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EuclidSCP-3951 The Training DiskRate: -13

Item #: SCP-3951

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3951 is to be contained in a secure metal disk case with a code lock only available to researchers with level 3 clearance and above. Under no condition must a staff member above level clearance 2 views the contents of SCP-3951. If a Foundation staff member does view the contents of SCP-3951, they must be terminated immediately. See Addendum 3951.1

Description: SCP-3951 is an anomalous disk held in an 18.5 cm by 12.5 cm case. The case for the disk and the disk itself display no anomalous traits physically and both have a label containing the title "Training Disk". When SCP-3951 is inserted into a DVD player, it displays a standard training disk for Foundation personnel. On the main menu of SCP-3951 are 3 selections of content for "training purposes." These purposes are Foundation Research Training, Task Force Agent Training, and SCP Handling Training. When a subject plays any of these selections from the main menu, the disk will begin to display its anomalous properties.

If the subject selected the Foundation Research Training portion of the disk, SCP-3951 will begin to list several Foundation Staff along with their likes, dislikes, physical and psychological weaknesses, and family members. SCP-3951 will then proceed to give a real-time location of said Foundation personnel. SCP-3951 seems to have a far larger storage space as compared to 9.4-gigabyte DVDs. The pattern in which SCP-3951 displays personnel seems to exhibit no discernible pattern.

If the subject selected Task Force Agent Training, SCP-3951 will begin to display a number of Task Force Agents, their current mission, main strategies and tactics, and favored weapons. SCP-3951 will then show exclusive intel valuable to the displayed agent's mission. The Task Force Agent Training portion seems similar to the Foundation Research Training portion, in which SCP-3951 lists a certain agents likes, dislikes, physical and psychological weaknesses, and a real-time location of said Task Force Agent.

If a subject selected SCP Handling Training, SCP-3951 will begin to list SCPs and detailed special containment procedures, descriptions, and additional information on the displayed SCP. If the class D was recently in contact with the SCP displayed on SCP-3951 such as testing or anything else the Class D will show extreme surprise, confusion, and aggression toward any Foundation personnel involved with the currently displayed SCP on the disk.SCP-3951 seems to only display information about entities who have memetic properties. See Incident 3951-1

If a person watches any portion of SCP-3951 and its content, the subject will display surprise and mild confusion and frustration toward the displayed Foundation personnel. Once the subject has watched a portion of SCP-3951, the subject will remain in a continued confused state and will continue to increase in frustration. The subject seems to have increased knowledge of Foundation personnel that is extremely exclusive to the person displayed on SCP-3951. This includes extremely confidential information such as social security numbers, emergency contacts, and so forth.

SCP-3951 was found in a local video store being sold for $9.99 when a civilian attacked a Foundation field agent undercover as a police officer who was doing a routine security route around the town.

Without provocation the civilian attacked the field agent while seeming to know that the agent was working for the Foundation, the civilian was screaming that the people who the Agent worked for are horrible people and that the civilian knew what they did.

Foundation Personnel were immediately called on to the site to recover SCP-3951. However, it appeared that numerous people had seen the tape. Mobile Task Forces were unable to calm down the group of people who were calling the Foundation a bunch of maniacs who "killed people for no apparent reason other than to experiment with stuff." The video store was closed down immediately and Class B amnestics were applied to the people who had viewed the contents of SCP-3951. The amnestics proved to be ineffective, however. News about SCP-3951 was beginning to spread through the town at an increased rate. In order to keep the Foundation a secret, Protocol 12 was enacted to ███ people with Class B amnestics given to those who had not viewed SCP-3951. The Foundation was unable to find any sale history of SCP-3951 with the store clerk saying that "someone had just donated the disk to my store without needing any payment for it." Foundation closed the video store permanently and wrote the people affected by SCP-3951 as a mob of people with sadistic views. News of the incident regarding SCP-3951's containment went unnoticed by the public and the field agent who first responded to SCP-3951 was transferred to a secure site.

Addendum 3951.1: Further testing along with SCP-3951's recovery has revealed SCP-3951's effects cannot be removed with amnestics. Termination must be immediate due to the importance of containment of important information vital to the Foundation.

Addendum 3951.2: SCP-3951 was recorded to display a new feature while a Foundation staff member was doing drone testing. The new feature was displayed on the main menu of SCP-3951, with a label exclaiming that [DATA EXPUNGED] copies have been sold worldwide. This information infers that SCP-3951 is being sold by a third party to numerous GoIs, many of which have been unknown to the Foundation. SCP-3951 was reclassified to Keter.

Incident 3951

After Class D Subject 7889 was shown SCP Handling Training Portion of the Disk. The Class D subject showed no anomalous effects for 3 days. On the 4th day, Class D Subject was recorded openly discussing SCP-571's containment and confidential information to other Class D Personnel. Class D 7889 was given Class A amnestics, with no effect on the confidential information about SCP-571. Class D 7889 was then terminated due to a breach of information on SCP-571.

Incident 3951-1

Class D Subject 894 was shown SCP Handling Portion of SCP-3951. SCP-3951 displayed the entity commonly known as SCP-1299 along with SCP-1299's description, testing logs, and interviews. SCP-3951 then displayed the interview log pertaining to Class D 894. Class D 894 then viewed the end of Interview 1229-B pertaining to when Class D 894 was administered 2 class B amnestics and returned to holding cells. Upon watching the end of the tape Class D 894 began to show heightened emotions of aggression and began screaming at Foundation Personnel. Class D 894 began to sob profusely and said, "I thought I was crazy!!! Then when you [EXPLETIVE DELETED] people told me about the very damn thing that ruined my life I thought I was gonna get out of here. I thought I would finally be free. BUT THEN YOU [EXPLETIVE DELETED] PEOPLE KEPT ME IN HERE FOR SIX MONTHS FOR SIX [EXPLETIVE DELETED] MONTHS. WHY DID YOU KEEP ME IN HERE? DID YOU WANT ME TO SUFFER. After Class D 894's emotional outburst Class D 894 was administered class F amnestics. However, Class F amnestics proved ineffective with Class D 894 continuing to display hostile behavior towards Foundation personnel. Class D 894 was terminated at the end of the month.

Test A -3951

Subject: One Class D Personnel (D-8504)
Procedure: D-8504 was instructed to watch the Task Force Agent Training portion of SCP-3951
Results: D-8504 was able to recall an event where Task Force Agent ███ intentionally deleted segments vital to SCP-096's retrieval, primarily information on the importance of not viewing SCP 096's face. Agent ███ was questioned about the validity of Agent ███'s involvement in the removal of information pertaining to SCP-096. Agent ███ confirmed that he willfully removed information pertaining to SCP-096 but was unwilling to give a valid reason on why. Agent ███ was terminated 30 minutes later.
Analysis: SCP-2951 seems to have the ability to display information even hidden from the Foundation. This log will not be revealed on SCP-096's file in order to protect any hostile feelings toward fellow personnel, especially Capt. █████████.

Test B - 3951

Subject: One Class D Personnel (D-9704)
Procedure: D-9704 was instructed to watch Foundation Research Training Portion
Results: SCP-3951 displayed all the names of acting 0-5 Personnel. D-9704 expressed mild confusion, stating "Who are these people?" SCP-3951 then displayed the current location of 0-5 Personnel, along with characteristics, known physical and mental weaknesses, and other information pertaining to each 0-5 Personnel. D-9704 was terminated right after testing.
Analysis: It seems that SCP-3951 is able to display information that is exclusively private to the Foundation with no display of struggle at all. This thing may be more dangerous than we thought.

Test C - 3951

Subject: One Class D Personnel (D-9567)
Procedure: D-9567 was instructed to watch SCP Handling Portion
Results: SCP-3951 began to give a highly detailed explanation pertaining to SCP-3333. SCP-3951 revealed that the multiple instances acting as personnel who entered SCP-3951 were in fact not human and rather a sentient being of unknown origin. SCP-3951 then proceeded to display information inferring to the fact that there are currently █ more instances of sentient beings in SCP-3333 claiming to be human in origin. The test was aborted and D-9567 was terminated after testing.
Analysis:Wait what?! There are people in there? Where, are they still alive, are they hurt, are they mentally stable? This raises so much questions, how can this thing know things that even we don't know about. Further testing is required.

Test D is pending 0-5 Command

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