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KeterSCP-3950 The One From BelowRate: -42

Item #: SCP-3950

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-3950 must be confined within a copper-based room inside the Heavy Containment Zone in Sector ████████. Only two people may enter at a time. Subjects are advised to wear fire-resistant clothing whenever descending SCP-3950. Personnel with Level 5 clearance and below are strictly not allowed to access SCP-3950. 24-hour surveillance and at least ten guards are assigned to guard SCP-3950.

Description: Item SCP-3950 is an obsidian gateway that is closed tightly and inaccessible by any means. SCP-3950 only opens at a specific time (usually midnight up to 3 o'clock in the morning). SCP-3950 was recovered on █████████1989 near Wiltshire where one Henry Blake, a juvenile "scientist", was attempting to connect it to the center of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Stonehenge". Nine-Tailed Fox were deployed when the ██████ Foundation branch detected anomalous pulses of energy that was later tracked to Wiltshire. The incident lasted for three hours before ceasing. Nine-Tailed Fox has successfully contained SCP-3950 along with Henry Blake. (See Interview A-1)

Interview A-1
Interviewed: Captain Jonathan Frost
Interviewer: ██████████████████

Cpt. Frost: [static]"… Is this thing on? Hello? Hell~o?"

█████████: "Yes, we can hear you, Captain. Would you like to tell us what happened in Incident 1-A in Wiltshire?"

Cpt. Frost: "All I can say is that shit went down, when we arrived, it looked like hell. Then there was this crazy kid that kept on yelling some kind of chant, the place looked like a forest fire."

█████████: "Do you have any information regarding SCP-3950?"

Cpt. Frost: "It was tearing up a shitstorm when we got there, fire was everywhere and the pillars of rocks didn't look anything like it did in the post card. It looked, complete. Things started coming out of the center and engaged us. I lost a good number of men that night."

█████████: "I am sorry for your loss, Captain. But do you any information regarding your "interaction" with SCP-3950? Based on the report I have here, it appears that it 'warped' you and your men to a different reality?"

Cpt. Frost: "Yes, it did. I wished it would have just killed us rather than send us to Hell itself. Bullets didn't do shit to the five of those things, they slaughtered my team like pigs. They were about to get me but then I punched the shit out of one of them and it melted into goop, I don't know how I did it but I think it had something to do with the ring I was wearing."

█████████: "Yes, and the origin of this ring is?"

Cpt. Frost: "It was from my ex-wife back when I was still married. Heh, I didn't think that a little thing that reminded me of her would be the one that saved my life. Those things… I think they're allergic to it."
█████████: "Thank you for your time, Captain."
[Captain Frost exits the room.]

Interview 1-B
Interviewed: Henry Blake
Interviewer: Dr.█████████

Blake: "[gasps, heavy breathing]…w.. where am I?"

Dr.█████████: "You are being interrogated right now, Henry. What part did you play when you released SCP-3950?"

Blake: SC… what? Who the hell are you guys?

Dr.█████████: Answer the question.

Blake: "[laughing]… even if you ruined the prophecy, it will still come in the future."

Dr.█████████: "And what is this "prophecy"?"

Blake: "The end of days. Whether you're a religious shmuck or not, it will come. And I have proof of it.

Dr.█████████: "What is your proof of this prophecy?"

Blake: "Stonehenge." [clears throat] "As you can see, dear Doctor. I have been blessed with visions of fire and suffering, these nightmares had been drawn to the historical site ever since I was first born, it was really stupid that those people thought that it was some sort of burial ground… [giggles]… although it is a burial ground… for the world. Each night the dreams become more vivid than ever, I knew that it was calling unto me because I was was the mad scientist it needed. It showed me locations, a time, and a place."

Dr.█████████: "What showed you these visions?"

Blake: "The devil himself… [laughs]."

[Subject started singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic by Julia Ward Howe"]

Dr.█████████: "I don't have the patience for this, Mr. Bl—"

Blake: "Doctor."

Dr.█████████: "Pardon?"

Blake: "Doctor Blake. [chuckles]"

Authorized personnel may continue to conduct tests and explorations. Refer to documents 210-I through 210-III for exploration transcripts.


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