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SafeSCP-3957 The Eternal Soviet PrisonRate: 15

Item #: SCP-3957

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Access to SCP-3957 is to be restricted to Foundation personnel. SCP-3957 is to be guarded by no less than 25 armed security officers at all times, with a half kilometer perimeter established to prevent any civilians from entering the immediate vicinity of SCP-3957. A cover story implying structural instability of the prison is to be disseminated among the local civilian populace. Civilians who breach the perimeter and reach SCP-3957 are to be detained immediately and turned over to Russian authorities for trespassing. Civilians who breach the perimeter and reach SCP-3957 or witness any testing are to be either terminated or given Class-A amnestics before being detained, at the discretion of the overseeing security officer.

Description: SCP-3957 is the abandoned prison complex of ██████████ Penitentiary, located north of Nyrob in Perm Krai, Russia. SCP-3957 is in a slightly dilapidated state, with sections of the outer wall appearing worn and the presence of rust on the front doorway and outside window bars. Watchtowers surrounding SCP-3957 upon discovery were found to be in a state of disrepair1.

All entrances to SCP-3957 are sealed and rendered inaccessible, save for the front entrance. The entrance to SCP-3957 is a steel double-door of unremarkable design with dimensions 2m x 3m x 0.25m. The doorway to SCP-3957 has no door handles or knobs; the only way to open SCP-3957 is to enter a four-digit code on a keypad outside the door2. Anyone who enters the incorrect combination into the locking mechanism immediately vanishes, and is transported to the interior of SCP-3957 through unknown means. Upon entering the correct combination, the door will open on its own, revealing the interior.

The interior of SCP-3957 is a dimly lit prison much larger than the exterior would suggest, with the cell block ranging to be 1 kilometer in length and 50 meters in width.

The cell block has three levels of cells, with a staircase leading to the additional levels positioned by the door. Cells begin lining the walls approximately 25 meters into the cell block. The cell block is constructed out of solid concrete, albeit with some sections in a dilapidated state. Rust covers some of the doors, with a few potholes and cracks present in the flooring.

At 50 meter intervals, there are doors on the right-hand side of the cell block, taking the place of cells that would otherwise occupy said space. These doors lead to the interrogation wing, where instances of SCP-3957-1-C are located.

At the end of the cell block is a steel double-door that leads into what instances inside of SCP-3957 refer to as the “surgical unit”, where prisoners and damaged instances of SCP-3957-1-A and SCP-3957-1-B are converted into instances of SCP-3957-1-B or SCP-3957-1-D. It is currently unknown as to how these conversions are made, as no documentation of SCP-3957-1-E has been made while performing surgery.

There are currently ████ cells within SCP-3957, with each cell being 2m x 1m in area. There is one meter of concrete wall separating each cell. There are currently 958 inmates being held within these cells. Cell doors are barred and have a keyhole that will only open with a key produced by instances of SCP-3957-1-A. Aside from inmates, cells are completely empty, save for four chains positioned on the left and right side of the cell, fixated on the side walls and roof.

Subjects contained within the prison deteriorate in health if not released soon, entering stages of extreme malnutrition due to lack of food or water. However, subjects held within SCP-3957 do not require sustenance or a need to expel waste, regardless of their time held within SCP-3957, nor will they expire from starvation, thirst, or septic shock.

SCP-3957 is home to five types of anomalous entities, designated as SCP-3957-1-A through SCP-3957-1-E. Instances of SCP-3957-1 are highly resilient to physical harm, displaying no signs of pain recoil when injured, even when struck in bodily regions where the heart, brain, or other vital organs would normally be located. SCP-3957-1 instances must take significant bodily harm in order to be incapacitated, and significant destruction of the head in order to be fully killed.

SCP-3957-1-A: Instances of SCP-3957-1-A appear to be humanoid entities, measuring to be roughly 1.5 meters in height. SCP-3957-1-A instances are dressed in identical uniforms that match those used by prison guards in the Perm Krai district during the late 1930’s. The only exception to this is that all instances of SCP-3957-1-A wear a gas mask that is attached to their heads, making its removal impossible. Lenses on the gas masks are completely opaque, leaving their bodies completely covered. To this end, it is unknown what the physiological makeup of SCP-3957-1-A instances is.

Instances of SCP-3957-1-A appear to patrol the central cell block, as well as oversee instances of SCP-3957-1-B. Instances of SCP-3957-1-A are responsible for transporting prisoners around the facility, as well as retrieving critically damaged or deceased instances of SCP-3957-1-A or SCP-3957-1-B for SCP-3957-1-E to perform surgery on. Instances of SCP-3957-1-A are also responsible for containing and deterring any prisoners attempting to escape or resist, as well as assisting instances of SCP-3957-1-C during “interrogation” sessions.

SCP-3957-1-B: Instances of SCP-3957-1-B appear to be humanoid entities resembling past prisoners in physical makeup and clothing, albeit with all facial features crudely removed. The eyes and mouth have been sewn shut, and the nose and ears appear to have been removed. Scars on the forehead are consistent with those of patients following lobotomies. Instances of SCP-3957-1-B work at a slow pace, and are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the prison complex. SCP-3957-1-B entities do not react to intruders, or when bodily harm is inflicted upon them.

SCP-3957-1-C: Instances of SCP-3957-1-C have only been seen in the interrogation wing, within the interrogation rooms contained therein. Instances of SCP-3957-1-C resemble humanoid entities measuring roughly 2.5 meters in height. SCP-3957-1-C instances are dressed in a uniform identical to USSR officers in the 1930’s, albeit all black. Instances of SCP-3957-1-C have their face and hands exposed, with said regions appearing to be human in organic matter. SCP-3957-1-C manifestations have a heavily distorted face, lacking all facial features completely. Their skin is twisted and knotted around the facial region; despite this, SCP-3957-1-C entities are able to verbally communicate fluently in Russian through unknown means. SCP-3957-1-C entities secrete a mildly caustic transparent liquid from their hands, which is used to inflict pain upon interrogated prisoners.

SCP-3957-1-D: Instances of SCP-3957-1-D are occasionally seen patrolling the cell block alongside SCP-3957-1-A instances. SCP-3957-1-D manifestations appear to be constructed from bodily parts and limbs of SCP-3957-1-A and SCP-3957-1-B instances that have either been critically damaged or killed. Instances of SCP-3957-1-D appear to be surgically assembled to vaguely resemble an East-European Shepherd, with jaws, legs, and other regions surgically deformed to perform the same motor functions as the aforementioned animal. Teeth have been replaced by artificial teeth made of iron to resemble those of the East-European Shepherd.

SCP-3957-1-D instances have the basic cognitive abilities as canis lupus familiaris, and are obedient to instances of SCP-3957-1-A. Instances of SCP-3957-1-D will attack intruders or resisting/escaping prisoners on sight, or upon orders to do so by SCP-3957-1-A instances. SCP-3957-1-D instances are capable of reaching speeds estimated to be roughly 40 kilometers per hour, and will proceed to latch their teeth upon the legs or ankle of their victims, attempting to immobilize them until SCP-3957-1-A instances are able to arrive and restrain offending subjects.

SCP-3957-1-E: The only instance of SCP-3957-1-E has been located within the surgical unit of SCP-3957.3 The instance appears to be a man of elderly age (estimated to be between 60-75 years of age) dressed in a surgical outfit that matches those used by doctors of the USSR in the 1930’s. The instance has an unusually designed face mask, that covers not only the mouth, but the entire face of the instance. SCP-3957-1-E has not yet been documented performing any surgical procedures. SCP-3957-1-E has been described by an instance of SCP-3957-1-A to be mute, and remain in a dormant state until the instance has a subject to perform surgical procedures on. SCP-3957-1-E remains upright, albeit motionless while in his dormant state.

Discovery: SCP-3957 was discovered in 1997 by Field Agent Golav, who was working undercover with Russian authorities. Field Agent Golav and his assigned partner, V███████ █████, were investigating a case concerning a missing teenager who was reported by friends to have gone to the [REDACTED] prison for urban exploration. No traces of the teenager, identified as 16-year-old Alisa █████, were found, except for a handbag belonging to her, which was located in front of the door to the prison.

Upon discovery of SCP-3957, V███████ █████ attempted to open the lock on SCP-3957, and, upon his failure to do so, immediately vanished. Field Agent Golav contacted members of Site-219, situated ██ kilometers east of the Perm Krai district, who proceeded to send a security team to establish a perimeter around SCP-3957. Field Agent Golav has notified his colleagues in the Russian authorities that no traces of the missing teenager were discovered. Those associated with V███████ █████ were administered Class C amnestics, and all records of him were expunged from public records.

Exploration Logs: Following the discovery of SCP-3957’s combination, several exploration teams were assembled to document the interior of SCP-3957.

Exploration SCP-3957-A
Date: February 12, 1998
Procedure: Five exploration team members (Agents Beloglazov, Delov, Yeltsin, Zharkov, and Volodin) are to enter SCP-3957 and document the interior. All units are equipped with the following:

  • 1 head-mounted camera with 5 hours of tape
  • 1 IFAK
  • 1 PP-90 submachine gun, automatic
    • 5 magazines, each containing 30 rounds of ammunition
  • 1 long-range radio

Results: Exploration team entered SCP-3957 at 12:00 hours. After reviewing recovered video footage from Agent Beloglazov, the rescue team came under attack from instances of SCP-3957-1-A and SCP-3957-1-D. All agents except for Agent Beloglazov were captured by instances of SCP-3957-1-A. See the video log below for more information.
Agent Beloglazov was the only member of the exploration team to make it back to the entrance of SCP-3957 and escape. Agent was subsequently taken to Site-219 for medical examination. His head-mounted camera was taken to Site-219 as well for review of the footage.

Video Log for Exploration SCP-3957-A
<Begin video log | 12:00>
Agents Beloglazov, Delov, Yeltsin, Zharkov, and Volodin enter SCP-3957. All agents take this time to ensure that their radios work within SCP-3957.
Beloglazov: Mic check.
Delov: Copy.
Yeltsin: I read you.
Zharkov: Roger.
Volodin: OK, all our radios appear operational. Let’s proceed.
All exploration agents proceed deeper within SCP-3957.
Delov: Damn, this place is huge.
Beloglazov: It sure is. I hope we don’t get lost in here.
Zharkov: Quiet; did you hear that?
At this point, all agents stop moving for a few seconds. Faint wailing can be heard in the distance.
Beloglazov: Yeah, I hear that. It sounds like someone’s in pain.
Recovery team approaches the source of the sound. Rows of cells come into view.
Beloglazov: Damn, I guess this place is a prison after all.
Zharkov takes notice of one of the prisoners in a cell (hereon referred to as Subject-3957-1; the subject is a male, estimated to be between 30-40 years of age. Subject has a white shirt and brown pants on, historically matching clothing styles worn by citizens of the USSR in the 1930’s. Subject seems emaciated, with the skin around the head tightly surrounding the skull.
Zharkov: Oh shit.
Subject-3957-1: Please… Help me.
Delov: Hello? What’s your name. Do you know what this place is?
Subject-3957-1: Please, get me out of here before they come back!
Delov: Before who comes back?
Yeltsin: Men, we have company.
At this point, Agent Beloglazov turns to see Agent Yeltsin aiming his P90 submachine gun at an instance of SCP-3957-1-A, which has begun approaching the exploration team from the level 1 catwalk. After several seconds since noticing the exploration team, the instance of SCP-3957-1-A emits a sound resembling that of a whistle at 120 dB. SCP-3957-1-A instance then leaps over the catwalk railing down to the ground level and rushes towards Agent Yeltsin.
Yeltsin: Contact, Contact!
Agent Yeltsin discharges his P90. Instance of SCP-3957-1-A appears to suffer no response to stimuli inflicted from gunshot wounds, nor is hindered by injuries, even when shot in the head.
Agent Volodin looks towards the inner area of the cell block and sees 17 instances of SCP-3957-1-A and 4 instances of SCP-3957-1-D approaching from the level 1 catwalk and ground level.
Zharkov: All units, open fire!
Remaining exploration team agents open fire on approaching instances of SCP-3957-1-A.
Beloglazov: Shit, they’re not… they’re not even flinching!
Yeltsin: They’ve got me! Requesting assistance!
At this point, the first instance of SCP-3957-1-A grabs hold of Agent Yeltsin, disarming the agent of his firearm and locking him in a chokehold.
Volodin: Hang on! Men, give me cover.
Volodin rushes over to Agent Yeltsin and begins opening fire on the instance of SCP-3957-1-A restraining him. Several shots are fired into the instance’s head. SCP-3957-1-A instance restraining Agent Yeltsin is presumed to have collapse dead.
Delov: Reloading!
Zharkov: Two more coming in from the right side balcony!
Beloglazov’s camera shifts towards 2 additional instances of SCP-3957-1-A leaping down from the level 1 balcony on the opposite side of the cell block.
Zharkov: Men, watch the right side fla-AAAAAGH!
2 instances of SCP-3957-1-D pounce on Agent Zharkov and begin mauling the agent’s face.
Agent Beloglazov attempts to fire upon the assaulting instances of SCP-3957-1-D. One instance collapses dead upon receiving several gunshot wounds to the head. The other instance releases Agent Zharkov and charges towards Agent Beloglazov.
Beloglazov: Oh shit! Oh shit!
The instance of SCP-3957-1-D pounces on Agent Beloglazov. Said agent moves his left arm in the way, and is pinned to the ground with the instance of SCP-3957-1-D tearing at his arm.
Yeltsin: Men! Zharkov and Beloglazov are down! Delov, take care of Beloglazov. Volodin, situate yourself near Zharkov and provide covering fire. Zharkov, get out your IFAK.
Several gunshots are heard penetrating the body of the attacking SCP-3957-1-D instance. Said instance goes limp and Agent Beloglazov pushes it off.
Volodin: I’m running low on ammunition; this is my last magazine!
Yeltsin: Damnit, Zharkov, get out your IFAK!
Beloglazov gets to his feet, looking over at Agents Zharkov and Volodin. 3 instances of SCP-3957-1-A tackle Agent Volodin, with 2 additional instances seen laying on the ground beyond them. Agent Zharkov is unconscious.
Delov: Shit! Yeltsin, Zharkov and Volodin are down!
Yeltsin: Dammit, I’m out of ammo rounds in this clip. Reloading!
Delov: Yeltsin, we can’t take them! There’s too many!
At this point, Agent Beloglazov turns to look at the 2nd and 1st level balcony above them. 5 additional instances of SCP-3957-1-A begin leaping off of the balcony.
Agent Volodin is attacked and restrained by an instance of SCP-3957-1-A. Beloglazov backs away, turning to see Agent Yeltsin being pinned to the ground once more by an instance of SCP-3957-1-D. 2 instances of SCP-3957-1-A approach Agent Yeltsin; one pulls the SCP-3957-1-D entity away from Yeltsin while the second restrains the agent.
Agent Beloglazov can be heard at this point muttering a series of obscenities under his breath as he notices the remaining instances of SCP-3957-1-A approaching him. Agent Beloglazov proceeds to turn around and run for the entrance.
Agent Beloglazov reaches the door of SCP-3957 and runs through. Beloglazov frantically informs the security officers standing beside the door to close it immediately. SCP-3957 is closed as instructed.
<End Recording>
Closing Statement: After careful review of the SCP-3957-1-A instances, it appears they are wearing uniforms consistent with those worn by prison guards in the Perm Krai district of Russia during the 1930’s. Whether or not these instances are anomalous human beings or an entirely separate race altogether is unknown.

Exploration SCP-3957-B
Date: April 2, 1998
Procedure: Five exploration team members (Agents Ivanov, Kovrov, Levkin, Mager, and Mamin) are to enter SCP-3957 and document the interior. Units are dressed in uniforms identical to those of SCP-3957-1-A instances. Gas masks are equipped with special one-way mirror lenses to avoid detection.
All units are equipped with a concealed radio for communication. Agent Ivanov was instructed to stand near the door of SCP-3957. In the event of detection by instances of SCP-3957-1-A, all other agents are to inform Agent Ivanov via radio. Upon receiving word of capture, Agent Ivanov was instructed to exit SCP-3957 and close the door immediately.
Results: Exploration team entered SCP-3957 at 11:00 hours. All agents except for Agent Ivanov proceeded into SCP-3957. At 11:24 hours, Agent Ivanov exited SCP-3957 and closed the door. Upon being questioned by Researcher Uri as to what happened within SCP-3957, Agent Ivanov responded by claiming that Agent Mager radioed in, frantically yelling that the instances of SCP-3957-1-D were able to detect them. Upon detection, an accompanying instance of SCP-3957-1-A demanded identification papers from the agents, who were then attacked and pursued when they failed to produce said documents.
Closing Statement: It would seem as though matching uniforms are not enough. Documentation will be needed. Dr. Aslanov4 will be contacted for information on potential officials whom we may be able to forge papers from.

Exploration SCP-3957-C
Date: May 12, 1998
Procedure: Two exploration team members (Agents Afonin and Bok) are to enter SCP-3957 and attempt to document the interior. Agents were supplied with NKVD uniforms and forged papers signed by [REDACTED], Commissioner General of State Security. Signed papers give authorization for entry into SCP-3957 and call for thorough inspection of the prison facility. Agent Afonin was given a hidden camera with 2 hours worth of tape.
Agent Afonin was instructed to enter the facility and proceed with exploration, with Agent Bok being stationed near the entrance. In the event of an SCP-3957-1-A attack, Agent Afonin was instructed to contact Agent Bok, whereupon the latter would exit and close the door.
Results: Agents Afonin and Bok entered SCP-3957 at 13:00 hours. Upon entry, Agent Bok held position near the entrance of SCP-3957. Agent Afonin proceeded roughly 25 meters into the cell block, whereupon an instance of SCP-3957-1-A approached the agent (dubbed henceforth as SCP-3957-1-A-1). SCP-3957-1-A-1 demanded identification from Agent Afonin, who proceeded to display authorization papers. Following inspection, SCP-3957-1-A-1 profusely apologized to the agent, stating that all SCP-3957-1-A instances were instructed to demand signed authorization papers in case of “interlopers sent by the counter-revolutionaries”.
Upon receiving instructions from Agent Afonin for a tour of the facility, SCP-3957-1-A-1 proceeded to escort Agent Afonin throughout SCP-3957. Agent Afonin began documenting with video at this point.

<Begin Recording | 13:08>
Agent Afonin and SCP-3957-1-A-1 proceed deeper into the cell block for roughly 2 minutes.
SCP-3957-1-A-1: As you can see, sir, our prisoners are kept in an animated state at all times, despite not receiving any food or water.
Agent Afonin: I can see. How are they kept alive?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Alas, that information was withheld even from us. Only Dr. Alexei Yarstev knows that.
Agent Afonin: And where might I find this doctor?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Dr. Alexie Yarstev was called away on urgent business to take care of another project by Tovarisch Stalin. I am sure he will return soon, however.
Agent Afonin: When exactly was this?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: 1939.
Agent Afonin: Alright, then.
Agent Afonin stopped at this point, turning to face a closed cell containing Agent Levkin.
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Is something the matter, sir?
Agent Afonin: This prisoner here, when was he incarcerated?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: One month ago.
Agent Afonin: Was there anyone else with him?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Three accomplices were found and recovered. We believe they were attempting to contact a fourth interloper, however, we failed to recover him. We have been thoroughly subjecting all party members to extensive interrogation as to where they came from and what they were doing here.
Agent Afonin: Oh? And what have they told you?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Currently, none of the intruders have relieved information. However, we are slowly breaking them down. Our interrogators have proven most effective at instilling fear into them. It’s only a matter of time before one of them confesses to their crimes.
Agent Afonin Oh, I see. And where are the interrogations taken place?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Within the interrogation wing, of course! Come, this way.
Agent Afonin is escorted by SCP-3957-1-A-1 towards one of the doorways within the side of the cellblock. Agent Afonin and SCP-3957-1-A-1 traverse a narrow corridor for about two minutes before exiting through another door. Both individuals enter a long corridor of smaller width than the cell block. Rooms for interrogation purposes are stationed on the opposite side of the hall.
Agent Afonin: I take it this is the interrogation wing?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Correct. For every seven days a prisoner spends within their cell, we take them out and to the interrogation rooms.
Agent Afonin: Why seven days?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: To allow the hunger and thirst to set in. After all, despite the prisoners not being able to die from malnutrition in here, their minds are not as immune.
Agent Afonin: Psychological torture?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: It acts as a preliminary step. We use it to soften up our prisoners before we take them into the interrogation rooms.
Agent Afonin: And how exactly are these interrogations carried out?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Perhaps a demonstration would better answer your question, sir.
SCP-3957-1-A-1 and Agent Afonin enter an interrogation room across the hall. Inside, an instance of SCP-3957-1-C (hereafter referred to as SCP-3957-1-C-1 is busy questioning a prisoner (hereafter referred to as Subject-3957-1).
Subject-3957-1: Please, I told you I am not a counter-revolutionary. My family was always loyal to the state; we would never-
SCP-3957-1-C-1: LIAR! Your uncle was a member of the Old Bolsheviks; he was named as one of Zinoviev’s co-conspirators! Admit your participation in the assassination plots and the names of your accomplices and pay your debt to the state!
Subject-3957-1 notices Agent Afonin at this point.
Subject-3957-1: Please, I did nothing wrong. We had no idea that my uncle was involved in such things. Please tell him I did nothing wrong!
SCP-3957-1-C-1 notices Agent Afonin at this point.
SCP-3957-1-A-1: This is ██████ Yakimov5. He is here on orders for inspection of the prison.
SCP-3957-1-C-1 salutes Agent Afonin.
SCP-3957-1-C-1: Greetings sir. I apologize for the lack of information gathered from this Zinovievite sympathizer, but I assure you we will uncover who he is working with soon.
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Understood. Carry on.
SCP-3957-1-C-1: Yes sir. Now, as for you, we have no place for counter-revolutionaries in the state.
SCP-3957-1-C-1 removes his gloves and places his hands on Subject-3957-1, who expresses significant discomfort, beginning to scream in pain. This continues for about a minute before SCP-3957-1-C-1 removes his hands from the prisoner and resumes interrogation.
SCP-3957-1-C-1: I’ll ask you one more time before you’re taken back to the cells, who are your accomplices?
Subject-3957-1: OK… OK… the other person involved is Abid Bogrov. He… He was there in the meetings.
SCP-3957-1-C-1: And where might we find him?
Subject-3957-1: His family’s farm. They live just outside of Perm Krai.
SCP-3957-1-C-1: Very well. Take this man for conversion.
Subject-3957-1: What? No! I told you what I know! I do not deserve this!
SCP-3957-1-C-1: On the contrary, this is exactly what you deserve. You and your accomplices have attempted to usurp the state, and for that, you will spend eternity serving it.
At this point, an instance of SCP-3957-1-A standing in the corner of the room grabs hold of Subject-3957-1 and takes him out of the room.
Agent Afonin: What exactly is the conversion process?
SCP-3957-1-C-1: The prisoner will be taken to the surgical unit in the back of the facility, where they will undergo conversion into one of the workers that I’m sure you have seen tending to the prison.
Agent Afonin: So those custodians, they were all prisoners?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Correct. This way, they are bound to eternal servitude to the state.
Agent Afonin: Where exactly is the surgical unit?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Allow me to show you, comrade. This way.
SCP-3957-1-A-1 escorts Agent Afonin out of the interrogation room. The two proceed further into the prison through the interrogation wing corridor. At the end of the corridor, the two proceed through a doorway leading back to the cell block. In the cell block, at the end of the chamber, there is a large metallic double-doorway leading to the surgical unit.
The surgical unit is a small room composed of concrete. In the center is an operating table with arm and leg restraints. To the left side of the room is a series of cabinets with unknown contents. There is a table with surgical implements on the opposite side of the room. SCP-3957-1-E can be seen standing in front of the table across the room; the instance is dormant.
SCP-3957-1-A-1: This is the surgical unit, sir. This is where the counter-revolutionaries are converted into the workers you see roaming the facility.
Agent Afonin: Is that thing responsible for their conversion?
Agent Afonin points towards SCP-3957-1-E.
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Correct, sir. This is our surgeon; he oversees the surgical operations in which prisoners are converted into workers, as well as handling their repairs, and creating the hounds we use.
Agent Afonin: Those “hounds” I saw… How are they made?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: When one or more workers, or one of our own is damaged beyond repair, the remains are used to create the hounds.
Agent Afonin: I see. Is there any way I can speak with the surgeon?
SCP-3957-1-A-1: Alas, I’m afraid the surgeon does not speak, nor will he become active until there is something for him to operate on.
Agent Afonin: Ah, OK then. Well, I believe I’ve seen everything I need to. Thank you for your cooperation, officer.
Agent Afonin proceeds back to the entrance of SCP-3957, and exits SCP-3957 with Agent Bok.
Closing Statement: We now have a layout of SCP-3957. Attempts will be made soon to retrieve our other agents currently held within SCP-3957.6


Addendum SCP-3957-A: The combination for SCP-3957 is 9177

Addendum SCP-3957-B: Following testing, SCP-3957’s anomalous vanishing properties were confirmed. On the date of January 4, 1998, D-4322 was implanted with a tracking device within the rear of the neck, and instructed to enter the combination 1111 into the combo lock for SCP-3957. Upon entering the combination, D-4322 vanished immediately.

The tracking signal revealed that he was situated ██ meters beyond the door of SCP-3957, however, the location was situated in the open field surrounding the prison. D-4322 was not found at the aforementioned location. Following this, a robotic drone was used to enter sequential combinations into SCP-3957 until the correct combination was found. The drone did not vanish upon incorrect entries.

Addendum SCP-3957-C: On the date of June 3, 1998, Agent Bok was sent into SCP-3957 with a USSR officer uniform and forged papers signed by [REDACTED], Commissioner General of State Security. Signed papers authorize the retrieval of Agents Beloglazov, Delov, Yeltsin, Zharkov, Volodin, Ivanov, Kovrov, Levkin, Mager, and Mamin. D-4322 was also signed for release, for purposes of an interview of his imprisonment within SCP-3957.

Upon entry of SCP-3957, Agent Bok traveled roughly 28 meters into the cell block before encountering an instance of SCP-3957-1-A, accompanied by an instance of SCP-3957-1-D. The SCP-3957-1-A instance asked for signed documents, and upon being shown the forged documents, proceeded to escort Agent Bok to the confined agents. All agents, except for Agents Ivanov and Delov, were recovered. D-4322 was not recovered. Following inquiries as to where they were located, the instance of SCP-3957-1-A stated that “the counter-revolutionaries confessed to their crimes, and have begun their eternal penance to the state.” Further questioning revealed that the remaining SCP Foundation personnel were converted into instances of SCP-3957-1-B.

Since the agents were converted into instances of SCP-3957-1-B, this can only mean that they have confessed the reason for their intrusion to the SCP-3957-1-C entities. The Foundation’s presence may have been compromised, however, the humanoid anomalies within SCP-3957 appear to still believe the USSR facade. We must take great caution from here on out not to expose our true identities.
-Researcher Uri

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