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EuclidSCP-3985 Focus of a Regulatory DisputeRate: 69

Item #: SCP-3985

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Site-262 is to be constructed for containment of SCP-3985. All non-aerial avenues of ingress are to be obstructed or destroyed following the completion of construction, after which all records containing the exact location of Site-262 are to be removed from Foundation systems. Site-262 is to operate permanently at alert level 9.1

A sensory deprivation chamber is to be maintained within Site-262 for the continuous containment of SCP-3985 via immobilization harness. The harness is to be fitted with feeds for intravenous drug administration, nutrition provision, and waste disposal. A record is to be maintained of all changes in the appearance of SCP-3985 and all intelligible vocalizations made by it.

In the event that SCP-3985 vocalizes more frequently than a total of ten minutes per 24 hours or refers to itself in the first person, Protocol COMMANDMENT NOON is to be executed. In the event that COMMANDMENT NOON fails to achieve desired results, the Overseer Council is to be immediately notified through secure communication channels.

Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum 3985-A (Notable Static Features of SCP-3985):

  • Cellulose mass integrated into intestinal tract. Origin and function unknown.
  • Functional nictitating membrane in both ocular systems.
  • Apparently vestigial fifth heart chamber.
  • Microfractures throughout the skeletal structure. Likely a result of physical violence.
  • Large accumulations of scar tissues across torso and limbs. Likely a result of physical violence.
  • Absence of smallest two fingers on left hand. Damage likely inflicted by human teeth.

Addendum 3985-B (Protocol COMMANDMENT NOON):

Protocol Overview:

Protocol COMMANDMENT NOON was designed primarily to maintain SCP-3985's null-personality state in an efficient and reliable manner. It was secondarily designed to not rely on traditional amnestics given the resistance SCP-3985 developed in the course of previous containment procedures. The procedure entails a significant amount of psychic distress for the subject as a result of alternative amnestic techniques. Given the state of the subject following success of the procedure, this was considered to be an acceptable consequence over the course of development.

Procedure Sequence:

Exact details held at Site-262.

Result Measurements:

Exact details held at Site-262.

Overseer credentials accepted.

Showing additional files flagged as related to SCP-3985…

Partial Communication Record (May 18, 2066):

TO: Overseer Council
FROM: Board of the Ethics Committee
SUBJECT: Official Complaint Regarding the Obfuscation of SCP-3985

For consideration by the Overseer Council,

The Ethics Committee has always recognized the fact that some information will not be made available for review. Exceptions to our mandate have been permitted in the effort to contain information that is innately hazardous, contagious, or otherwise detrimental to humanity at large. This ceding of authority in the field of containment procedures has only ever been taken with care and consideration, and the significance of it should not be understated.

In the case of SCP-3985, no opportunity has been provided for the Ethics Committee to consider the implications of voluntary disengagement from standard procedures. Critical portions of SCP-3985 documentation have yet to be made available despite repeated requests, a state of affairs in direct violation of Foundation tradition and bylaw. This situation must not be allowed to continue for the sake of healthy internal relations and continued ethical operation of the Foundation.

As a result, the following steps must be taken:

  • The full body of SCP-3985 documentation must be provided to the Ethics Committee. All records involving Protocol COMMANDMENT NOON must be further provided.
  • Access to Site-262 must be made available for Ethics Committee inspectors.
  • A review of all currently contained anomalies must be carried out to determine if similar lapses of reporting have taken place.
  • All responsible individuals must be censured immediately.

Failure to carry out these actions will severely impair the ability of the Ethics Committee to ensure that all Foundation activity is compliant with its moral standards. It will further impair our ability to engage constructively with members of the Overseer Council in any future matters.

Chairwoman Elif Sakarya

TO: Chairwoman Elif Sakarya
FROM: Overseer-3
SUBJECT: Re: Official Complaint Regarding the Obfuscation of SCP-3985

Chairwoman Sakarya,

The Ethics Committee's request was reviewed by today's partial meeting of the Overseer Council. It was determined following careful consideration that we will not comment in any capacity on actions undertaken in pursuance of 4 F.U.L. § 110. Any inconvenience suffered by the Ethics Committee is regrettable, but this course of action is necessary in accordance with the broader needs of the Foundation.

The Overseer Council is confident that the Ethics Committee in particular will understand that what is necessary is often unpleasant, and we have faith that you will bear this dutifully along with your other crosses.

Further information requests should be made through standard channels.

TO: Overseer Council
FROM: Board of the Ethics Committee
SUBJECT: Official Complaint Regarding Overseer Council Behavior

For consideration by the Overseer Council,

The necessity of firm leadership over the Foundation's trilateral mission has never been in question. Recent actions by members of the Overseer Council have given the Board of the Ethics Committee reason to wonder if the current leaders of the Foundation have passed beyond the point of firmness and taken it upon themselves to rule rather than direct. In the long term, a pattern of such behavior would be certain to lower the standing of the Council and decrease the efficiency of all functions it oversees. A comprehensive record will be provided to validate this assertion.

Given this behavior, the Board of the Ethics Committee recommends that the following steps be taken to reestablish the standing of the Overseer Council and ensure that no further undesirable actions are taken by its members:

  • Membership of the Overseer Council should be expanded to include a broader range of experiences and viewpoints. At least 13 additional members should be appointed on a provisional basis as soon as is possible under standard procedures.
  • At least one member of this expanded body should be an active member of the Ethics Committee.
  • A broader effort should be made to describe the activities of the Overseer Council and the rationale supporting them.

Only by ensuring that the Overseer Council does not cement itself as a group of tyrants can the longevity and productivity of the Foundation as a whole be maintained. It is the hope of the Board of the Ethics Committee that individuals on the Council will be able to acknowledge this truth, and will place our collective mission above their personal interests.

Chairwoman Elif Sakarya

TO: Chairwoman Elif Sakarya
FROM: Overseer-3
SUBJECT: Re: Official Complaint Regarding Overseer Council Behavior

Chairwoman Sakarya,

The Overseer Council is disinterested in discussing this topic. We are similarly disinterested in your attempts to force our hand to action. There is more important work to be done. Tend to your own garden, as you have in the past, and we will tend to ours.

Please refrain from wasting Foundation resources in this manner.

FORESIGHT-21 Predictive Analysis Memo 1625 (May 21, 2066):

TO: MTF Alpha-1 OPCOM, Overseer Council
FROM: FORESIGHT-21 Advanced Threat Analysis Division
SUBJECT: Internal Security/Ethics Committee: Possible Imminent Action Against O5 Assets

FORESIGHT-21 has been tasked by MTF Alpha-1 OPCOM to examine recent Ethics Committee activity in light of communication that took place on May 18th between O5-3 and the sitting Chairwoman of the Ethics Committee.

We assess with a high degree of confidence, based on a large body of SIGINT and IMINT, that Ethics Committee leadership will mobilize MTF Zeta-12 to carry out hostile action against the Overseer Council within 72 hours. We further assess with a moderate degree of confidence that this action will precede wider action across Foundation elements dissatisfied with current leadership or desiring significant policy change.

Frequency and magnitude of electronic communication between Ethics Committee Chairwoman Sakarya and Zeta-1 OPCOM have surpassed previously observed peaks since the date of the incident in question. Sakarya's psychological profile indicates an inclination to unilateral action in response to apparent persecution, as well as strong convictions regarding the institutional norms of the Ethics Committee. The loyalties of Zeta-1 leadership have been notably aligned toward her person in recent years. Sakarya has proven willing to escalate departmental conflict to achieve short-term objectives during reconciliation negotiations3 and likely remains confident that tensions can be managed once she has secured an advantageous position.

Increased activity by Zeta-1 component teams has been noted in Site-06, Site-17, and Site-88 despite the lack of an immediate threat to those sites. Multiple component teams have failed to file scheduled field reports, and tracking signals appear to be undergoing ongoing disruption. All active elements of Zeta-1 possess considerable aptitude in a variety of conventional policing and military operations.

Full report has been attached.

Supplementary Material for Emergency Briefing (May 23, 2066):

May 22 Incident Timeline
Time Event Description
0551 Convoy transporting O5-3 ambushed en route to secure holding location. O5-3 presumed deceased.
0553 Aircraft carrying O5-8 disappears in flight over Pacific Ocean. Transponder and assorted tracking devices are non-responsive. O5-8 presumed deceased.
0554 Gunfire reported at Site-01. Communications terminated following automated emergency broadcast.
0556 All Foundation facilities placed on alert level 4.
0558 Loss of contact with O5-2 and O5-4 at secure holding location. O5-2 and O5-4 status unknown. Active firefights reported at several sites between security forces and unknown assailants. Contingency procedures activated at Site-01.
0559 Declaration of intent released by Ethics Committee through official Foundation communications channels. Text of declaration delivered to all Foundation personnel via email.
0601 Public statements made by Site-17 and Site-88 Directors in support of Ethics Committee action.
0604 Emergency notice released stating Ethics Committee declaration to contain infohazardous material. All Foundation facilities placed on alert level 6.
0607 Cessation of conflict at Site-01. No successful capture of enemy combatants.
0609 SRBM strike issued against Ethics Committee main office complex. Complex destroyed within 95% margin.
0620 MTF Alpha-1 strike team terminates Chairwoman Sakarya. Nature as body double not immediately apparent.
0625 O5-1 activates panic button in Site-01 office. O5-1 presumed deceased.
0629 Site-113 contingency warhead detonated. Context unclear.
0631 Contingency warheads at Site-74, Site-141, and Site-199 detonated. Context unclear.
0636 O5-10, O5-12, and O5-13 make collective announcement of abdication. O5-10, O5-12, and O5-13 status unknown.
0651 Chairwoman Sakarya announces the establishment of new Overseer Council by invocation of the empty chairs clause. New body is supported by large portions of upper Foundation management (likely between 55-70%.)
0700 All Foundation sites placed at alert level 9. Internal security forces enact lockdown procedures. Multiple site directors apprehended.
0714 Containment breach at Site-33. Relationship to ongoing crisis unknown.
0720 Contact lost with O5-7 security team. MASINT indicates continued operations of security elements outside of authorized area. O5-7 presumed deceased.
0724 Critical containment breach at Site-85. Relationship to ongoing crisis unknown.
0730 Incident involving Site-106 internal security culminating in the death of 26 research personnel.
0739 Incident involving Site-106 internal security culminating in the death of 34 administrative personnel and 6 security personnel.
0750 Explosion of unknown origin destroys Alpha-1 Central HQ. Alpha-1 OPCOM confirmed dead. Command falls to Alpha-1 ECICOM.
0801 Acting Alpha-1 OPCOM acknowledges legitimacy of new Overseer Council. Orders apprehension of all members of former Council iteration. Former O5-5, O5-6, O5-9, and O5-11 are successfully captured.
0900 Lockdown procedures ended. Contact reestablished with regional governments to address geopolitical instability caused by day's events.

Timeline has been condensed and summarized. Additional details are available in appended documentation.

Proposed Revisions to SCP-3985 Documentation:

The following text has been proposed to replace the expunged description of SCP-3985:

SCP-3985 is the collective designation of fourteen humanoids who vary in terms of age, sex, and ethnicity. Additional information on SCP-3985 is available in Site-262 archives.

Partial Communication Record (August 19, 2072):

TO: Overseer Council
FROM: Board of the Ethics Committee
SUBJECT: Official Request for Inspection of Site-262

For the attention of the Overseer Council,

The Board of the Ethics Committee has been made aware that critical information is absent from the documentation of SCP-3985 and that no inspectors have had the opportunity to examine regulation compliance at Site-262. We are confident this is an oversight given our shared eagerness to certify all Foundation sites as operating ethically.

Unfortunately, the 2071 Review of Contained Anomalies cannot be completed without direct examination of all humanoid containment practices. As such, we must request permission for Ethics Committee inspectors to access all related documentation and facilities. We assure you that this review will be conducted with the utmost speed and discretion so as to not disrupt the important work of Foundation personnel.

Respectfully yours,
Chairman Ian McMillan

TO: Chairman Ian McMillan
FROM: Overseer-1
SUBJECT: Re: Official Request for Inspection of Site-262


Your request is denied.


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