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SCP-3922: Roy G. Biv

Object class: Safe

SCP-3922 was found in [█████], Utah by a recently married couple. It was a luminescent, rainbow stone. SCP-3922 has been noted to change size, shape, state, mass, and any or all properties and characteristics. In it's natural form SCP-3922 is a luminescent, color changing orb that follows the light frequencies of "Visible Light." It may take any form it chooses and it can learn, change, and preform into any actions or object it sees.

When in contact with an involuntary subject, SCP-3922 will replicate any unlearned actions including…


At any given moment it may tend to damage or kill a subject through any given/learned form.

in all forms it is luminescent and rainbow colored. the Special Containment procedures require that it's in a steel box with no windows, but is instead to be examined through fully audible security cameras and microphones.

Test 305 - Date: [████]

SCP-3922:Yes… I am here.
Dr.[███]:What are you?
SCP-3922:Roy… G. Biv… or to you… an ordinary rainbow.
Dr.[███]:You sure aren't ordinary…
Dr.[███]:Where did you come from?
SCP-3922:Not… from here…
Dr.[███]:Answer the question in full and you might be let go.
SCP-3922:We both know… that's… not. happening…

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