average of $1,250,000 in tactical assets lost and 4 Foundation casualties per engagement.


File photo of SCP-3896-01 remains examination

Postmortem examination of SCP-3896-01 has proven difficult. The entities' remains decompose rapidly upon neutralization into a viscous slurry, principally composed of an amalgam of organic material from 27 currently identified animal species thus far, in addition to genetically human flesh, blood, viscera, and an assortment of various toxic and acidic compounds.

The southeastern coastline of Bokoneijin Island features a littoral cave, approximately 30x25x20 meters in dimension. The walls, ceiling, and floor of this cave are covered in a thick layer of complex organic growth. Testing and visual observation has revealed this growth to be principally comprised of algae, coral, and musculoskeletal tissue from a variety of species, including great barracuda, colossal squid, desert locust, and human, among others.


Detail of SCP-3896-03 chamber growth formation

The source of this growth appears to be a humanoid figure fused to the rear wall of the cave, designated SCP-3896-03. This entity has the general physiology of a male human, but the majority of its body is subsumed by the organic mass growing within the chamber, with the limbs, back, and dorsal cranium inseparable from the material. The entity also possesses a set of broad antlers growing from the sides of the cranium, and is missing the majority of its dermis and epidermis where uncovered by the anomalous growth, leaving internal organs and musculature exposed. This entity is capable of speech, and has provided information to Foundation personnel.

Date: 20 June, 2012
Interviewer: NTF Sigma-58 Agent Christina Hess
Interviewee: SCP-3896-03
Interviewer equipped with chest camera, sidearm, and high-strength steel recall reel attached to safety harness.

(Agent Hess approaches SCP-3896-03 in full MOPP gear. SCP-3896-03 scoffs.)

SCP-3896-03: Ah. Look at you, child. Defenses raised. You have little to fear from me, provided you possess strength of blood.

Agent Hess: You'll forgive a woman for being cautious.

SCP-3896-03: I suppose I shall. The weak are well served by vigilance.

Agent Hess: What are you?

(SCP-3896-03 laughs.)

SCP-3896-03: There are a number of answers to that question, my little flower. Do you ask a name?

Agent Hess: That would do for a start.

SCP-3896-03: I had one, but I gave it up. When one becomes restless, one loses a number of things. But the mother is fair, and some things are given in exchange.

Agent Hess: Like getting fused to the wall of a cave, for example.

(SCP-3896-03 laughs again.)

SCP-3896-03: You have a bite. That's good. Please, continue your line of inquiry.

Agent Hess: You're… unexpectedly forthcoming.

SCP-3896-03: Perhaps. We know who you are, Christina. I can read the sparks in your skull like tea leaves at the bottom of a cup. We know your allegiance, and we know about your lockmaking, keyturning consortium. We have made battle with one another for quite a long time. You do an admirable job of throwing wrenches in the works, as it were, but to put it simply, we aren't afraid of you.

(SCP-3896-03's ribcage spreads slightly, the individual ribs cracking and undulating independently.)

SCP-3896-03: I could crack your limbs and dine upon your marrow any second if I wished, but what's the point? Whether by jaw or claw or plague or blade, you'll come to know us intimately someday… so I must admit that there is little sense in beating around the proverbial bush. Ask your questions. I am eager to please.

Agent Hess: Hm. If that's your stance, perhaps you could elaborate upon the skirmishes that take place in the reef just off the coast, there? You're very nearby, I'd wager you know something about it.

SCP-3896-03: Your wager pays out. It is from that spot that I release my scions, crafted from the finest chosen dead, to test the will of the bearers. Their strength has diminished, and I have broken through here. They are beginning to struggle underneath all that weight, aha. I expect I will break through you quite soon. Time, as always, is our ally.

Agent Hess: What purpose are you serving, specifically?

SCP-3896-03: I am the tender of this node, one of hundreds throughout the body of our planet. We are the many canals through which Mother's wrath is made real upon the surface of the world. I minister to this section of Mother's body, with all its fertility, given to one that shares a portion of her ferocity and will.

(The organic material adhered to the walls of the cavern begins to undulate, the waves' origin point being SCP-3896-03. Agent Hess places a hand upon her sidearm.)

SCP-3896-03: I am proven, I have shown my strength. I am the first of my kin to shatter the armor of the bearers, and thus I am exulted. In time, I will brush your warships aside as well. In time.

Agent Hess: Who are the bearers?

SCP-3896-03: Ugh. It would take more effort than they warrant to tell the story in full. Suffice it to stay that they're a ragged band of miserable bores. They prevent us from accessing our true potential. When they're not making a nuisance of themselves they generally just stand around and watch us, barely able to keep upright with all that hilarious equipment they carry, and probably moan about how sad they are and how their chronically depressed king is so noble and brave and… et cetera. They're not very interesting. I have broken them here, and soon so will the others. Then we can be about the true business.

Agent Hess: That business being?

SCP-3896-03: My dear. Our aim is simple and effective, where yours is fettered and weak. The fisherman is tiring, and we are closing in upon him. The liberty doesn't care enough to stand against us, content with chasing the moon and howling like a dog. And the sorrow's strength is waning with each passing day. Mother will make us all as strong as she, and we will finally fear nothing. Humanity will be strong, through her love.

Agent Hess: I'll bring your criticism of our operating practices to my supervisor's attention. And I'm sure you know that now I have to ask: who is Mother?

SCP-3896-03: Oh, child. Mother is she who births and devours all. Who sows and harvests, who grants sickness and health. She is without rest. She hears your question, my dear. And she wants to meet you.

(A large mass of organic tissue resembling a set of jaws lined with jagged, blade-like structures rises from the cavern floor and engulfs Agent Hess. A gout of blood erupts from the aperture. Backup team activates recall reel, the end of which returns cleanly sheared. Camera feed lost.)

Addendum: After the loss of Agent Hess, SCP-3896-01 instances have begun to display tactical adaptations. Alterations have included deliberate targeting of individuals in command positions within the blockade, attempts to disable critical ship combat systems as opposed to generalized assault, and rudimentary stealth tactics similar to those currently described within NTF Sigma-58 operational field manuals. SCP-3896-01 entities have also altered their attack patterns to facilitate the capture and bodily assimilation of additional Foundation personnel, as opposed to dispatching SCPNF combatants via trauma as before.

Global investigation to locate all other SCP-3896 instances has commenced. Increased experimentation with SCP-3898 for the purposes of initiating contact with GoI-089 "The Bearers" is now underway, to attain greater information concerning the scope and current status of this conflict.

Investigation into SCP-3897, SCP-3983, and all associated anomalies is being expanded at Level 4 priority under Operation Marduk executive command.

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