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SCP-3944 the morning after discovery

Item #: SCP-3944

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3944 is to be kept in a standard, locked storage unit at Site-56. Storage unit should be kept locked at all times to prevent accidental usage. The code to the storage unit can be obtained from the Site Supervisor following testing approval.

Transportation of SCP-3944 should be carried out by no more than three individuals, though typically two will be adequate. If more staff are required to be near SCP-3944, they must not come within a 1m radius of the object. Doing so will trigger SCP-3944's anomalous effect.

Description: SCP-3944 is a black iron patio table measuring 80 cm in height and 122 cm in width, with a 5 mm thick tempered glass surface.

SCP-3944 causes a "loop" of interrupted thought processes. Instances of SCP-3944-1 will stop mid conversation to ask another instance if they can recall the topic of conversation, having a momentary lapse in train of thought mid-sentence. It is at this point a repetitive looping effect takes place. In sequential clockwise order, instances of SCP-3944-1 will begin repeating a series of questions and replies to each other. This will not stop until an instance is removed from SCP-3944's radius, causing the number of subjects to fall below the minimum requirement for activation.

Testing revealed that instances will not succumb to a lack of nutrition, dehydration or sleep deprivation. But upon cessation of SCP-3944's effect, SCP-3944-1 will expire or lose conciseness due to a lack of sustenance and exhaustion. The severity of which is directly proportional to the duration SCP-3944-1 is under the influence of SCP-3944.

SCP-3944's anomalous effect is triggered when four1 or more subjects, designated as SCP-3944-12, are stationed within a 1m sphere around the objects edge. If these requirements are met, SCP-3944-1 will display the following symptoms:

  • Subjects will begin to converse amongst themselves
  • Subjects will rapidly experience extreme short term memory loss
  • Paranoia
  • Loss of impulse control regarding spoken communication

The combination of these symptoms creates the cognitive effect that only affects SCP-3944-1 instances. See Test Logs for in-depth information regarding the effects of SCP-3944.

SCP-3944 was brought to the Foundation's attention when a call was placed by an individual in ████████, California to local emergency responders.

The caller was distressed over the phone and explained that he and his wife were attempting to check up on some friends who had been missing for a few days. They had driven to their friend’s house, and after inspecting the back of the property they located the missing individuals. The caller reported that all their friends were "repeating themselves, and would not respond to anything". The Foundation was alerted by an imbedded agent within the Emergency Call Center to a possible anomalous event. Agents arrived shortly after to the location disguised as local law enforcement. After entering the residence agents detained any witnesses, as well as individuals responsible for the call.

It was discerned by Agent Haskell that the patio table was most likely the source of the anomaly after brief questioning of a detained individual. Unfortunately, Agent Haskell could not relay this information before Agent █████ entered SCP-3944's effect radius. Backup was called in, including a field researcher. The area was cordoned off under the guise of a gas leak, and Foundation elements secured the property until the nature and severity of SCP-3944 could be ascertained and containment implemented. All involved parties were debriefed and administered Class-A amnestics before release.

Test #: 3944-01
Foreword: SCP-3944 testing access granted to Researcher Dr. Daniels and Junior Researcher Dr. Shanon. They shall conduct all tests related to SCP-3944 unless transfer is deemed necessary. - Site Director
Test Subjects: D-class test subjects (D-01-D-06).
Test Parameters: This test is meant to ascertain the scope of SCP-3944. Subjects will approach the object incrementally as instructed, and sit on one of four non-anomalous chairs placed around SCP-3944 until instructed otherwise.

Results: D-Class were instructed to form a line directly outside of the test chamber. One by one Dr. Daniels instructed D-Class to approach SCP-3944 and take a seat and to not speak to each other. After a total of four subjects had taken seats at SCP-3944, D-03 began telling a story to the other subjects. D-03 was reminded that they are not to speak, but all instructions were ignored. Remaining D-Class were not instructed to enter the room. By this point, D-03 was reaching what was assumed to be the climax of their conversation. Note that all other subjects around SCP-3944 are seen to be highly engaged in what D-03 is saying.

D-03 is observed to suddenly cease speaking. D-03 appears confused and expresses that they had lost their train of thought, and could not recall what was being talked about. D-03 looks to their left at D-01 and asks if they remembered the topic of the conversation. D-01 is heard denying knowledge themselves and proceeds to ask D-02 to their left the exact same question followed by the same reply from D-04. At this point all subjects are considered under the influence of SCP-3944.

Due to lack of data related to liberating test subjects from this effect. D-Class-01 though D-Class-04 were left under the effects of SCP-3944 for approximately two hours. A rope was thrown over the top of D-02 after some deliberation, and was pulled away from SCP-3944.

After being dragged approximately 1m, all subjects were suddenly freed from the effects of SCP-3944.

Researcher Notes: We now have a minimum participant number for the activation of SCP- 3944. It was unfortunate that it took so long to remove the D-Class from it's effects. But we could not risk anyone else being influenced now that we activated it. Subjects were highly agitated and showed signed of high mental distress and trauma. It appears those under the effects of SCP-3944 are fully aware of their surroundings and actions. - Dr. Shanon

*Site Director: Further research into a theoretical upper limit to the number of affected subjects is scheduled and approved.*

Test #: 3944-02
Test Subjects: A total of 15 D-Class have been requisitioned. Designated D-01 though D-15.
Test Parameters: The objective of this test is to ascertain an upper limit (if any) to the number of subjects that can be influenced by SCP-3944. Subjects are instructed to immediately approach the object and sit around, on top, under and stand around SCP-3944. Ensuring that the most space within 1m of SCP-3944 is occupied. All D-Class are fitted with remotely activated tethered harnesses for extraction.

Results: Junior Researcher Shanon gives the command for all D-Class to engage in the testing parameters. All test subjects approach SCP-3944 and promptly begin sitting around, on top of and below SCP-3944. Any subjects that could not seat themselves are instructed to stand as close as possible to the object. Please note that only 11 subjects could successfully position themselves in theoretical area of effect.

When asked, D-Class sitting on top of SCP-3944 describe it as being "Pretty solid for a cheap table". D-Class below SCP-3944 expressed discomfort and complained about not getting a "good seat". After approximately 10 minutes D-13 (Sitting atop the object)3begins conversing with D-06 who was below the table, and upon further observation was technically closer then D-04 who was also seated to the left of D-13.

As with the previous test, all subjects begin forgetting the topic of conversation followed by repeated appeals for assistance from other subjects. An organized queue appears to form after the first round of questioning makes its way around all the test subjects. D-Class subjects at no point deviate from this order after it is established. Efforts to deviate this order is met with failure.

After approximately 55 minutes the test was terminated and all D-Class systematically removed via tethers. During debriefing, it was noted that all test subjects displayed previously observed post-test symptoms but to a lesser degree. Subject described being aware of what they were doing, but stated they could not stop themselves, and just "wanted to remember".

Researcher Notes: Due to differences in height, weight and build in available test subjects. We have concluded that the upper limit to the effect projected by SCP-3944 is only limited by the number of subjects that can fit within a 1m radius from the edge or surface of the object. It is also our recommendation that any researchers wishing to test SCP-3944, and not expose subjects to high mental stresses, should limit exposer to under 60 minutes. - Dr. Daniels

*Site Director: Further research into the limits of SCP-3944 and side effects of prolonged exposure approved.*

Test #: 3944-03
Test Subjects: 4 D-Class subjects.
Test Parameters: Ascertain If SCP-3944 has a limited effect duration as well as any lethality. Subjects will be instructed to sit around SCP-3944 on 4 non-anomalous chairs. Once subjects are successfully under the influence of of SCP-3944, researchers will monitor D-Class fora total of 1 week. After 1 week, test will be terminated and D-Class extracted if possible.

Results: Researcher Daniels instructs subjects to take their seats at SCP-3944. After a short duration subjects, begin conversing followed by the onset of SCP-3944's main effect. The effect persists, unending for 1 week. During this time, the D-Class experianced no sleep deprivation, signs of hunger or dehydration, as well as no signs of vocal damage that would be expected after such extraneous vocalizing.

This ability to stave off bodily degradation only lasted while all subjects were under the influence of SCP-3944. Once the number of D-Class within the area of effect was reduced below 4, all subjects either lost consciousness or experienced seizures. Subjects struggled greatly to speak with researchers. After receiving medical treatment, those subjects that regained the ability too speak were no longer capable of forming coherent sentences. D-04 expired immediately during cessation of test.

Researcher Notes: SCP-3944's ability to essentially keep its victims alive while subjecting them to extreme mental abuse is profound. Based on D-Class testimony, the effects of SCP-3944 on their psyche is extreme following prolonged exposure.

It is the opinion of both Dr. Shanon and myself that further testing not be carried out. We feel we have sufficient data to secure and contain SCP-3944. - Dr. Daniels

*Site Director: Testing will continue until we understand the full capability of SCP objects in our care. Another test is scheduled and approved to ascertain the full scope of SCP-3944's effects. Researcher Daniels and Junior Researcher Shanon have been denied transfer and will perform the test as scheduled.*

Test #: 3944-04
Foreword: Let it be known that both Dr. Shanon and I do not approve of this test. Site Director ███████ has seen fit to perform unnecessary and extraneous testing. I am petitioning the Ethics Committee to review these tests and Site Director ███████. - Dr. Daniels

++ File: Ethics_Review_Request blocked and rerouted to local Site Director Email Server [Level 4 Access Only] ++

Test Subjects: 4 D-Class subjects henceforth designated D-01 though D-04. Subjects have been sourced as such, that they both maintain baseline mental faculties and are no longer able to participate in other activities due to severe injury.
Test Parameters: This test will ascertain effects of extreme exposure. All subjects will be instructed to enter the area of effect of SCP-3944. D-Class subjects will be fitted with tether harnesses for extraction.

Subjects will be monitored via an automated surveillance system. This system will be programmed to alert researchers to any change in previously observed behavior. This will allow for extended monitoring of the test without physical observation.

Test will conclude once behavioral deviation occurs or a total of █ years pass.

Automated Monitoring System Log-0001-03/16/████: D-01 though D-04 are promptly assisted into their seats by security personnel before leaving the test chamber. Security personnel unaffected by SCP-3944. Approximately 10 minutes’ pass before SCP-3944 begins affecting D-Class Personnel. Vocal pattern logged.
Automated Monitoring System Log-0002-09/23/████: Alert. Behavioral anomaly detected. System will scrub back and compile transcript of event 0001.

SCP-3944 Behavioral Divergence Event-0001:
Time Elapsed: █ years
Audio/Video Transcript:

D-01: Shit what were we talking about again?

D-02: I don't know man. Hey, do know what we were talking about?

D-03: Come to think of it, I can't. Do you know what we are talking about?

D-04: Nah I have no idea. Hey, do you remember what we were talking about?

D-01: Fuck I just had it. I hate when this happens, do you remember what we were just talking about?

D-02: No. Hey I can't remember what I was going to say. Do you remember what we were talking about?

D-03: No clue. Do you know?

D-04: Ugh! Its on the tip of my tongue. Can anyone PLEASE tell me what we are talking about?

D-01: I can.
D-02: ….
D-03: ….
D-04: ….

*Suddenly all test subjects cease vocalization, triggering the AMS to alert Researcher Daniels to changes in SCP-3944-1 behavior. D-01 can be seen leaning over SCP-3944 and whispering something to the other subjects.*

Dr. Daniels: Hello? Please respond. This is Dr. Daniels.

*SCP-3944-1 subjects do not respond and are seen calmly sitting silently around SCP-3944.*

Dr. Daniels: Security, please enter the test chamber and prepare for extraction of D-Class. I will be joining you.

*Researcher Daniels and a security detail enter the test chamber and cautiously approach SCP-3944. It is at the point all 4 instances turn to look at Researcher Daniels.*

Dr. Daniels: D-Class, I am ordering you to report. Are you okay?

All instances of SCP-3944-1 vocalize in unison

D-01: We remember.
D-02: We remember.
D-03: We remember.
D-04: We remember.

Dr. Daniels: What do you mean "you remember"?

D-01: Everything that has ever been forgotten.
D-02: Everything that has ever been forgotten.
D-03: Everything that has ever been forgotten.
D-04: Everything that has ever been forgotten.

Dr. Daniels: Dr. Shanon! Make sure we are recording this!

*Researcher Daniels is seen motioning for security to stand down.*

Dr. Daniels: That's a bold claim. Would you mind telling me something I might have forgotten? If what you say is true then it should be easy.

D-01: You mean you don't remember?
D-02: You mean you don't remember?
D-03: You mean you don't remember?
D-04: You mean you don't remember?

Dr. Daniels: Well of course I… wait, no wait. I literally just had it. Do you remember what I was saying?

D-01: No I can't say that I do. Hey, do you remember what he was talking about?

D-02: I have no clue. Do you remember?

D-03: No. Do you?

D-04: I almost had it, but unfortunately, I can't. What about you doctor?

Dr. Daniels: Nope, no idea. What about you?

*After seeing Researcher Daniels under the influence of SCP-3944, a security officer activated the containment breach alarm. They immediately activated the tethers to extract the D-class from SCP-3944. Upon cessation of SCP-3944's anomalous effect. All instances of SCP-3944-1 expired, rapidly deteriorating to resemble bodies that have decomposed for approximately █ years.*

*Researcher Daniels was debriefed, administered Class-A amnestics and transferred off project as per Site Director's request.*

Investigations into ███████ as well as the manufacturer that supposedly produced SCP-3944 were deemed inconclusive. Both parties have denied creating and selling SCP-3944. Both companies have been designated GOI-03453-1 & GOI-03453-2 and are to be continually monitored for further instances of anomalous goods. Testing of SCP-3944 is currently under the direct supervision of Site-56's Site Director. No further testing is currently scheduled or approved.

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