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EuclidSCP-3987 The Ring of GodRate: -18

SCP-XXX out of jewelry box.

Item #: 3987

Object Class: Euclid Keter (see addendum 2-B)

Special Containment Procedures: Object must be contained in concealed inside a sealed shut jewelry box made entirely out of concrete. The box must be placed in a room made out of concrete. The staff positioned around SCP-3987 must be rotated weekly or monthly depending on the object’s design. If the object exits the room in any way, shape or form, security personnel must report to or escort the SCP no matter previous duties, unless authorized by the 05-Council. Very careful watch must be placed on all who enter the containment chamber, regardless of background. Any who have come in contact with the object unless authorized by a Level 4 will be terminated.

Description: SCP-3987 is a intricate copper ring that never has a determined size or weight. It’s size is always the specific size to fit any person viewing it. Personnel observing the object have increased increased hostilities towards other viewers, often arguing about the size of the ring and who should get to wear it, possibly because of compulsion, or if it is a psychological trait of the object. Upon wearing the ring, the subject’s mobility increases by nearly 10x their original amount, and can rapidly regenerate from wounds. They have the ability to summon bright orange rays of light that disintegrates . The only way to terminate a subject who is wearing the object is to remove the ring, which will nullify all the abilities that the object has offered. The subject exposed to SCP-3987 will then be terminated to prevent the psychological influence that SCP-3987 has over human beings that have been exposed to the object. The SCP has sentience, and although not capable of speech, is able to control the mind of anyone within 5 meters of the SCP. The SCP was uncovered by a hitchhiker traveling in █████, Russia, in the ████ █████ Mountains. After being judged guilty and sentenced to 4 years in prison for sexual harassment, the man had put on the ring and MTF Mu-13 "Ghostbusters" were sent to the scene, successfully capturing the object. Class A amnestics were given to those in the city, and Class D to those in the court room to prevent memetic aftereffects. If the field of view of a human is focused on the SCP for longer than 5 minutes, the affected will try to grab the ring and put it on, and if they fail, he/she will commit suicide. Most researcher's stationed near SCP-3987 believe that the object belongs to SCP-343, and requests to bring this up with SCP-343 have been postponed. The object's aftereffects include a massive compulsion to obtain the object, and if they fail in doing so, will commit suicide while taking as many humans in the area and attacking them. The object's containment chamber usually has messages on the wall, most of them saying "unhappy" or "not good". How these messages came to being is undergoing investigation.

Object has altered the appearance of the containment chamber, and the messages have changed to "good" or "maintain". The containment chamber will be restored to it's prior state and investigations will be made on how exactly it changed.

Personnel near the containment chamber have been vanishing. Whether or not this is an effect of SCP-XXX is still to be determined. If so, the object's classification will be changed to Keter.

Object moved to a different sector, and disappearances in the previous sector have stopped, which confirms the SCP's involvement in these disappearances. Object's cell has been cleaned, and disappearances have halted.

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