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Item #: SCP-3910

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3910 is to be kept in a locked containment locker in Site-16. No personnel are allowed to remove the object from containment unless permission has been obtained from Dr. Williams.

Description: SCP-3910 is a box containing nine pieces of colored chalk. The exterior of the box is colored orange and contains no other markings or identifying features. Along with the nine pieces of chalk, the interior of SCP-3910 also contains a sheet of paper with nine colored symbols on it. Each of these symbols seems to correspond with a color of chalk found in the object.

The colors of the chalk are as follows: black, pink, brown, yellow, red, purple, orange, green, and blue. The pieces of chalk have remained the same size, even through constant use and testing. The main anomalous property of SCP-3910 occurs when a symbol from the sheet of paper is drawn with the appropriate color of chalk on any surface.

Upon completion of the symbol, a door of varying shape and size will manifest on the surface the symbol was drawn on. Opening the door will lead to what is theorized to be a pocket dimension, which differs depending on the symbol drawn.1 Various tests were performed with D-Class subjects to explore these pocket dimensions, as it was found that humans can see things that cameras can not. See the table below for details.

Color of Chalk Description of Door Manifestation Description of Pocket Dimension
Black An automatic glass sliding door manifested on the testing room wall. Vision of the other side was obscured by a dense white mist. Upon entry, subject found themself in a building that resembled a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), devoid of human life. Opening doors inside of the building lead to "copies" of the same room. Exploration concluded after travelling roughly 5 kilometers without variation in building layout.
Pink A red barn door manifested on the testing room wall. See Exploration Log 3910-02 for details.
Brown A wooden door composed of an unidentified tree bark manifested on the testing room wall. Subject found themself in a swamp. Weather consisted of constant precipitation of varying types. Rain, snow, and hail were recorded all falling at the same time. The only notable discovery in this area was the decomposing body of a domestic pig (Sus domesticus). Exploration concluded after travelling roughly 3 kilometers.
Yellow A large metal door resembling a bank vault door manifested on the testing room wall. Subject found themself in an exact replica of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Two cars were reported on the track, driving in opposite directions. They were later confirmed to be a Bugatti Veyron and a Volkswagen Beetle. Approximately every 30 seconds, the two cars would collide, taking heavy physical damage. The cars would then reverse, seemingly repairing as they reversed around the track and hit each other on the opposite side. This pattern repeated indefinitely. Testing was conculded after █ hours of observation.
Red A subway car door manifested on the testing room wall. See Exploration Log 3910-05 for details.
Purple A door similar in appearance to the sarcophagi found in Exploration Log 3910-05. Upon entry, subject found themself in a dark, cramped space. It is theorized that this was the interior of one of the sarcophagi. Subject became distressed when the way back appeared locked. Subject's distress increased as slits opened and [DATA EXPUNGED]. No attempts have been made to retrieve equipment or remains of subject.
Orange Testing is pending approval Testing is pending approval
Green A standard metal door with an "Employees Only" sign attached to the front. Subject found themself in a seemingly deserted shopping mall. All stores appeared closed and the view inside of them was obscured. Examples of these stores include: A pet store that seemed to exclusively carry reptiles.2 an entire sewer system, and an exact replica of the Center for Disease Control Headquarters.
Blue A section of the wall transformed into a 2x1 m rectangle composed of ice. Pushing against it caused it to open in a manner similar to a door. See Exploration Log 3910-09

Subject D-1321 was provided with standard exploration gear, including:

  • An 8 watt flashlight with extra batteries
  • A head mounted video camera for live feed
  • A two way communicator
  • Three meal bars
  • Two 1.5 liter water bottles
  • A tether that was attached to D-1321 before the test
  • A backpack
  • A compass

The camera D-1321 was activated shortly after entering through the doorway
<Begin Log>

<0:00:00> The camera is activated. D-1321 is facing a rural landscape. A corn field can be seen to the left, and rows of wheat fields are seen in the distance. Another building is seen in the distance, but it is too far away to identify.
<0:00:05> D-1321 turns around to face the door they came out of. A barn is shown, apparently where D-1321 came out of. The tether rope is seen exiting the door.

<0:00:11> D-1321 is instructed to turn around and to start moving towards the other visible building. Subject complies.

<0:04:15> Subject stops in their tracks and asks control if "they heard that just now". Control denies hearing anything and on playback of video and audio feed, nothing can be heard. D-1321 is instructed to continue.

<0:07:23> Subject stops again and reports wind. Control confirms this from the video feed; the wheat in the wheat fields are visibly swaying more and the audio feed picked up the wind. Subject is instructed again to keep moving to the building, which appears to be an old house.

<0:11:45> Subject is about 100 meters from the house when they stop again. D-1321 reports the wind getting "more violent" and turns around. At least four tornadoes of varying size and strength are visible in the distance behind D-1321. Subject becomes distressed and begins to remove their tether. Control does not object at this time, as removal may increase chance of survival. D-1321 beings to run to the house.

<0:13:06> D-1321 arrives at the house. A cellar is visible on the outside; D-1321 is instructed to enter it and barricade the door to wait out the tornadoes. D-1321 complies instantly.

<0:15:17> D-1321 has entered the cellar and barricaded the door. D-1321 opens up their backpack and removes the flashlight, switching it on. D-1321 asks for permission to explore the cellar "as long as they are down here." Permission is granted.

<0:16:43> The cellar appears barren; only simple farming tools and rotten fruit can be seen. D-1321 stops again and asks control if they heard anything. Control again has not heard anything. When asked to describe the noise, D-1321 states that they "thought they heard a woman or something". D-1321 is asked if they still hear it they answer yes. D-1321 is instructed to find the source of the noise and complies after some convincing.

<0:21:03> Subject states that the source of the noise is coming from behind a door in the cellar. D-1321 is instructed to open it and complies. Opening the door reveals a storage room filled with bags of grain. Two decomposing corpses are seen in the room. One appears to be a female in early adulthood, the other a male in later adulthood. Both are nude and have multiple lacerations and puncture wounds in the abdominal area. D-1321 shows abnormal behavior, walking up to the corpses and asking if they are OK. Control does not interrupt and D-1321 continues, apparently having a conversation with the female corpse. In debriefing, it was confirmed that D-1321 did not see the corpses as they were; they saw them as live humans who were also hiding from the storms. Their conversation consisted of [DATA EXPUNGED].

<0:46:42> The noise outside has greatly reduced and D-1321 is instructed to leave the cellar. The subject complies and it is clear again. D-1321 is then instructed to walk back to the original barn and go back through the barn door. Subject complies and returns to the testing room in Site-16 without further incident.

<End Log>

<Begin Log>

<0:00:00> Camera activates. D-1321 appears to be in a subway station. This is confirmed when D-1321 turns around and it is revealed that they have just exited a subway car. D-1321 is instructed by control to find a way to get to the surface. Subject complies.

<0:06:17> Subject finds multiple l stairs and powered down escalators and uses them to ascend. Throughout this, subway has been shown to contain no signs of life. D-1321 climbs the final escalator and exits into a barren metropolitan area. D-1321 is told to stand-by while control discusses the next course of action. It is agreed that D-1321 is to reach the top of one of the taller buildings and survey the area. D-1321 is to first go back to the subway car and back to Site-16 so the tether can be removed; the area proves too big and the length of the tether will just obstruct D-1321's progress.

<0:13:34> Subject returns to Site-16 and tether is removed. D-1321 is given ten cans of yellow-green spray paint to mark their path through the city. D-1321 is then released back into the subway and makes their way back to the surface.

<0:20:45> D-1321 has made it back to the surface and begins heading to the closest skyscraper. D-1321 enters to find themself in a mostly empty white room. Elevator doors are in the back of the room. The rest of the room is devoid of furniture, barring crudely made stone sarcophagi that line the walls. D-1321 is instructed to approach one for examination. It appears that each one has been individually hand carved. D-1321 is then instructed to move into the elevator and go to the highest floor. Subject complies.

<0:25:02> Subject exits elevator into a room that is visually identical to the first room, the only difference being glass walls. Sarcophagi still line the walls. D-1321 is instructed to view the city from all four sides of the room. A wall can be seen surrounding the city, about three fourths the size of the building D-1321 is in. However, because of the distance, it is difficult to see what lies beyond the wall. Therefore, it is decided that D-1321 should exit the skyscraper and move towards the wall. D-1321 complies and begins the descend down the building.

<0:36:23> At this point, D-1321 is outside and moving towards the wall. Sarcophagi can be seen through the windows of buildings and many can be seen standing upright on street corners. D-1321 spray paints lines into the ground as they move forward.

<0:52:42> D-1321 has reached the base of the wall. Sarcophagi line the outside of the wall. Lifts can also be seen on the outside of the wall, about one every 100 meters. D-1321 is instructed to enter a lift and take it to the top of the wall. D-1321 complies.

<0:57:21> The lift reaches the top of the wall and D-1321 exits. D-1321 is instructed to look over the wall and they comply. D-1321 imminently becomes distressed. All that is visible over the wall are corpses, too close together to see the ground. D-1321 does not respond to verbal commands from control. Suddenly, D-1321 beings to run back to the lift and takes it down despite control demanding them to stop. D-1321 run back to the subway and back to the door that leads to Site-16, where they are immediately taken in for interview.

<End Log>

The following is an excerpt from the interview that took place after Exploration 3910-05

Interviewer: Dr. Williams
Subject: D-1321

Dr. Williams: Why did you run D-1321? What did you see?

D-1321: There were just so many of them…I didn't know what to do. I was just frozen in fear at first. You know how you just lock up and can't even think of anything? That's what I was going through.

Dr. Williams: Forgive me, but I don't understand. It was a lot of corpses, sure, but for you to react like that to them doesn't make sense to m-

D-1321: Corpses? Was that camera busted or something? Those weren't corpses, man. It was people. Thousands and thousands of people, tearing each other apart. You could just feel the anger, the hate radiating off of them. All of it directed at each other. And then one of them spotted me and they all just…they all stopped just like that. Every single fucking one of them. That's when I knew I was fucked. It's hard to describe but. It's like all that hate was suddenly being directed at me. I ran, so what? Anyone would have done the same thing.

Upon entering, D-1265 found themself in a frozen wasteland. D-1265 imminently came back and was issued arctic survival gear. D-1265 proceeded to go back into the doorway and continued the exploration.

<Begin Log>

<0:04:02> D-1265 has returned from Site-16 with arctic gear. Due to the lack of visible landmarks, they are instructed to pick a direction and continue along it. If nothing is found within three kilometers, D-1265 is to return to the doorway. D-1265 complies.

<0:23:34> D-1265 has walked about 1 kilometer at this point with no variation in the environment. When asked how they were doing, D-1265 replied "Cold." Control stops asking about personal status from now on.

<0:35:21> D-1265 is about 1.5 kilometers into the wasteland when a shape becomes visible in the distance. Subject is instructed to head towards the landmark.

<0:37:30> As D-1265 gets closer to the object, visibility becomes worse. Precipitation mixed with wind and fog make it difficult to tell what the object is. D-1265 advances.

<0:42:26> D-1265 stops as they get within 50 meters of the object. When instructed to get closer, D-1265 replies by stating that it will see them if they get any closer. From this distance, the object appears to be a stone statue.

<0:43:02> Control radios D-1265 again to request for them to move forward. D-1265 radios back in a distressed tone for control to "shut up or else that thing is gonna hear". D-1265 at this point looked up and at the object before becoming extremely distressed and shouting, most of which was unintelligible.

<0:44:12> Subject begins to walk towards the object, which can be identified now as something that resembles the sarcophagi from Exploration 3910-05, except much larger. As D-1265 approaches the sarcophagus, they shout at it to "get away from them". D-1265 stumbles and falls. The camera is dislodged and lands on the ground, facing the sarcophagus.

<0:45:01> The sarcophagus opens. Three corpses of middle aged men are inside. D-1265 continues to express distress and shock, shouting at the corpses and sarcophagus to "get your damn hands off of me". D-1265 walks into the sarcophagus and it closes.

<0:45:42> The camera feed stays online until the camera runs out of battery. The view is of the outside of the sarcophagus. The only visible mark is an inscription that was written on the bottom of it: Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.

<End Log>

The language was found to be ancient Italian of the Tuscan dialect, and translates to "Abandon every hope, ye who enter", a line found in Canto 3 of Dante Alighieri's Commedia.

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