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SCP 3904

Item #: SCP-3904

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3904 is to be stored in a standard high-security locker on Site ██. SCP-3904 may be used for research purposes, if the experiment is approved by a Level 4+ personnel.

Description: SCP-3904 is a seemingly ancient ring, the shield like ornate shield like design is very similar in appearance to rings discovered in Greece.


It is dated to be approximately █000-█000 years old. Dispute over the age of SCP-3904 has arose due to the seemingly minimum ware to the ring. SCP-3904's anomalous properties have substantial effects on the wearer.

The effects on the wearer are as follows

Event 1.) Upon initially donning the ring the wearer will begin to immediately feel a surge of energy. Resulting in the feeling of being stronger, faster, more nimble. This surge of energy has been compared to by subjects as being similar to a adrenaline rush, and as plainly stated by D-13090 "Fucking incredible I feel like I can do anything." Upon further research it has been discovered that the enhanced physical abilities of the wearer are not due to a surge of adrenaline but rather to a phenomenon similar to blood doping. In this state the heart of the subject with work at vastly increased capacity than normally humanly possible. If subjected to this strain on the heart in normal circumstances you would either suffer from cardiac arrest or arteries rupture, the wearer of the ring while in Event 1 will not suffer from these ill effects.

The physical enhancements seem to vary per subject, and will heavily depend on the preexisting physical state of the wearer.

Event 1 also initiates another key event in the anomalous properties of SCP-3904. While engaging in various physical activities, the wearer will perceive the presence of a male figure. This male figure is clad in a bronze chest plate of ancient Grecian design, and wears a Greek Corinthian helmet. This apparition (further to be referred to as SCP-3904-1) is only detectable to the wearer of the ring will "speak" to the wearer in a form of telepathy. In this state subjects have reported that SCP-3904-1 it relatively blunt in its mannerisms, but will give them advice on how to perform physical actions at a improved rate especially combat. SCP-3904-1 is reported to ignore most questions of the wearer, but is very open to discussing past battles.

Event 2.)After the initial stages of Event 1, SCP-3904 after variable amounts of time after reaching a certain physical threshold SCP-3904 will being Event 2. Once Event 2 has been reached, the ring will rapidly "absorb" calories and nutrients from the wearer. While never in fatal amount it will level the wearer with signs of minor malnutrition, and fatigue, later followed by severe migraines.

The "limit" to SCP-3904's ability seems to be a result of reaching a "plateau" point in which the aforementioned event will follow. Since this event is triggered by the amount of strain put on the ring rather than a time limit prematurely removing the ring will cause no ill effects. However it will make it so the next wearer of SCP-3904 will pick up where the previous left off reaching Event 2 quicker.


Recovery: SCP-3904 was found at the banks of the ██████'s river in █████ Greece. The item was discovered by embedded agents following the leads of local legends about a legendary item of power that turned men into gods of war. Following this lead to the site of the battle of ███████ the agents searched the area and came up empty handed, however following the local river for 1.3 kilometers lead to a sandy bank in which the ring was recovered, matching up with the descriptions of the local legends.

Experimentation Notes: As follows are text transcripts derived from the audio logs of Dr.████
Entry 12-██-20██
"So first test today was a success! Uhhh…… as of now the subject which wore SCP-3904 is only suffering from minor ailments, but other than that was able to complete the assigned tasks D-10419 was capable of lifting…… lets see here… ah 1 metric ton, him timed mile run was 1:13. After completed the tests D-10419 felt the effects as stated in Event 2. He was given a high calorie meal,
along with some nutrition supplements.(Dr.████ continually talks about other mundane details of the test.)

Interview Logs:

Interviewed: Agent. ████

Interviewer: Dr.████

Foreword: Agent. ████ has donned the ring and will interview SCP-3904-1 and relay the responses to Dr.████

<Begin Log, >01-██ -20██

Dr.████: Good morning ████ how are you doing today?

Agent. ████: Im doing quite well ████.

Dr.████:Thats good to hear, lets get this interview on the road shall we?

Dr.████: Question 1, ask SCP-3904-1 about its relation to SCP-3904

Agent. ████: (after pausing for a moment) SCP-3904-1 said that the ring is the chronicle of the greatest warriors of his people, whatever that means doc.

Dr.████: Alright then, Question 2 who is the current "great warrior" that you are speaking to?

Agent. ████: It wont answer the question, but I can tell you what it looks like. Its a male wearing a bronze breastplate, and it has one of those Greek helmets you see in the the 300 movie so hes definitely a Greek.

Dr.████: That makes sense based on the recovery location of SCP-3904.

Dr.████: Can you ask SCP-3904-1 why it helps the wearer of SCP-3904?

Agent. ████: It states that its the duty of the chosen to pass on their skills to the future users of SCP-3904, it also told me that he once donned the ring and was chosen as the next successor due to his combative might.

Dr.████: Alright, thank you Agent. ████ thats all I needed for today.

<End Log>

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