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Image of an SCP-3943 instance during initial discovery, presumably the remnants of a young male living within 3943-A.

Item #: SCP-3943

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A single instance of SCP-3943 is to be contained within a 25 x 25 x 25 centimeter safe using a 10-digit code lock. The safe is to be placed, and clearly labeled, inside of Site-██’s safe-class, medium-priority vault. All other instances (created during testing or discovered elsewhere) are to be incinerated, and any remnants are to be disposed of in sulfuric acid. Testing with SCP-3943 must have written permission from one (1) Level 3 personnel, and, with no exception, must follow procedures labeled in Addendum 1.

SCP-3943-A, after discovery of SCP-3943 and SCP-3943-A, has been cleared of all threat of SCP-3943, and is now maintained as private property under Foundation alias company “Far Out Studios”, under the guise of a movie set. Trespassers are to be escorted out of the area.

Description: SCP-3943 is a can of spray-on, foaming shaving cream of ███████ brand. The can itself is of generic size, exactly 5cm x 5cm x 10cm. The quantity of liquid contained inside of the can is 300 milliliters, and the can will lose liquid in the same ways that average shaving cream does, via ejecting through the can’s spray system.

Any human within the immediate vicinity of SCP-3943 feel a strong compulsive urge to apply SCP-3943 to their skin. The human (hereby referred to as the subject) is unable to resist the compulsion unless the subject is removed from the vicinity of SCP-3943.

Upon contact of SCP-3943’s liquid, either in it’s compressed or foam state, to any part of the Subjects skin, the Subject will undergo a series of painful changes to the genetic code. Over 24 hours the Subject’s entire internal anatomy will liquify and change atomically to match the ingredients of shaving cream[1] as their skin hardens to a metallic thickness. At roughly 24(twenty-four) hours after first contact with SCP-3943’s liquid, their limbs will separate from the torso and (including the torso) begin to transform into the shape of SCP-3943, almost identical to the one from initial contact. The exact method as to how the human body undergoes this change is unknown, however, it is theorized to be related to the ingredients listed below.

SCP-3943-A is the small town of ██████████████, Utah, where SCP-3943 was discovered. Originally having a population of roughly 500, the town was found completely devoid of human life after a rampant uprise of SCP-3943. It is assumed that the original SCP-3943 was found by a resident of 3943-A, and used. It is assumed that SCP-3943’s introduction caused the rapid transformation of the entire town’s population into more instances of SCP-3943.

Please adhere to the following when testing with SCP-3943.

-All personnel not intended to be afflicted by SCP-3943’s effects are to wear level-2 hazard protection suits AT ALL TIMES, and decontaminate the suits using level-3 procedures.

-When test is complete SCP-3943 is to be power washed to remove all of it’s liquid or off of it’s surface, then moved back to it’s containment. The liquid from the power wash is to be disposed of appropriately.

-When test is complete, any area that came into contact with SCP-3943 is to be power washed. The liquid from the power wash is to be disposed of appropriately.

SCP-3943 was discovered at the town of ██████████████, Utah, after all communication with the town’s residents ceased. Mobile Task Force Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters"), joint with MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") were dispatched after aerial drone found the town to be empty. Biological hazard precautions were enforced due to the mysterious nature of the event.

Upon exploration of several buildings, including the town hall, library, police station, and several houses, a trend was noted by Beta-7 Lieutenant ████████████, that all homes had “strangely positioned cans of shaving cream”. When asked, ████████████ explained the situation further and Control ordered that 3 cans of SCP-3943 were to be brought into a testing environment.

The majority of the town was incinerated, and all samples of SCP-3943 were destroyed using currently listed procedures of disposal.

While returning, a can began leaking on Epsilon-6 Sargeant ██████, who had taken off his suit glove to “get some air”. Roughly 22 hours later several identical cans of 3943 were found at the last known location of Sargeant ██████, who is now considered deceased.

-Stearic Acid
-Aloe Vera Gel
-Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
-Sodium Benzoate
-███████████████, (Likely the key component in the transformation of the subject(s))

D-87451, male, 23, 6’2, average build, thick beard. Drug distribution and murder charges. Was not told of the effects of SCP-3943.

D-87451, hereon referred to as the Subject, was brought into the testing chamber, wherein he finds a normal sink with running water, a razor, and SCP-3943. After being requested to shave his beard using SCP-3943, Subject refused on the grounds of “liking his beard”. Subject was quickly reminded that noncompliance would result in disciplinary action. Subject complies and begins the process of shaving his facial region.

Several minutes later, Subject completes the process of shaving, and reports it to have been “the best damn shave of my life.” Subject asks, “Do you have, like, any of these things that can grow a beard back so I can shave again?” It is currently unknown if the enjoyment of the shave was caused by anomalous effects of SCP-3943 or if this was just normal behavior for the Subject.

12 hours after application of SCP-3943, Subject reports of severe stomach pain, intense headache, and a sore feeling all over its body.

17 hours after initial application of SCP-3943 Subject begins screaming and sweating profusely, reporting that “it felt as if [his] body was melting”.

20 hours after initial application, Subject’s skin around his shoulders, waist, and neck begins to break down.

23 hours after initial application, Subject’s life signs are lost as it’s arms, legs, and head fall off, spilling SCP-3943 liquid out of open wounds rather than blood. It was noted that Subject lost all of it’s bodies’ internal systems, the only remnant being it’s skin.

23.56 hours after initial application, Subject’s skin forms into topless cans identical to SCP-3943, which collect SCP-3943 liquid from around the floor, and cap themselves.

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