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EuclidSCP-3981 [UNTITLED UFO]Rate: 23

Item #: SCP-3981

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Confirmed instances of SCP-3981 on public television channels are to be immediately blocked and collected for later analysis by Mobile Task Force 71-Gamma ("Binge Watchers")1. Software designed to automatically detect and block such instances has been installed on several servers used by major television corporations in the United States, but manual review is still necessary due to the imperfect nature of this software. Collected broadcasts must be stored as .MP4 files on authorized USB devices and kept on person until personnel are able to contact a fellow field operative or return to an operating site; loss of these USB devices is cause for immediate project reassignment and, depending on the circumstances, further disciplinary action.

Should an instance of SCP-3981 be publicly televised, containment efforts are to focus on limiting the spread of information relating to the anomaly and destroying any evidence (photographic, video, or otherwise) of SCP-3981. Civilian personnel with confirmed exposure to SCP-3981 must be detained and subjected to thorough investigation, culminating in the use of a Class-B amnestic or higher (at the discretion of the project supervisor). Termination of affected civilians is generally considered to not be necessary, but may be authorized by direct order of O5 Command in the event of a large-scale incident that cannot be otherwise contained. Detained civilian personnel may not be released until they exhibit minimal or no knowledge of SCP-3981 or the SCP Foundation.

In the event Foundation personnel are exposed to SCP-3981, standard containment procedures apply with the following exceptions and addenda:

  • Use of amnestic agents higher than Class-C is disallowed.
  • Termination for any reason is disallowed.
  • Personnel must score no less than 50 points out of 75 on a Foundation Orientation Examination (Type 22-A). A failing score is cause for project reassignment or termination of employment at the project supervisor's discretion.
  • Personnel must perform Procedure 99-A with no fewer than three supervising personnel present (see Addendum II: Procedure 99-A).

Further information regarding the ongoing containment of SCP-3981 is available from the Site-318 reception desk upon request.

REVISION 3-08: By order of O5 Command, use of collected SCP-3981 instances by research personnel is disallowed indefinitely. All testing must receive explicit written consent from the project supervisor and be conducted by research personnel holding a Level 3 security clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-3981 designates an ongoing audiovisual phenomenon primarily manifesting on public television channels throughout the United States (and northern territories of Mexico). Though numerous different variations of SCP-3981 have been documented, its primary form is that of a standard 30 second television ad for an unnamed corporate entity, albeit with significant distortion and potentially esoteric messages. Though SCP-3981 has been continuously broadcasted from an unknown source since 1988, the United States Department of Paranormal Affairs (a subdivision of the Department of Defense) prevented it from manifesting publicly before the Foundation assumed control of containment efforts in 2002. The USDPA possessed a roughly 5-7% failure rate, resulting in roughly 209,000 total civilians becoming exposed to the anomaly.

The effects of SCP-3981 when viewed by a human subject appear to be largely non-critical and focused on the "spread" of the anomaly. Such effects include, but are not limited to:

  • A sudden, unexplained interest in extraterrestrial life or space travel
  • A sudden, unexplained interest in "future" technology (such as anti-gravity and faster-than-light travel)
  • Belief in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial organisms, even in the absence of evidence
  • Belief in extraterrestrial abduction of human subjects (several high-profile incidents are often cited)
  • In some cases, belief that Homo sapiens are either descended from or hybrids of an unidentified extraterrestrial species
  • In some cases, belief that mankind has been visited by intelligent extraterrestrial life in the past; often, this is correlated or caused by the belief that such an event had a direct impact on the technological, spiritual, or cultural development of mankind

With the exception of amnestics or a cognitive ailment caused by severe mental trauma (such as amnesia), attempts to convince affected subjects that their beliefs are false or misguided invariably fail. If left untreated, the effects of SCP-3981 will progress until the subject's interest in the aforementioned topics becomes their sole focus, often resulting in extensive body modification, self-injury, or ███████████ (see Document 31-B: "Exsanguination In Individuals Exposed to SCP-3981"). SCP-3981 has been correlated, both directly and indirectly, to the formation of numerous cults and religious sects throughout the continental United States and is believed to be the inspiration for "█████ █████", an occult organization responsible for Incident 9915-T (see Addendum III). The exact number of individuals known to be affected by SCP-3981 is unknown, but speculated to be in excess of 10,000 globally.

Addendum I: Case File 3981-01

Researcher's Note: The following case file was revised after Incident 9915-T by order of O5 Command. The original version of this case file can be obtained by contacting me. - Dr. Malcolm


Kyle Roberts (later "Robert Lazar") in 1971

SUBJECT ID: 3981-66154-5CP4

SUBJECT NAME: ROBERTS, KYLE. G (claims to be "Robert Lazar")


HEIGHT: 1.82m

WEIGHT: 69kg

DESCRIPTION: Subject 3981-66154-5CP4 (Kyle G. Roberts) is a Caucasian male, approximately 30-40 years of age with signs of early schizophrenia. Prior to entering Foundation custody, Roberts was a cashier at a fast food chain in Rachael, New Mexico and possessed no education higher than a high school diploma. No spouse, children, or immediate relatives were found by the recovery team. Throughout his detainment, Roberts repeatedly stated his name was "Robert Lazar" and accused Foundation personnel of being "G-Men" dispatched by the United States government, likely in relation to his claims of being a former employee at Groom Lake Air Force Base (colloquially, Area 51). The recovery team was unable to locate any evidence substantiating Roberts' claims; when questioned, Roberts was unable to provide exact dates for his employment and resignation.

Shortly after arriving at Foundation Forward Operating Facility 22-G, Agent Harrison collected Roberts and conducted an interrogation in Observation Room 09. Roberts was belligerent throughout the process, at one point asserting that Harrison was "working with them" and throwing his left shoe at a wall. After he was restrained, the interrogation continued; much of the information provided by Roberts was indecipherable and meaningless, but he was able to comment on the nature of his claims. Roberts stated that he had been present at Groom Lake Air Force Base to reverse engineer an extraterrestrial vehicle, allegedly powered by "Element 115" and operated by two individuals of an unknown genus. Roberts denied that he had physically encountered these individuals, but did state that he had seen them being escorted by security personnel and leaving medical chambers. The interrogation concluded after Roberts was sedated following an attempt to "mind control" Agent Harrison into helping him escape custody.

It is the opinion of all project staff that Roberts' claims are false and he is suffering from paranoid delusions, likely induced by exposure to SCP-3981. Roberts remains in Foundation custody at this time, pending further analysis.

Addendum II: Interview 3981-B

The following is an abridged transcript of an interview with James Fritz, confirmed to have been exposed to SCP-3981 on ██/██/████.

<BEGIN LOG, SKIP TO 00:12:13>

Dr. Williamson: So, just to clarify, you were not present when SCP-3981 was broadcasted, correct?

Fritz: Sorry, what is -

Dr. Williamson: Sorry, my mistake. I'm referring to the commercial you saw.

Fritz: Oh, right, right. Again, that's correct. I was elsewhere in the building.

Dr. Williamson: Where, exactly?

Fritz: First floor lounge, getting a drink. Was talking with Jessica, I think.

Dr. Williamson: If you were not in the broadcast room, how did you see the commercial?

Fritz: That's what I've been trying to tell you for the last 10 goddamn minutes. I didn't see the fucking commercial. I heard it. Somebody up there screwed up and had it blaring over the building's PA system.

Dr. Williamson: You don't find it suspicious that somebody in the broadcast room was playing a commercial over the studio's PA system?

Fritz: The hell are you on about? Of course I find that suspicious. It's incredibly suspicious.

Dr. Williamson: Mr. Fritz, we have you on record saying that not only did you have no knowledge of the commercial's existence, but you also initially claimed that you were in the broadcast room at the time.


Dr. Williamson: Sorry, but could we get back on topic?

Fritz: Look, man. I have no idea who you are or who you work for, but for the last time, I don't know what happened. It hurts to think about it. It's like a blur. So either let me go, or tell me what I'm still doing here, okay?

Dr. Williamson: Let me ask you a question, Mr. Fritz. You said a few minutes ago that you saw several "figures" walk into the elevators from the ground floor. You are now claiming that you were not in the broadcast room or on the ground floor, but you were in the lounge. For the last time, Mr. Fritz, where were you when the commercial was being broadcasted?

Fritz: I…I did see them. They walked past me into the elevators.

Dr. Williamson: Who?

Fritz: I don't know. They were tall. Covered in black. I couldn't even see their faces. They were easily a head taller than Peter.

Dr. Williamson: How tall is he?

Fritz: Around 6'4, I'd say.

Dr. Williamson: So these figures you saw - they'd be around 6'7 or 6'8, yes?

Fritz: That's a fair estimate, yes.

Dr. Williamson: Did you see them after they entered the elevator?

Fritz: No.

Dr. Williamson: But you stated that you were present in the building for the duration of the incident until police arrived. There is one exit from the broadcast room and it leads back to the elevators. We checked, Mr. Fritz. Given that we found no such figures during our investigation and you were detained by the response team, this would mean that they somehow left. How do you explain that?

Fritz: I don't fucking know, alright? I just don't know. Nothing about this makes sense.

Dr. Williamson: Right. Thank you, Mr. Fritz. Somebody will be here shortly to escort you out.


Addendum III: Incident 9915-T


Researcher Note: This incident report is a compilation of all information we have relating to Incident 9915-T. An investigation is still ongoing, so some data may change or otherwise prove incorrect as time progresses. Use your own discretion. - Dr. ███████

All events listed took place on October 30, 2013.

9:02 AM: Henry O'Connor arrives at KPT Broadcasting, Inc. headquarters in San Francisco, California for an eight hour shift as a broadcast manager. He is roughly thirty minutes late for work.

9:04 AM: O'Connor checks into the employee reception desk, officially starting his shift.

9:0? AM: Jessica Michaels parks her car in the employee parking lot behind the building and enters through a service tunnel.

9:07: After purchasing a coffee from the employee cafe, O'Connor takes Elevator 02 to the fourth floor and enters the broadcast room. He holds a brief discussion with his supervisor and is verbally reprimanded for being late.

9:08: Michaels enters the second floor female bathroom. She remains there until 9:40 for unknown reasons.

9:13: KPT begins broadcasting nationwide. O'Connor is managing the broadcast at this time.

9:19: An unmarked white van turns left off St. Pablo street and arrives at the rear of KPT Broadcasting.

9:20: Building security is notified of the van's presence.

9:23: As captured by external security cameras, a Caucasian male and three unidentified entities clad in black exit the van and enter the building through a rear entrance. Several security officers respond and are later reported as missing. The nature of their encounter with these entities is unknown.

9:25: Thomas Pauling spots the entities walking down Hallway 06 and, in fear, starts heading for an emergency exit. At an unspecified time, he radios one of his coworkers and advises that he also leave, suspecting a terrorist attack.

9:30: An unidentified employee calls San Francisco Metropolitan Police from the third floor and reports a possible terrorist attack. Police dispatchers later state that they heard an "altercation". Several sounds consistent with this are present in recordings collected by the Foundation.

9:32: Two police officers arrive at KPT Broadcasting, responding to the aforementioned call.

9:37: The entities encounter the police officers. Though the exact details of this encounter are unknown, the officers are later found deceased. No distress call is issued.

9:40: Jessica Michaels exits the female bathroom, possibly due to the sounds of the altercation at 9:37. She encounters the body of one of the officers and, in a panic, takes a service stairwell to the fourth floor and hides in her office.

9:41: An unidentified employee in the broadcast room tells her coworkers to "Get the [EXPLETIVE] out" and implies that a terrorist attack is imminent. O'Connor attempts to call the police, but the call is dropped. At this point, the entities are roughly 80 meters away.

9:43: KPT ceases broadcasting, citing "technical difficulties".

9:44: The broadcast room is broken into. Several employees are killed through unexplained means in the initial chaos. O'Connor narrowly survives by hiding in one of the sound booths.

9:45: O'Connor again attempts to call the police. Though he is connected, a recording of the call suggests his location was discovered by the entities and he was physically removed from the room. Based on this call and prior events, additional officers are dispatched to KPT and the Homeland Security Threat Level is raised to Yellow.

9:49: KPT resumes broadcasting, playing numerous instances of SCP-3981 on a continuous loop. Roughly 150,000 civilians are exposed within the first 15 minutes.

9:55: Officers arrive at KPT and make their way to the fourth floor. O'Connor is found seated at a table, covered in blood and sobbing uncontrollably. Numerous deceased employees are found in the broadcast room and surrounding offices. Jessica Michaels is found in her office, deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. When approached by officers, O'Connor exhibits considerable distress and retreats to a corner of the room, refusing to respond to the officers and repeatedly implying that he is guilty and "couldn't stop them".

10:13: Foundation field operatives arrive at KPT. O'Connor is sedated and taken into custody for later interrogation. Review of the building's security footage finds that several recordings are damaged or unusable, most likely due to external tampering. No video evidence of the entities, save for the footage captured at 9:23, exists.

10:15: Foundation cover-up begins. Threat level is lowered to Green.

10:20: Building lockdown is lifted. Incident ends.

Incident Analysis

Henry O'Connor: O'Connor's relation to the entities is considered nonexistent. All available evidence suggests he had no prior knowledge of their arrival and was severely traumatized by the events that took place. The manner by which O'Connor survived the incident remains unknown. An interrogation was attempted shortly after the incident, but O'Connor proved incapable of comprehensible speech, possibly due to post-traumatic stress disorder. He has since been amnestisized and returned to the civilian sector.

Jessica Michaels: The nature of Michaels' death and her inexplicably prolonged presence in the female bathroom is the subject of considerable scrutiny. Several hypotheses have been presented, the most widely supported being that she had advance knowledge of the incident and was attempting to wait it out, but became distracted. Further analysis is ongoing.

Thomas Pauling: After spotting the entities, Pauling departed the building and did not return. He was later interrogated and amnestisized.

First Responders: Autopsies performed on the first two officers to respond found no signs of physical violence or any apparent damage. Their cause of death remains unknown.

Unidentified Entities: These entities and their relation to SCP-3981 are enigmatic. Research is ongoing.

Unidentified Male: The individual responsible for escorting the unidentified entities into KPT was later identified as Carl West, a 32 year old with roughly 19 years of experience in the United States Air Force as a medical officer. He was found deceased of a self-inflicted gunshot wound two weeks following the incident. No spouse, children, or immediate relatives were found. Carl had been dishonorably discharged from the Air Force several months prior to the incident for a variety of reasons, most notably "paranoid delusions" and attempting to gain access to Groom Lake Air Force Base without authorization. West had confirmed contact with Kyle Roberts ("Robert Lazar") on at least two occasions, both heavily involving discussions relating to extraterrestrials. Roberts would later describe West as a "freedom fighter".

On October 27, 2013 - three days prior to the incident - West arrived at FBI headquarters in San Francisco and attempted to "turn himself in". As he was unable to adequately describe the reason for this, the FBI escorted him out of the building and refused to acknowledge his request. He would later attempt similar actions with San Francisco Metropolitan Police and INTERPOL to no avail.

On October 29, 2013 - one day prior to the incident - West published an entry on his blog entitled "God Still Loves Me". Though much of the post is cryptic and difficult to decipher, the following excerpt was considered to be of interest to the Foundation:

God still loves me. In spite of what I am about to do, God still loves me. Please forgive me. I am so sorry. I don't have a choice anymore. They'll be nothing if people know the truth. God forgive me.

At 2:19 AM on October 30, 2013 - seven hours prior his arrival at KPT - West made three successful phone calls to the number "1-800-███-████". These calls were seven, ten, and thirteen minutes in length, respectively. Attempts to call this number have proven unsuccessful. Recordings of the calls are unavailable.

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