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EuclidSCP-3969 Hofmann's NightmareRate: 101

WARNING: The following file contains an Ikelos class oneiric filtering agent designed to render this document inaccessible to dream-based entities. It is known to cause detrimental cognitive effects in persons affected by certain anomalies. Do not continue viewing if any of the following conditions are true:

  • You have recently been affected by a dream-based anomaly.
  • You have recently experienced a lucid dream.
  • You have a Cognitive Resistance Value (CRV) of less than 13.
  • You are currently viewing this warning while inside a dream.



Research outpost ADRX-3969

Item #: SCP-3969

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: There is currently no feasible way to completely prevent the occurrence of SCP-3969 in human beings. Current procedure is focused on minimizing public exposure to its effects. To achieve this, the following containment protocols are to be enacted:

  • Foundation web-crawlers are to monitor online communities and discussion boards for information related to SCP-3969. Disinformation campaigns are to be established in these sites with the intent of disseminating false information about SCP-3969. Foundation assets embedded in academic publishing are to similarly promote an erroneous consensus about SCP-3969's nature.
  • Sleep techniques designed to minimize the probability of SCP-3969 occurring are to be introduced to demographics interested in specific sleep-related activities (lucid dreaming, induced hypnagogia, etc.)
  • Embedded agents in hospitals and other medical institutions are to monitor the records of comatose patients for symptoms consistent with SCP-3969-A's associated sleep stage. Affected patients are to be transferred to the nearest Foundation facility for treatment and amnesticization.

All testing that involves SCP-3969 is to be conducted at ADRX-3969. SCP-3969 can be induced for testing purposes using Hypnos class oneirogens, which facilitate prolonged hypnagogia. Recording of data and communication with subjects is to abide by the protocols detailed in Procedure 3969-04 (see Addendum 01.)

Description: SCP-3969 denotes a phenomenon that affects human beings during sleep onset. Symptoms of the anomaly are most visible during hypnagogia1 and include abnormally intense periods of sleep paralysis and hallucination. Affected individuals will typically exit sleep onset incognizant of SCP-3969's primary effects. However, if hypnagogic consciousness is maintained for 90 to 120 minutes, the subject will enter a previously undocumented phase of sleep. This sleep stage is characterized by the experience of a recurrent dream, designated as SCP-3969-A.

SCP-3969-A resembles the location where the subject is sleeping. Objects and structures in the dream reflect the position, appearance, and condition of their real-world analogues. This similitude diminishes as the sleeper travels farther away from the initial area, resulting in an increasingly deteriorated and incohesive environment.

Subjects experiencing SCP-3969-A report consistently high levels of lucidity in the dream. Electrographical measurements made during this stage of sleep indicate that affected individuals remain in REM sleep without progressing through the sleep cycle or entering NREM sleep. Subjects report gaining no rest from sleep when SCP-3969-A occurs and waking up feeling exhausted. Despite experiencing increased lucidity, sleepers are unable to exert any control over the state of SCP-3969-A.

Individuals in the SCP-3969-induced dream state are unable to be roused through normal means, including pain stimulation. Subjects are able to remain in the dream for extended durations provided that their body's physical needs are attended to. Endurance testing done with D-class personnel has shown that a sleeper can remain in SCP-3969-A for as long as 7 days before medical problems begin to develop. Self-termination while inside SCP-3969-A appears to be the only effective method of exiting the dream.

Addendum 01: Further testing has revealed that post-wake memory retention is reduced when an individual is affected by SCP-3969. The average estimated degree of recall for all subjects involved in SCP-3969 testing has been measured to be less than 10%. Because of this, dream journals and other recording methods that rely on dream recall have been deemed unreliable and have been removed from testing protocol.

Procedure 3969-04 is an experimental procedure that has been devised as an alternative method of recording SCP-3969-A dreams. It allows for the transference of sensory data to and from a sleeper in the REM phase. The procedure is divided into two components:

  • Transference of data from subject to operator. This involves the usage of extrasensory transmission methods derived from multiple telepathic anomalies2 to achieve this task. Subjects trained in using these methods are able to passively transmit the sensations of their own hearing and sight while inside a dream, outputting usable data to specialized recording devices.
  • Transference of data from operator to subject. This is achieved through a memetic encoding device that interprets normal human speech and converts it into a form perceivable by subjects in SCP-3969-A. The reception of speech encoded in this manner is likened by subjects to "hearing a voice in [their] head."

This procedure should not be used with individuals that possess a CRV of less than 13. It has been observed that doing so causes immediate sensory overload in the subject. It is not yet fully understood why this occurs.

Addendum 02:

Dream Report 3969-01

Operator: Dr. Ashlyn Lynch

Subject: D-6782.

Opening Statement: The purpose of this test is to determine the reliability of Procedure 3969-04 in the SCP-3969-A dreamscape. Previous trials done with the subject in non-anomalous dreams yielded successful results.

Visual feed shows nothing but a dark gray color, most likely the inner part of the subject's eyelids. A dull noise is audible in the background.

Dr. Lynch: Hello?

Subject's eyes open, looking at the bed he is laying on and darting his gaze around the room. Room resembles Examination Room 5A, where the test is being conducted.

Dr. Lynch: Are you there?

D-6782: Ow, that's loud… that's really loud. Can you turn your voice down?

Operator adjusts encoding device. Subject rises from the bed and stands up.

Dr. Lynch: Is this better?

D-6782: Much better. So… I take it that I'm in a dream right now, since you're talking in my head.

Dr. Lynch: Correct. It's a different kind of dream, actually. Different from what you're used to. Can you describe to me what it feels like so far?

D-6782: It feels… really solid. You know how lucid dreams usually have that tingly, chilly feeling to them? I don't feel it right now. It's kind of amazing, how vivid this is.

Dr. Lynch: Noted. Can you look around the room for me and tell me if you see or feel anything odd?

D-6782: Sure.

Dr. Lynch: Thanks.

Subject walks around the room examining its furnishings. The room appears to accurately reflect the appearance of its real world analogue. Subject reaches out and runs his hand over the grooves of a table.

D-6782: Actually, I don't know, this feels a little bit too real. Are you sure I'm asleep right now?

Dr. Lynch: I'm completely sure. Now, could you please step outside and go to the room two doors to the right?

D-6782: Okay.

Subject steps outside into a dark hallway, turning right and approaching a door next to a placard saying "EXAM ROOM 5C." Subject opens the door and enters the room. The room contains a large rectangular mirror opposite to the entrance and a table in the center. Three index cards are lined up on the table.

D-6782: What now?

Dr. Lynch: Please take a look at those index cards.

D-6782: They're blank.

Dr. Lynch: No, they're face down. Turn them over and read them for me please.

Subject turns the cards over. The words "Szechuan", "Chickadee", and "penalize" are written on them.

D-6782: Seck… one, "Chickadee", and "penalize." Is that good?

Dr. Lynch: Yeah.

D-6782: Alright, nice. Looks like I can read. What's next?

Dr. Lynch: Now I'm going to ask you to do something else. You might not like it, but it's part of the test, so you need to do it for me.

D-6782: What is it?

Dr. Lynch: Open the filing cabinet next to the table.

Subject opens filing cabinet. Inside is a 9mm pistol and a magazine.

D-6782: Is this a gun?

Dr. Lynch: Yes. Please load it then shoot yourself.

D-6782: What?

Dr. Lynch: Insert the magazine into the magazine well, pull back the slide and—

D-6782: I know how to load it. I'm just… I'm just wondering why you're making me do this.

Dr. Lynch: It's a part of the exit protocol. It's how you leave the dream.

D-6782: I mean, I don't think that'll work. Plus I'm really vivid right now. I'm pretty sure this is actually going to hurt… a lot.

Dr. Lynch: Trust me, you won't feel a thing.

D-6782: Are you sure?

Dr. Lynch: Yes.

D-6782: Okay, alright. I trust you.

Subject loads the pistol. The gun exits the field of view.

Feed ends.

Closing Statement: Procedure works as intended. Subject reported experiencing symptoms of a cluster headache immediately after waking up. Subject was allowed to postpone testing for 48 hours to recover.

Addendum 03:

Dream Report 3969-02

Operator: Dr. Ashlyn Lynch

Subject: D-6782.

Opening Statement: The purpose of this test is to explore the dream analogue of the city nearest to ADRX-3969 and document any notable disparities. Transport provisions have been set up for use by the subject in SCP-3969-A.

Attachment: Image 01/3969-02. Description: City near ADRX-3969's dream analogue. Click to enlarge.

[Log truncated. Subject traveled to a nearby city using an ATV.]

Subject is walking on a sidewalk, inspecting the buildings around him. It appears to be night time.

Dr. Lynch: Listen, I wanted to make amends for lying to you a few days ago, so I packed something in your kit.

Subject stops walking.

D-6782: What?

Dr. Lynch: Look in the front pouch.

Subject opens the front pouch of his survival kit and inserts his hand, visibly negotiating around the contents of the pouch with his fingers. After a few seconds, he grasps onto a cylindrical object and takes it out. It is a prescription pill bottle.

D-6782: What is this, cyanide?

Dr. Lynch: Even better; it's pentobarbital. It lets you terminate the dream quickly and painlessly. I was thinking you weren't going to want to shoot yourself again, so I'm giving you a better way to do it.

Subject puts the pill bottle back in the pouch.

D-6782: Well, I… thanks? [pause] So, what am I doing here?

Dr. Lynch: Right now you're just looking around for anything strange or noteworthy. The dream is supposed to break down the farther you are from the site. You're about… 30 kilometers from the site, so you should start seeing some weird stuff.

D-6782: I'll keep an eye out, then.

Subject continues walking, before reaching a building adorned with a crudely drawn sign saying "REST INSIDE."

D-6782: Huh. It says "REST INSIDE."

Dr. Lynch: I can see that.

D-6782: Should I go inside?

Dr. Lynch: Yes. Proceed into the building.

Subject turns flashlight on and enters the building. The interior contains rows of metal beds. Multiple beds in the room appear to be distorted and bent at sharp angles. A layer of a congealed yellow substance visibly coats the floor and the frames of the beds.

D-6782: What the hell?

Subject kneels down and rubs the floor with a finger then smells it. Subject recoils and starts coughing.

D-6782: Ugh, fuck. That smells like shit.

Subject points the flashlight around the room, then shines it towards the ceiling. The yellow substance appears to be leaking from the grille of a ventilation shaft.

Dr. Lynch: You should follow that vent.

Subject shines flashlight towards the back wall of the room, where the ventilation shaft passes through. He begins approaching the back wall, but stops and takes notice of a door on which the phrase "SLEEP INSIDE" is written.

D-6782: Really.

Subject opens the door and enters the room. The yellow substance extends about 1 meter from the entrance in a circular shape before tapering off. Visibly continuing down the ceiling is the ventilation shaft, bending towards a wall above an open closet. The phrase "DREAM INSIDE" is written on the back wall of the closet.

D-6782: It feels like… I feel like I'm going to suffocate. Can I leave?

Dr. Lynch: Go take a look around inside that closet and then you can leave.

D-6782: Okay, okay. Just… just going to be a quick look.

Subject enters the closet and looks up towards the ceiling. The end of the ventilation shaft bends down from the ceiling and terminates a few meters above the subject's head. Shining a flashlight inside it, the yellow substance can be seen dripping down the walls of the shaft.

D-6782: There's nothing in here.

Dr. Lynch: Alright then, you may—

D-6782; Wait. I hear something.

Metal scratching and sloshing sounds can be heard. A few moments later, a human head resembling a woman descends from the ceiling, jutting out from the shaft's entrance.

D-6782: What the fuck? What the fuck?

Dr. Lynch: Get out of there!

Subject turns towards the closet entrance, but finds only a wall.

D-6782: Oh my fucking god, get me out of here!

The head turns towards the subject and opens its mouth. The mouth begins to rapidly contort, expanding to fit the closet's dimensions and completely engulfing the subject. A loud gulping sound can be heard, as the visual feed fills with a dark red color.

Feed ends.

Closing Statement: Subject was placed in an intensive care unit. It is not currently known if recovery is possible.

Addendum 04:

Dream Report 3969-03

Operator: Dr. Ashlyn Lynch

Subject: D-6782.

Opening Statement: The purpose of this test is to attempt to reestablish communication with the subject using Procedure 3969-04.

Dr. Lynch: Hello?
Attachment: Image 01/3969-03. Description: Unknown structure. Click to enlarge.

Dr. Lynch: Are you there?

Feed begins and shows a bright red landscape. A large trapezoid prism structure is in the distance. Subject appears to be lying prone on the ground.

D-6782: Doctor? Is that… is that you?

Dr. Lynch: It's me. What happened to you?

D-6782: The pills… they didn't work. I can't leave… I can't leave! Help me!

Dr. Lynch: We're trying our best to get you out of there. Have you tried dying?

D-6782: Dying doesn't work either. It just makes it worse. I… I think I'm actually completely fucked… I don't think I'm going to wake up.

Dr. Lynch: Okay just… hold on there, okay? We're going to get you out. You're going to be fine.

A female figure manifests in the distance. Subject begins crawling back.

D-6782: Shit, shit! Doctor!

Dr. Lynch: Oh fuck.

The female figure begins sprinting towards the subject.

D-6782: No, no, no, NO, NO.

The figure lunges at the subject and begins to contort into his mouth, deforming its body to fit. Subject is visibly struggling, but can offer no resistance.

Feed ends.

Closing Statement: Subject has continued to be unresponsive to resuscitation attempts. Further communication attempts using Procedure 3969-04 have been similarly unsuccessful.

Addendum 05:

Dream Report 3969-04

Operator: N/A

Subject: N/A

Opening Statement: N/A

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