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nn5n: scp-3986 The Human Glass Boy
EuclidSCP-3986 The Human Glass BoyRate: -18

Item #: SCP-3986

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-3986 must be contained in an airtight room with no windows filled with books. SCP-3986 must have at least one jar filled with whatever it wants.

Description: SCP-3986 is a young humanoid, preferably 12, that has glass as armor, arms, and legs. Attempts to get it to speak have failed, as it only mutters the words "ought" and "drought" in a thick Mexican accent. When confronted, SCP-3986 will puncture the victim and dissect it for more information. It can imitate any accent and any movements. When in isolation, SCP-3986 sharpens its glass blades and reads picture books, being able to recognize many pictures it has never seen before. If SCP-3986 encounters other SCP's, it will try to engage in a conversation in an unknown language. Upon encountering Scp-3986, it will give an ear-piercing screech.

Unfortunately, SCP-3986 has the ability to disintegrate any photos of it.

Only sketches, preferably poor drawings of it, will not be disintegrated.


This is a sketch made by (REDACTED)

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