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EuclidSCP-3902 PaulRate: -22

Item #: SCP-3902
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-3902 other known as Paul and shall be refered to in the rest of this entry as Paul. Paul is to be kept in a 3.048M room by 3.048M chamber containing a basic mattress and bookshelves. In the scenario that Paul breaches he must be found and kept out of the line of sight of ALL SCP once found he should be decapitated and his head placed back into he chamber and within 5 minutes he will reform. Paul is not allowed to be allowed to see any SCP including through pictures or video surveillance PERIOD.

Description: Paul is white causation male who appears to be in his mid teens however Paul claims he is over 800 years old. Paul is currently measures at 182.88CM tall.Paul has been observed to be able to "Borrow" and slightly modify SCP abilities of SCP's he has in his line of sight.

Test Log 1:
SCP-999 was brought to Paul's chamber.
Paul showed interest in SCP-999 beginning to communicate with it before emitting a small shockwave making some personnel giggle slightly.

Test Log 2:
SCP-049 was brought to Paul they engaged in conversation consisting of small talk. About 5 minutes in Paul pointed to Agent [REDACTED] with SCP-049 nodding. Paul proceeded to politely ask for Agent [REDACTED] to come in the request was denied and the eat ended.

Test Log 3:
Paul was brought to SCP-294 upon arrival Paul ordered a cup of coca cola before handing it to a random agent.
Paul soon sprayed sulfuric acid into 3 agents before being decapitated and contained.

Test Log 4: "Whoever did this deserves to be fired"
Paul was brought to SCP-457 and upon entry simply sat down nodding to the fire. After five minutes of nothing happening Paul was retrieved. While Paul was being brought to his chamber he engulfed himself and 4 agents that were escorting him killing the agents before making his way to SCP-457 and killing remaining personnel and releasing SCP-457.
Paul then proceeded to. The rest has been Redacted by request of 05 council

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