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EuclidSCP-3898 Bremen SyndromeRate: -6

SCP-3898-b instances readily cooperate to accomplish tasks.

Item #: SCP-3898

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All news channels should be observed and investigated for reports of SCP-3898 behavior. Satellite data and animal migration records are to be combed for signs of anomolous congregations of wild animals. MTF-212 ("Bremen Town Munitions") is tasked with securing or terminating instances of SCP-3898-b. MTF-349 ("Two-Legs' Best") is tasked with termination of SCP-3898-c instances.

Wild instances of SCP-3898-b are to be captured alive for study if possible or terminated if capture is not possible. Pets or livestock infected by SCP-3898 may be administered class D amnestics, using a non-anomalous illness as a cover story. Class A or B amnestics may be administered to witnesses of anomalous events when necessary.

Captured instances of SCP-3898-a are to be interrogated and released after administration of Class D amnestics.

Newly secured instances of SCP-3898-b are to be kept in solitary holding cells in Site-141's Zoological Research Center when not being studied directly. Instances should be monitored at all times, and are to be provided with food and living conditions suitable for unaffected members of their respective species. Special care should be taken not to allow uncontrolled contact between recently acquired SCP-3898-b instances and unaffected animals, particularly small or difficult-to-track species such as insects or rodents.

Updated 18-08-1990: Due to the lack of outbreak reports subsequent to the sterilization of SCP-3898-c228 on 12-04-1985, SCP-3898 is believed to be extinct in the wild. Therefore, MTF-212 and MTF-349 are to be disbanded until further notice. News channels should continue to be monitored for reports of future outbreaks.

Updated 04-02-1991: In order to maintain a population of SCP-3898-b instances on-site for ongoing study, 3-6 instances of SCP-3898-a are to be retained at Site-141. Recruitment from orphanages is preferred in cases where new instances cannot be found in the wild.

Updated 08-11-2012: Subsequent to the events of Outbreak 5, all animal waste leaving Site-141 is to be heated to 150 degrees C to ensure the destruction of potentially infected insects or worms. Manure may be sold to civilian farmers after sterilization.

Description: SCP-3898 refers to a memetic contagion that primarily affects non-human animals. Affected animals (designated SCP-3898-b) demonstrate cognitive abilities far exceeding expected levels for their species, up to human-level intelligence. Intelligence displayed varies between instances, but is entirely unrelated to the natural cognitive abilities of the affected species. Most observed instances of SCP-3898-b are domesticated mammals and birds, however affected wild species, reptiles, and even fish or arthropods have been observed.

SCP-3898-a refers to humans affected by SCP-3898. Contamination typically occurs between the ages of 8 and 12 and is most common when the subject has a strong emotional attachment with an SCP-3898-b instance. Affected humans will demonstrate reduced social skills, impaired emotional development, and prolonged psychological immaturity, refusing human contact and preferring to associate with animals. SCP-3898-a instances instantly convert normal animals within 1-3 meters into SCP-3898-b instances. Four living instances, designated SCP-3898-a1 (Male, 12), SCP-3898-a2 (Female, 10), SCP-3898-a3 (Female, 16), and SCP-3898-a4 (Male, 48) are currently contained at Site-141.

SCP-3898-a instances claim to understand "animal language" and have demonstrated an ability to predict the behavior of SCP-3898-b instances. However, their ability to communicate ideas or commands to SCP-3898-b instances is limited. They invariably maintain a belief that non-anomalous animals are capable of speech as well, and may react with hostility when presented with evidence that SCP-3898 changes normal animal behavior.

SCP-3898-a instances gradually revert to normality over the course of one month to three years if forcibly prevented from contact with non-human species. Lingering psychological impairments may vary depending on the age of the subject, with younger subjects having a higher chance of making a full recovery.

All SCP-3898-b instances are capable of communicating complex information with other nearby instances through unknown means. Vocalization and body language occasionally accompanies communication but appears unnecessary over short ranges. Experiments have demonstrated that vocalization can transmit information over any distance the recipient is capable of hearing it, despite the vocalizations themselves demonstrating no more complexity than the sounds typical of the vocalizing species.

SCP-3898 is capable of spreading to any unaffected non-human animals remaining in close proximity (typically 1-3 meters) of affected instances. Speed and probability of spread tends to be higher between genetically related species, animals of similar size, or animals that demonstrate similarity in behavior. Rate of spread is reduced in cases where the natural relationship between the species is hostile or predatory, however if naturally hostile animals are kept physically separated this does not apply. Rate of cross-species spread is greatly increased when both instances are domesticated or tame.

SCP-3898-c refers to anomolous communities of SCP-3898-b instances, which typically emerge when a population of SCP-3898-b instances reaches a critical threshold in close proximity to human population centers, but is not under direct human supervision. Animals living in SCP-3898-c regions rapidly acquire more advanced "human" qualities, developing governments, culture, technology, and a functional military force. Almost all animals entering SCP-3898-c regions become SCP-3898-b instances themselves. Animals living in SCP-3898-c instances are often hostile to humans and may attack neighboring human communities, demonstrating a strong understanding of military tactics and strategy while doing so. Small, fast-reproducing species such as rodents or insects may employ suicidal tactics and mass wave attacks. Human populations overrun by SCP-3898-c instances [DATA EXPUNGED].

Outside of SCP-3898-c communities, SCP-3898-b instances are classified under two designations depending on behavior and intelligence level, designated SCP-3898-b1 and SCP-3898-b2.

SCP-3898-b1 instances are similar in behavior to non-anomolous members of their species, aside from spending more time in close proximity to other SCP-3898-b instances. While they do possess increased cognitive and communicative abilities, this is only noticeable during intelligence testing. SCP-3898-b1 instances will respond to incentives such as food in the same manner as normal animals.

SCP-3898-b2 instances can develop from any instance of SCP-3898-b1. SCP-3898-b2 instances typically form small groups of 2-4 "members", often of different species, and will travel long distances together. SCP-3898-b2 instances will typically zero in on the closest SCP-3898-c instance, or if none is available, will pick an uninhabited area to settle in, often on the outskirts of a human city. Multiple SCP-3898-b2 groups settling in the same location will trigger the development of a new SCP-3898-c instance.

In addition to improved intelligence and communication, SCP-3898-b2 instances demonstrate high levels of coordination and teamwork within their group and are capable of utilizing advanced guerrilla tactics to avoid capture or rescue captured members. Unlike SCP-3898-b1 instances, normal animal intelligence testing is unreliable for evaluating SCP-3898-b2 instances, as instances can and often will feign ignorance in order to deceive testers.

In the absence of an SCP-3898-a instance or an SCP-3898-c community, SCP-3898-b instances are prone to reverting back to normality over time. SCP-3898's effect diminishes fastest in SCP-3898-b instances when they are confined and prevented from traveling. Confined instances of SCP-3898-b2 will typically revert to SCP-3898-b1 over the course of 3 - 6 days, and populations of SCP-3898-b1 gradually experience a decline in intelligence over time, becoming indistinguishable from normal animals within one year.

SCP-3898-c instances will not form under direct human observation, or even in the presence of an SCP-3898-a instance. However, SCP-3898-a instances may be drawn toward existing SCP-3898-c instances. In the event an SCP-3898-a instance enters the boundaries of an SCP-3898-c instance, [DATA EXPUNGED].

Class D amnestics have been proven effective in immediately and completely reverting the effects of SCP-3898 in both SCP-3898-a and SCP-3898-b instances. However, no known method of inoculation against future infection exists.

Log from interview with SCP-3898-a2:

(The following exchange occured when SCP-3898-a2 was observed repeatedly striking the wall on the south-west side of her holding area with various objects.)

Dr Orville: SCP-3898-a2, the other doctors tell me you've been hitting the wall. Can you tell me why you've been doing this?

SCP-3898-a2: I want to go home. I want to see my family.

Dr Orville: Back to the orphanage?

SCP-3898-a2: No, not them. The animals tell me they are making a kingdom. They want me to be the princess, even though I don't have the coat, so I can't be the queen. But they can still make me a princess.

Note: Shortly after this interview, a mobile task force was sent to investigate the region to the southwest of the site. A small SCP-3898-c instance, consisting of insects and rodents, was discovered 12 kilometers away and subsequently terminated.

Log from interview with SCP-3898-a4:

Dr Orville: Hello, SCP-3898-a4. I'd like to ask you a few questions.

SCP-3898-a4: Go right ahead. I get the feelin' you ain't gonna be lettin' me out o' here any time soon.

Dr Orville: Can you tell me when you first started manifesting your ability to talk to animals?

SCP-3898-a4: Ain't my "ability", as you call it. But I know what ya mean. Been doin' it since I was a boy. Inherited my dad's farm, he said I had a gift for takin' care of animals, but not much of a head for business. Still, no other kids afore he up and gets himself trampled by Sophia and her friends. She tells me he was beatin' her, so I can't hardly blame her, ya know?

Dr Orville: Sophia being your cow, right?

SCP-3898-a4: Well, she ain't MY cow, not in the way that you people think o' it. She's her own cow, I just, I just take care o' her an' the rest o' the animals, and she takes care o' me.

Dr Orville: I see. Can all of the animals living on your farm talk to you?

SCP-3898-a4: Oh, all animals everywhere can talk of course. They just don't say much. You've got to, you've gotta really, you know, open up to them before they'll tell you anything. Sophia tells me news she hears from all over the place, ya keep your ears open and you learn all ya need to learn.

Dr Orville: Can you tell her things? Can you give commands to animals?

SCP-3898-a4: Well, I can talk to 'em, o' course, but that don't mean they'll listen. The beasts listen only to the bearer of the Mantle, ya know? 'Sides, I don't really see why she should listen to anybody. She tells me you got her cooped up in this place. She's a good cow, don't be too hard on her, ya hear? She just gets a little, just a little restless bein' cooped up inside all the time. You've gotta let her out. A bunker ain't no place for a free beast to be.

Dr Orville: I'm afraid that isn't an option, SCP-3898-a4.

SCP-3898-a4: Yeah, you told me already, you think she's infected with somethin' that she'll pass to other animals. You're wrong though, talkin' ain't a disease. Animals just open up a bit more when they hear the good news.

Dr Orville: What good news?

SCP-3898-a4: That the Hunger of Man no longer holds dominion over the beasts of the field.

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