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Item #: SCP-3974

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3974 instances are stored in humanoid containment cells. Relative humidity is to remain below 50%. The temperature of the cells containing instances -1,-2, and -4, is to be kept below 17° Celsius. The containment cells of SCP-3974 objects are to be decontaminated once daily. Level-A hazmat suits are required for direct or indirect interaction with said objects.

The cell containing SCP-3974-3 is to be kept below 15° Celsius. Food provided to the object is to be in paste form, and its heart rate is to be monitored during its sleep cycle. The object is to be tranquilized should it attempt to inflict self harm. It is to receive counselling on a regular basis, until its condition stabilizes.

Should any personnel assigned to SCP-3974 exhibit symptoms of SCP-3974-A infection, they are to be quarantined and tested. Personnel infected by SCP-3974-A are to be considered lost, and their remains incinerated. The area they had occupied is to be decontaminated.

To encourage cooperation and maintain psychological health, personnel handling SCP-3974 instances are permitted to address said instances by the appropriate names given prior to containment. All other personnel are required to refer to an instance by its respective designation.

Following Incident 3974-3C, additional security measures have been implemented, to prevent potential unauthorized retrieval of SCP-3974 instances.

Description: SCP-3974 is the designation for 4 human children, referred to as SCP-3974-1 to -4. Instances -1 and -3 are disfigured as a result of unfavorable conditions during initial transport. The remaining instances are unremarkable in appearance, aside from their anomalous condition.

The bodies of SCP-3974 instances have been converted into chocolate candy1, through an unknown process. All organs corresponding to a human subject are present within the instances, and function as expected. The skeletal structure is composed of compacted sugar crystals, with a density similar to that of human bone. The nutritional requirements of the objects are identical to that of children of similar age range. Unknown metabolic processes allow for nutrients absorbed to be converted into chocolate.

SCP-3974 instances are carriers of a previously unknown viral pathogen2, henceforth referred to as SCP-3974-A. Infection occurs through physical contact, or with bodily fluids of SCP-3974 instances. Upon infecting a human subject, SCP-3974-A will begin to rearrange its tissues into a material approximately 80% identical to chocolate, in terms of nutrition and structure. Initial symptoms include fever, skin lesions and lethargy, later developing into diarrhea, loss of mobility, and vomiting. The infection will progress to a point where the subject is completely converted into chocolate and expires due to organ failure3. Similar to SCP-3974 instances, infected subjects are also able to spread the infection. Consuming the chocolate created by SCP-3974-A will invariably result in infection.

The pathogen affects all cell types, with the exception of erythrocytes and osteocytes. The exact process by which SPC-3974-A converts a host's tissues into chocolate is unclear, however, it is notably complex, involving multiple stages. Following lysis, additional virions and a chocolate-like substance is released. The pathogen also utilizes the gut flora of the subject to facilitate fermentation of the chocolate substance, which produces flavor precursors responsible for a chocolate taste. Research is ongoing into methods, or antiviral drugs to treat this infection.

SCP-3974 instances are susceptible to melting when exposed to temperatures above 17° Celsius. Disfigurement caused by melting has not been observed to heal, and is currently considered irreversible. Unrelated injuries such as minor cuts or abrasions have been observed to heal.

All SCP-3974 instances were initially recovered on ██/██/19██, from the property of █████ Garrison, in ██████, ████. The subject owns a local confection production company. On ██/██/19██, Garrison organised an event inspired by the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl, to celebrate its anniversary. This event involved selecting subjects of ages ranging from 8 to 12 who had randomly found prizes within confections produced by his company. These subjects were granted a tour of Garrison's facility, during which the children were converted into their current state.

All but one of the children selected, ████ ████, were retrieved by the Foundation and designated SCP-3974 instances. Both Garrison and ████ ████ have not been located to date, and are considered persons of interest. No anomalous equipment were encountered in the facility. Parents and guardians associated with the event were administered appropriate amnestic treatment, and led to believe that a gas leak was responsible for their loss of consciousness. The facility was secured, and the children and Garrison were reported to have died in a minor explosion. Evidence was fabricated as necessary, and suitable cadavers were supplied in place of the instances.

Addendum 3974-1a: It was discovered, shortly after initial discovery, that the chocolate comprising SCP-3974-3 melts at a higher rate than other instances. During transport, the object began melting, resulting in severe disfigurement and the loss of coherent speech. It expresses constant discomfort, if not pain. SCP-3974-3 attempted to self terminate on ██/██/19██, by repeatedly slamming its head on its toilet seat, resulting in further disfigurement.

SCP-3974-3 was successfully tranquilized before serious injury was inflicted. It was treated for contusions, and subsequently diagnosed with clinical depression.

Addendum 3974-2a: Senior Researcher ██████ has abolished the practice of addressing SCP-3974 instances by the names given prior to their containment, as no further information can be obtained from said objects.

Addendum 3974-3a:
The following documents are restricted to personnel with a clearance level of 4/3974 or above.

Item #: SCP-3974-B

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3974-B is to be contained within a humanoid containment cell with a filtered ventilation system with the ability to be hermetically sealed if required.

The containment chamber is to be decontaminated once daily by a team of personnel wearing level-A hazmat suits. Food and water are to be provided subsequently. Permission to tranquilize the object during this procedure has been granted, should it refuse to cooperate with personnel, or display hostility. The object is to be handled with the same precautions as bio-hazardous materials.

The object has been known to react with hostility toward personnel assigned to its containment. On-site personnel are to be monitored for symptoms of SCP-3974-A infection. Appropriate procedures are to be administered, should infection be detected.

Although SCP-3974-B is deceased, information given by the object suggests that its consciousness still exists in an undetermined location. Resources are being allocated to confirm its statement, facilitate its recovery, and subsequently contain the object.

Description: SCP-3974-B is a Caucasian human male, formerly known as ████ ████, aged at 12 years, although it identifies itself as █████ Garrison. The object is physically identical to a non-anomalous human subject within the appropriate age range, but behaves atypically. The object exhibits a mental capacity equivalent of a subject aged at least 30 years.

SCP-3974-B is an asymptomatic carrier of SCP-3974-A; experiencing no ill effects from the pathogen. Infection occurs through physical contact with SCP-3974-B, or its bodily fluids. The reason why the object is unaffected by the pathogen is not known.

The object claims to possess the skills required to produce anomalous consumables, assumed to be detrimental to human subjects. This property has not been observed, and is currently unconfirmed.

SCP-3974-A was recovered at the confection manufacturing facility of █████ Garrison, on ██/██/19██. Agents assigned to monitor the facility recognized the object as one of the children last seen with Garrison, and proceeded to apprehend it. The object responded with hostility, and infected 2 agents, thus confirming its anomalous properties.

Interviewed: SCP-3974-B

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

<Begin Log>

SCP-3974-B: How long do you intend to keep me here?

Dr. ██████: SCP-3974-B, please state your nature.

SCP-3974-B : Is that the way it is, then? Very well. I have time. My prison is a holy place.

Dr. ██████: SCP-3974-B, you are to cooperate with my instructions. State your nature.

SCP-3974-B: I used to be known as █████ Garrison, owner of the factory where your people ambushed me. You are free to refer to me as such, although now I am something more. I am a messenger.

Dr. ██████: As we stated in the last interview, your designation is SCP-3974-B, and you will be referred to as such. Explain what you meant when you said you are a messenger.

SCP-3974-B: A messenger for the chocolate gods. Are you intent on receiving the good news?

Dr. ██████: We'll leave that for a later interview. Explain why your appearance is identical to that of ████ ████.

SCP-3974-B: Ah, ████. He was the perfect host for me. I specifically chose him over the other children. I fed him the chocolate of transference, so I could infuse my consciousness into his being. I must say, it certainly is refreshing to feel young again.

Dr. ██████: What is the chocolate of transference?

SCP-3974-B: It is an esoteric secret of the chocolate realm. Through vigorous study and devotion, I was able to unlock its secrets. When another mortal consumes it, he is infused by the essence of the one who crafted it.

Dr. ██████: And ████?

SCP-3974-B: There's nothing left of his consciousness in this form.

Dr. ██████: So he's dead?

SCP-3974-B: Don't be so small minded, although I doubt if you can help it. I set him free, as a martyr. He was a worthy sacrifice to usher in a new age of wisdom and prosperity. Before this, my body was dying. Doctors like you couldn't cure me. So I turned my back on your forms of science. Science which couldn't cure my father either, nor his father. I was determined to change my fate. Chocolate was my remedy. But I needed more time. I needed more time to decipher the message of the chocolate gods, to save us all. So I transferred my consciousness into this body.

Dr. ██████: And the other children? Are you responsible for converting their bodies into chocolate?

SCP-3974-B: Ah, the children, yes. You stole them from my place of residence, didn't you? Not a very wise move. Their conditions hadn't properly stabilized yet, you know? I returned to acquire them, but when I arrived, your people were waiting for me. I can only assume that you are experiencing some difficulty in keeping the children stable. Tell me. How are you handling the melting? Don't tell me you haven't figured out how to stop it. I can help them, if you let me treat them. I still require them for the next phase of the grand design.

Dr. ██████: Request denied. Answer the question.

SCP-3974-B: How cold of you. Very well. I shall enlighten you. Yes, I am responsible for their current state. To you, it may seem like I used them as lab rats. But they will be rewarded by the chocolate gods for their hardship. Like me, I intend for them to be so much more. They do not know it yet, but they are instrumental in the arrival of the chocolate gods.

Dr. ██████: In what way?

SCP-3974-B: They are needed for the summoning ritual. It will be a glorious sight, doctor. But the children are not yet ready. I trust that you are treating them well.

Dr. ██████: We'll leave that for a later interview, then. Explain the nature of the pathogen you carry. What do you know about it?

SCP-3974-B: It's the message, and I'd prefer it if you refer it it as such.

Dr. ██████: Explain it in detail.

SCP-3974-B: One must experience it to understand. If you are worthy, all shall be made known to you. If you are righteous, you have nothing to fear. Thousands of years ago, the chocolate gods breached the veil between our two realms, and taught the ancients the way of chocolate making. However, over time, we grew to be independent of them, and their presence in our realm waned. We forgot that they were once real. Many forgot them altogether. Now, they wish to return, and through the message it shall be made possible. Chocolate is, in itself, a divine blessing. Why do you think the scientific name for the cacao tree means "food of the deities"?

Dr. ██████: How and when were you infected?

SCP-3974-B: Infected? (laughs) Do not proceed to insult me, doctor. I am not a sick man. Not anymore. I was saved. I have been blessed. When I stepped into the chocolate realm, I was given this message to spread to all of humanity, on behalf of the chocolate gods. This 'pathogen', as you call it, is alive. And I have been given authority over it, as the harbinger of the truth. It exists as a means for our species to transcend our mortal forms, and become one with the chocolate realm.

Dr. ██████: We'll end the interview here.

SCP-3974-B: You cannot contain the chocolate gods. I've already broken the barrier when I stepped through the other side. It is only a matter of time. Repent, doctor. Repent, for they are harsh to the sinners. Eat the chocolate of repentance, and accept my message. The great reckoning is nigh-

(Dr. ██████ deactivates the microphone within the containment chamber.)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. ██████ proposes that additional security measures are taken in the containment of the object. Psychiatric evaluation of SCP-3974-B has also been suggested.

Interviewed: SCP-3974-B

Interviewer: Dr. ████

Foreword: Dr. ████ requested an interview with SCP-3974-B to gain information into methods of reversing SCP-3974-A infection, as well as the condition affecting SCP-3974 instances.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ████: Good day, SCP-3974-B. Are you comfortable?

SCP-3974-B: Not in the least.

Dr. ████: Good.

SCP-3974-B: My, you're particularly acrimonious.

Dr. ████: I'm here to ask you some questions regarding the children. You mentioned that you are responsible for their condition?

SCP-3974-B: Yes, and they can thank me once the chocolate gods have returned.

Dr. ████: Thank you? Do you know that because of you, they are going to spend their lives surrounded by four walls? They'll never be able to feel the warmth of human touch. Do you realize that one of them almost tried to kill… itself?

SCP-3974-B: You had better not let any harm come to them. They are needed for the ritual. And for your information, they will have salvation-

Dr. ████: Enough. I can't stand the fact that you're masquerading in that poor boy's skin. How do we reverse the process? How do we cure the children?

SCP-3974-B: Oh, doctor, you can't cure what was never sick.

Dr. ████: Listen, you-

Dr. ██████: That's enough. This interview is over.

SCP-3974-B: Doctor, please calm down. If you need to relieve your stress, I'll have you know chocolate has some very positive effects on the mind-

(Dr. ██████ deactivates the microphone within the containment chamber.)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The interview was terminated, due to Dr. ████'s noticeably heightened emotional state.

Dr. ████ was decided to be unsuitable to be assigned to SCP-3974 research, and was transferred to another project.

Additional Comments:

Yes, I was upset, but can you blame me? Those instances are only children. I know that they're anomalous now, and dangerous to handle, but they were and still are children. They're scared, and their lives will never be the same. Blood samples, researchers in hazmat suits, being dehumanized. Look, I have a daughter around the same age as -1. It was her birthday recently. You know how it is. Presents, friends, cake. All the while I was thinking about SCP-3974. -1, -2, -3, and -4. They'll never have that again. And it's because of that madman.

What else can I say? Imagine if something like that happened to your kid. What would you do? It was a bit better when we could use their actual names, but this is just too much. I was trained to study viruses, not to treat children like objects.

I know I'm going to be reassigned to another project. It's for the better. I can't keep doing this to those children. I can't sleep knowing that there's nothing I can do. Just promise me that the instances will be decently taken care of. I don't know, it can't hurt to give them some children's books, or video games, or something. Make sure that madman never hurts another child again.

-Dr. ████

Interviewed: SCP-3974-B

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: As of ██/██/19██, the physical health of SCP-3974-B appeared to decline steadily for unknown reasons. The object was observed to regularly vomit a substance identical to chocolate. The interview was conducted to determine if the object required medical attention, or if it was feigning illness.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3974-B: Joyous days. Joyous days are here at last, doctor.

Dr. ██████: How are you feeling, SCP-3974-B?

SCP-3974-B: Fine. More than fine, actually.

Dr. ██████: Your physical health appears to be in decline.

SCP-3974-B: Revelation. I have received a divine revelation from the chocolate realm. They showed me a great vision while I dreamed. My lords have not forsaken me.

Dr. ██████: We believe you are not well. Would you agree with our judgement?

SCP-3974-B: No, doctor, your judgement is bogus. There is only the chocolate truth. I saw a great vision. The reckoning is nigh. I was standing atop a mountain, with the four sacrifices. They were so beautiful. And there it was! The heavens were torn asunder, and a torrent of chocolate poured forth! Marvelous! The chocolate gods are graceful, beautiful, but also wrathful. I called down the mountain to all the people, scrambling like frightened sheep. Repent, you sinners! Repent! Eat the chocolate of repentance so your souls may be saved! The great flood brought magnificent destruction. Those poor fools. Why didn't they listen? There is no defying the chocolate gods. In the end, divine destiny prevailed upon the earth. We were all absorbed into the harmonious unity of the chocolate realm. Soon I will be free, doctor. I must fulfill my place in this divine plan.

Dr. ██████: Are you threatening a containment breach?

SCP-3974-B: You shall see. Listen, doctor, I've tolerated you lot for long enough, but I think this may be the last time you and I speak with each other in this mortal plane. (object is observed to vomit) You have transgressed against the messenger of the chocolate gods, and thus committed a grave sin. Repent now, sinner, or face a terrible judgement.

Dr. ██████: Is that a threat, or do you believe you are about to expire early?

SCP-3974-B: Both. But it's not me that's about to 'expire early'. I wasn't ready to die all those years ago, when people like you told me I couldn't be cured. And I'm not even close to dying now. I'll let you in on a little secret, doctor. You know that chocolate of transference I fed to the child? I have more. And I have followers. When the time is right, my most devoted acolyte will consume the- (object coughs violently, and vomits a large volume of chocolate). He will consume it. And I will be reborn. Freed from this prison, just as Peter was in the Bible. (laughs) Although, that isn't exactly to my taste. Personally, I prefer Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Dr. ██████: The object appears unstable, alert the medical team. Prepare tranquilizers.

SCP-3974-B: This is where we part ways, doctor. But I will return for the children. For now, I leave a representative of the chocolate realm with you, an incarnation of the living message. They told me I would die. They could not cure me. I told them chocolate was my life, and as long as there is chocolate I will continue to live. I am the carrier of the message. It is my mission to save all those people from the wrath of the chocolate gods. I will feed them the chocolate of salvation and protect them with my essence. I am the living message, and this is a taste of the wrath of the chocolate gods.

(SCP-3974-B collapses and convulses violently.)

Dr. ██████: Get a medical team in here!

(Through security footage, SCP-3974-B is observed to vomit an anomalously large volume of chocolate and blood.)

Dr. ██████: God damn it! Medical team, get in here!

(The stomach of SCP-3974-B ruptures [DATA EXPUNGED], and an entity emerges. The entity is much larger than what could possibly be contained within the abdominal cavity of SCP-3974-B.)

Dr. ██████: Security!

SCP-3974-B: Holy, holy, holy, are the denizens of the chocolate realm [inaudible] (the object expires, and its remains are observed to dissolve into chocolate, and are absorbed by the entity.)

<End Log>

The entity originating from SCP-3974-B is described to be composed of chocolate, resembling no known terrestrial organism. Additionally, it was capable of spreading SCP-3974-A infection, and exhibited hostility towards personnel. It appears as an asymmetrical mass of tentacles extending from a main structure, approximately 8 m in length. The organism possesses a feeding orifice, appearing as a jaw-less, funnel-shaped opening. Observations indicate that the entity is carnivorous, believed to utilize the infection caused by SCP-3974-A to pre-digest its targets, before absorbing the substance produced. No sensory organs pertaining to sight are visible on the organism, suggesting adaptation to an environment without light. Attempts to injure the organism caused it to emit high pitched shrieks, that inflicted intense pain in human subjects in its vicinity.

The entity breached containment, through use of applied force against the interior of the containment chamber, shortly after the events of Interview 3974-2. The entity resisted attempts to incapacitate it by use of firearms, allowing it to resist containment, and terminate ██ on-site personnel, including Dr. ██████. The entity was successfully neutralized by sustained use of flamethrowers, by a security team equipped with ear protection.

No further study of the entity was feasible as its remains were heavily damaged and disfigured. Furthermore, it completely dissolved within minutes of expiring. It was subsequently incinerated, and most of the area of the site was decontaminated from SCP-3974-A.

Review of security footage, and reports from personnel, suggest that the organism was attempting to reach the area containing SCP-3974 instances -1 to -4, although this cannot be confirmed.

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